• Everest View Trek - 8 Days
  • tengboche monastery view of Everest panorama view trekking package
  • Everest View Trek - 8 Days
  • Everest View Trek - 8 Days

Everest panorama view trek overview

The Everest Panorama View Trek is the ideal trekking package for beginner trekkers or those on a tight schedule looking for amazing scenery without the exhaustive journey to high altitudes to 5000+ meters in the Everest region. This trek will take you to one of the best viewing locations in the Everest region, at the midpoint along the Everest Base Camp trail. You will explore most of the lower regions of Everest. Mount Everest can be seen on the second day of trekking in the distance, with closer viewings on Day 3 to Day 5.

Sherpa of Everest

The Everest region, known as Sagarmatha to the Nepali people, is a famous place for the Sherpa people who have lived in the region for thousands of years. Sagarmatha National Park was established on July 19, 1976 and is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site.

On this trek, we will be visiting and pass through the villages of the Sherpas. On some days, we will stay in their place as well.

Wildlife and nature

The entire Everest region is a beautiful mix of majestic peaks, deep valleys, flowing rivers and otherworldly glaciers that span vast swaths of the region. We will trek almost all the time inside the national park of Everest, walking through ancient pine forests, crossing rivers and heights on suspension bridges, and passing by many rhododendron jungles along the trail.

We will visit to the museum of Sagarmatha National Park and learn about the culture, wildlife, nature and history of mountaineering in the region. The museum provides a stunning vantage point to see the mountains, with a clear line of sight towards Everest and her sister peak, Lotse.

Everest, Lotse and Choyu are 3 major peaks, out of 14 worldwide, in the Everest region that are part of the “eight thousander” mountains we see in the Everest region. Of the 14 highest peaks in the world, Nepal is home to 8 of those mountains.

During the trek, we will travel from Namche Bazaar (one of the highest towns in the world) to Tengboche, which is home to one of the sacred monasteries in the region. You will have an opportunity to walk trails famous for bird sightings, including the national bird of Nepal – the Impeyan pheasant. Sagaramatha National park of Everest is also home to amazing animals, such as the Himalayan mountain goat, snow leopard and red panda, although they are much rarer sightings.

Everest panorama View Trek vs. Trekking to Everest Base Camp

  1. Physical Requirements/ Everest panorama View Trek Difficulty

This is a relatively easy trek and an introduction to the region for those who prefer an easy trek without much need for acclimatization or extended time in high altitudes.

Everest panorama View Trek takes the same trail as Everest Base Camp but stops at Tengboche, which is about halfway to Everest BaseCamp.

Despite being a shorter and easier trek, adventurers are still expected to be in moderately good shape in order to complete the journey. The highest elevation you will climb to is around 4000m above sea level compared to the approx. 5500m for Everest Base Camp. Although 1500m may not sound like much, every meter when it comes to high altitudes! The lower oxygen levels at higher altitudes can put significant strain on the body.

Most trekkers successfully trek to Namche Bazaar and Tengboche without much trouble, although being in good health is still a pre-requisite. Be ready to sweat!

If you are on a tight schedule, this may be an ideal way to spend a few days in the region and see Mt. Everest with your own eyes. The trek can be done in a week from Lukla to Tengboche and back, compared to Everest BaseCamp, which is at least 12 days.

  1. Scenery

If you’re coming for the beauty of the region, then rest assured that both treks will provide you with plenty of gorgeous landscapes to marvel at. Everest panorama View Trek is considered by many to be a panoramic trek. Every day you will awake to the view snow-capped picturesque mountains, cross flowing rivers and walk under the lush green canopies of the forest at lower elevations. As you climb higher, you will come across the temples and ancestral homes of the Sherpa people, seeing for yourself some of the most iconic landscapes of Nepal.

Once you reach above the height of 4000 meters above sea level at Tengboche, it will be the closest view of Mount Everest possible. Many people don’t know this but you cannot actually see Mount Everest from base camp!

In Everest panorama View Trek, our journey ends at one of the oldest and largest monasteries in the Khumbu region. Near a hilltop close to Tengboche village, you will be at a similar height to the top of Everest in terms of aerial distance. The illusion of height and distance in geometry makes us feel as if we are on level to the top of Mount Everest.

Tengboche is also the last site for trekkers below the tree line – the elevation at which trees stop growing. For Everest Base Camp trekkers who venture onwards, the rest of their journey will comprise of increasingly barren landscapes and shrubs as they edge closer to base camp and the glaciers that await.

For Everest panorama View trekkers, however, there is still much greenery to enjoy and much to see. At Tengboche Monastary, we can attend the regular ceremony of the temple in the morning and the evening. Monks of Tengboche lets us pray and welcome trekkers to stay during the regular puja ceremony inside the monastery. Trekkers can also go to nearby Khumjung and Khunde villages to see the famous yeti scalp.

Best time for Everest panorama View trek

From the prospective of scenery and view we can get, Everest panorama view trek can be done all over the year. However, Everest panorama view trek start and ends at Lukla and is associated with the flight from kathamndu to Lukla & back; best time to sign up for this everest trekking is in spring season or in the autumn. Spring trekking season in Nepal starts from March and ends on May, whereas autumn season is from september to october. In these two peak season of trekking in Nepal, the weather is favorable for flight to Lukla and also the sky will be clear. But as it is a best season for trekking in Nepal, the crowd of people seen, during the trek might be annoying.

But still, People do Everest panorama view trek all over the year, also in monsoon and winter. Comparing monsoon and Winter, if you are okay with 0 degree Celsius temperature during the the nights and morning; winter trekking to Everest is recommended.

Solo trekking

Everest trekking route is over traffic-ed, with amount of trekkers, visiting this world famous destination. But if you love your peace and prefer to avoid the crowd on the trail, while trekking in everest panorama view trek itinerary, the best way is to sign up a solo trekking trip. In solo trekking trip, you will walk with your guide and s/he will let your lonely time as per your interest and need. You will have a trekking guide, trekking porter and they will follow your pace of walking. So, unlike to group trekking, neither you need to wait the group members nor, follow the pace of rest of the group member.

In the tea house, among the crowd, you can find your own table and still take your peaceful time in the buzzing crowd of trekkers. As a solo trekkers, you will find your freedom to trek in your own pace, own itinerary, flexible destination modification and sole care provided y your guide and porter.

But solo trekking choice will cost a little more than group joining, obviously.

Everest Panorama view trek cost

Trekking cost for a organised trip will depend on the number of factor. Number of days, level of service, accommodation, inclusion and exclusion for the trip, transportation and many other changes the cost of Everest panorama view trek. If, you do not state any kind of expectation and requirement are not mentioned to travel agents, the trip cost for Everest panorama view trek will include, food, guide, normal transport and accommodation. However, if mentioned, the cost will rise but standard accommodation with internal heating, good food in the mountain and a luxury way of trekking is possible in Everest panorama view trek package.

Everest panorama view trek start from USD 950 per person and has unlimited rise up, in accordance to your service level and use of transportation. Service level means category of food, hotel, accommodation and best trekking guide; whereas, transportation means, use of horse, helicopter or chartered air transport.

Everest Panorama view trek altitude

Highest altitude attained in Everest panorama view trek is 4500 metes above the sea level. However, you will sleeping at the altitude of 3780 meters above the sea level. The height stated in the first line might differ, under your wish to climb uphill from tengboche. The maximum height stated, is side trip to the hill top near Tengboche village, for view of Everest. From the top of this side trip climb, you can the entire valley of Khmbu, close view of everest and Mt Lothse and Mount Amadablam will be closer than expected. From the top you also will see the glacier, right next to you. You will be guided by a best guide, s/he will take care about the route and descend; so, we suggest you to attain this top for the perfect view. If the weather is bad, guide keeps right to terminate the climb if necessary.

Everest Panorama view trek in December

This trekking is an easy and doable trek in the winter. December is winter in Nepal, so the snowfall and subzero temperature in the morning and nights is common, whereas, during the daylight, temperature is warm enough to walk comfortably.

Trekking in December to Everest panorama view trek trail will be a best choice to walk on the snow or snow falling, without stressing but enjoying it. The maximum altitude obtained, in this trek, might not be possible; if the snow it too much on the ridge of Tengboche. Apart from that, december will be good time to trek in this trail of Everest.

Everest Panorama view trek itinerary

Everest panorama view trek has a common itinerary among most of the trekking agencies. But still there are few options we can talk about. Like Everest panorama view trek including Thame valley or Everest panorama view trek with Khumjung village stay can be few options.

In this package, we have proposed a trekking itinerary for Everest panorama view trek, in general, suitable for everyone. But still, we surely can address your expectation and modification in this itinerary.