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Annapurna Circuit Trekking

This famous Circuit Trekking offers the hikers beautiful view of the snowcapped mountains, flora and fauna, authentic villages and the culture of the local peoples of Annapurna circuit trail.

View from Poonhill
Poonhill is the best exit point for Annapurna circuit trekking.

How difficult is Annapurna Circuit Trek?

Annapurna circuit trek
Pic: Trekkers on the trail to Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit Trekking is regarded as one of the longest trek to do in Nepal. Talking about the difficulty, Annapurna Circuit Trek falls under the moderate trek to do in Nepal.

You can find the Annapurna Circuit Trekking easy in autumn and spring season in comparison to monsoon and winter season. This is because the monsoon and winter season. As these seasons has high chance of slippery trail due to the rain and snow. If you are planning for Annapurna Circuit trek, be wise to choose the best season to prevent difficulty during the trek.

6 to 10 hours of walk and 6 to 14 kilomters of walk per day are not character of hard core trekking in Nepal. Thorong la pass day of this Annapurna Circuit Trekking is long and challenging, rest of the trekking days are not tough as you would think.

Cultural aspect you will be able to see on the other side of Thorong la pass
Annapurna circuit has diversified cultural excursion – Buddhist Chhortens seen after passing thorong la pass 5416 meters high pass of Annapurna range

Thorong la pass day of this Annapurna circuit trekking is counted as hard part, because of many reasons like – high altitude, longer trail in the snow or stone, not normal walking trail, uphill and steep downhill treks on a single day, not proper place to have proper lunch (need to depend on pack lunch for Thorong la pass day) etc..

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

There are various itinerary that defines the Annapurna Circuit Trekking Cost. Cost differs from the number of days you choose to trek as well as the facilities such as accommodation, food, porter to carry your luggage and so on. Normally for 13 days, the cost starts from $640. But our 13 days Annapurna circuit trek starts from USD $480 for service package and USD $1595 for luxury package.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Altitude

Annapurna Circuit Trek is also regarded as the high pass trekking. This trek commence from 800 meters i.e. Besisahar is below 800 meters from sea level – and takes you the highest point of this trek to 5,416 meters i.e. the height of Thorong la Pass. One of the major attraction of this trek is Muktinath Temple. Muktinath Temple is also considered as the temple which lies at the highest altitude in Nepal. Muktinath temple lies at 3800 meters above the sea level.

APC Trek in December

Annapurna circuit Trek
Pic: Mount Fishtail in December

December is regarded as the winter season in Nepal. So, in December the temperature during the Annapurna Circuit trek is very cold to negative 20 degree Celsius. In December, during the time of continuous snowfall the trail might get blocked by the snow.

Use of mini spikes is highly recommended to trek to Annapurna Circuit in December/winter. It makes the steps easy and safe. Trekking to Annapurna Circuit or round annapurna trekking in December is highly recommended for those trekkers who loves the total surrounding fully covered with snow and enjoys walking on snow. But makes sure cold will not be an issue for your body.

Winter is also the best time to experience the snowfall while hiking.

Solo Trekking to Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna circuit trekking
Pic: Cycling in the lower mustang – Lower mustang is valley after Thorong la pass

If you have question regarding solo trekking to Annapurna Circuit then the answer is yes. You can trek solo to Annapurna Circuit. It is recommended to make deep study of the route, proper research & read the blogs of Annapurna trekking.

There are couple of things you must consider preparing before your solo trek to Annapurna Circuit. Firstly, you have to collect the permit i.e. Annapurna Conservation Area permit and TIMS. Now, after getting the Permit pack your back.

While packing your bag, pack the most essential things, prioritize the first required for trek such as down jacket, trekking shoes, trekking poles, 3 to 4 pairs of clothes for sleeping and hiking, 3 to 4 pair of socks, undergarments and so on. Don’t pack the items more than you need. This is because higher you get on the trail it creates more difficulty during the trek. Our packing list recommendation might be helpful for you.

While trekking to Annapurna Circuit trail on your own, you must have all the information regarding the expenses you need for the trek such as for food, accommodation and various services. Around 50 USD per day for food/accommodating/transportation/drinks will make okay spending. But make sure you have Nepali rupees for the trek.

Having total information about the expenses required is most required in order to prevent from money problem during Annapurna circuit trek. You should also consider the do’s and don’ts of the Annapurna Area.

If you are beginner trekker then we strongly recommended you to hire guide and porter.

Best Time for Thorong la pass is Autumn & Spring

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Pic: Thorong La Pass


The autumn season i.e. August, September and October is regarded as the best time for Annapurna Circuit Trek. Autumn is regarded as the best season to trek  in Nepal including – Annapurna Circuit trail, because the monsoon season occurs just before autumn which helps to clear the air of the surrounding. Also the trail to Annapurna Circuit remains less dusty than in the spring or monsoon. Autumn is considered as the peak trekking season in Nepal as so the tea houses in the trek remains busy.


You can also trek to Annapurna Circuit in winter season. Winter season mainly starts from mid-November and ends at February. This can be best season for the trekkers who want to avoid crowd. The days and nights during the trek remains very cold.

The route may remain blocked by heavy snowfall which may make the trek delay.

Despite of few difficulties, if you love to experience snowfall or love to be in peaceful environment along with the white scenery around the surrounding, winter season trek in Annapurna circuit can be an ideal selection from many many trekking packages in Nepal.


Spring season i.e. March, April and May brings warmer and longer days. This season is regarded as another best season for Annapurna Circuit Trekking after autumn. If you can’t or don’t want to trek Annapurna Circuit during autumn due to crowd or busy trail, crowded teahouse etc. then spring is the best alternative best season for Annapurna circuit trek.

Poonhill in spring while doing annapurna circuit trekking in Nepal
Annapurna circuit Trekking in spring Vs Autumn

Spring season offers you the beautiful rhododendron & many wild flowers blooming both around the surrounding of the teahouse & trail.


The monsoon season which falls in June and July is not regarded as the best season for Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Although many people do trek in monsoon. This is because heavy rainfall is expected in this season which has the high risk of the landslides, floods and other natural disasters. Despite of this, the surrounding remains eye-catchy due to bold greenery. This season is not recommended much to trek to Annapurna Circuit.

Permits Required For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Permits is required for Annapurna Circuit Trek. ACAP permit (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) and TIMS card (Trekkers Information Management System) are 2 major trekking permits required for the trekking in this region.

The ACAP permit fee for foreign citizens is $30 which is approximately NRS 3000 (Nepali currency) and for SAARC citizens the fee is $10 USD which is approximately NRS 1000. The TIMS card fee cost is $10. You can collect your TIMS card and ACAP permit from either Kathmandu or Pokhara. Arrangement of the TIMS and conservation area permit can be tricky.

In case of Kathmandu, you can obtain your TIMS card from TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal). Once you obtain your TIMS card, you will get the approval letter from TAAN and later after the completion of TIMS card you have to go to NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) which lies in BhrikutiMandap, Kathmandu for the ACAP permit.

NOTE: Either you are booking the trek with us or doing independent trip, We can manage/arrange all the permits for you.

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