Nepalgram Adventure (p) Ltd. accepts various payment methods. Choose one of the booking methods in your convenience. We accept online booking to all of our products. Apart for booking online we have other payment methods.

If you have questions about the payment method illustrated below, please feel free to CONTACT US

Your Card Details will be Safe

Nepalgram Adventure do not get to see your card details during any of these payment methods. We use Payment method that involves one of the renowned (Class A) Bank of Nepal. Bank’s payment method will charge your card on our behalf and redirect the payment in the account of Nepalgram Adventure. See B1 below to know more about the bank and safety of your card details.

For booking the Trip

For payment to book the trip with Nepalgram Adventure Pvt. Ltd. you can use any of the following options:

A. Credit/Debit Card Payment

We accept all major cards and the card processing fee will be covered by the company (Nepalgram Adventure Pvt. Ltd). You can pay the amount with your card by clicking on the Booking link in respective package (see the PAY ONLINE button displayed in Nepalgram website).

The payment made through the link will be automatically directed to deposit on the bank account of Nepalgram Adventure Pvt. Ltd, in Himalayan Bank Limited, Nepal.

Book online

You can pay the booking amount by clicking in the “Book Now” button displayed in the package in Nepalgram Website. The company will cover your card fee. Booking online saves your time & money. Immediately after selection of best suited package or customizing after inquiring with our staff, any of these are wide accepted online booking methods with Nepalgram. So we encourage you to book online directly through our website. It is hassle free and saves the time to go to bank or transfer point for payment.

B. Wire Transfer

1. Bank transfer

you may also transfer the amount from your bank directly to our Bank account. The detail of American dollar account is given below:

American Dollar Account

Account Holder’s Name: Nepalgram Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Limited
Bank Branch: Tridevi Marga, Thamel
Account No. : 01908389760035
Swift Code: HIMANPKA
For bank details:

2. Cash Transfer

You can also transfer the cash through the Western Union, Moneygram, IME, World Remit, Xoom, Transferwise, Instaremit and any other transfer facilities. The transfer charge will be covered by the Nepalgram.
You can send the money in following details:

Full name of receiver: Arun Kumar Karki
Receiver’s Citizenship no.: 211003/11098
Receiver’s Permanent Address: Gokulganga – 01, Ramechhap, Nepal

C. Pay by Paypal

You can also pay by paypal. Our Paypal account details are as below:
Paypal Email:

Note: As none of the Nepalese Bank has entered into partnership for the digital payment with Paypal. So as to simplify your payment procedure we have used Paypal account connected with US Bank account of of Jiyin Tu. And we assure you, the amount sent to the Paypal account will be redirected to Nepalgram bank account. You will be emailed by Nepalgram for the confirmation of the payment received through Paypal Account.

Balance payment

You shall pay the balance of the trip cost after arriving in Nepal. But as terms and condition of Nepalgram, you must pay 20% of the total trip cost at the time of booking.
For the rest of the payment; if you are bringing the cash you can pay by cash. Otherwise, you can either pay by your card at the office via swipe machine (Card Pause Machine).

Receipt of the payment

Payment receipt will be issued through email on your request. You can always ask for the receipt at our office in Nepal.


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