Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek Itinerary

walking by kumbhakarna himal in kanchenjunga trek itinerary

Kanchenjunga trekking is considered as one of the best remote treks to do in Nepal. In this article, we are going to describe about the most common Kanchenjunga trek itinerary. People who are seeking adventure can be satisfied by Kanchenjunga trek as landscapes, natural beauty to trekking trail; kanchenjunga it is one of the best treks to do in Nepal. You will surely be enjoying the trail with the beauty of wide mountain ranges along with the taste of adventure.

Talking about the Kanchenjunga trek itinerary, it depends on you; which means of transportation you are going to use. If you have a tight schedule and looking for a short duration to trek to Kanchenjunga, you have to choose the airway as the fastest means of transportation, where you can skip or deduct your 3-4 days of travel time to kanchenjunga trekking start point. If you choose the air to travel, then you will be taking a flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and then from Bhadrapur to Suketar, Taplejung or you can choose a direct flight from Kathmandu to Suketar, Taplejung and vice-versa while returning back to Kathmandu.

But, if you have enough time and want to relax and explore the Kanchenjunga region in maximum days possible, then you can either choose bus or jeep as a land transportation. Meanwhile, choosing the Jeep you have two options; private jeep or local jeep.

If you don’t want to other people to share the jeep, in that case; either you can choose a private jeep – where you can travel with your group or if you want to accompany with other people, (if you feel free to travel with other people) then you can choose local jeep or bus; called as local transportation. While traveling on a bus or jeep you can take a drive from Bhadrapur to Illam and Illam to Taplejung and vice-versa.

Remember one thing that, in comparison to choosing fast means of transportation i.e. airways rather than bus or jeep, the Kanchenjunga trekking can be expensive. But if you are choosing a bus or jeep then obviously your cost will come low which makes your trekking cost cheaper than choosing a flight option as the means of transportation to get to the trekking start point.

Itinerary of Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek

As compared to the southern side, the northern hike is a bit challenging trek. You will be reaching a higher elevation in northern trail of kanchejunga base camp than a southern trail.

North base camp trek

With a daily 6-7 hours of walk, you will escalate gradually to a north base camp trek, at the same time, you need to be sure about your hydration level and stay hydrated. You need to take a slow and steady pace for this, there are a lot of things which will make you motivated, to keep on walking. The natural beauty, local people whom you meet on the way and their hospitality will keep you motivated to trek.

There comes a point at Pang Pema, where you can witness the beautiful glaciers and the peaks of Kanchenjunga. Further at 3475 m above sea level at Ghunsa, you will be more and more excited to enjoy the trek.

The actual trek starts from Taplejung after your 45 min flight to Bhadrapur and a jeep ride to Birtamod. Finally, you will head to Taplejung and rest the day here. The actual trek now begins.

After walking around 5 to 7 hours daily for three days, You will get into Chiruwa from Taplejung. Then to Lepe and then finally to the slippery paths of Amjilosa. From here, trek to Gyabla and then Gunsa (3475 m) where you will stay for adaptation to the new climate.

It is an important part of a trek. The stay helps you to adjust to the increasing altitude and minimizes the chances of having altitude sickness.

As the trek advances, the trek will guide you to Kambachen and Lonak. Both places are higher than 4000 m.a.s.l. From Lonak the trek finally passes to Pang Pema (5140 m) and then to Kanchenjunga North Base Camp.

Kanchenjunga Trek Itinerary with South Base Camp

Kanchenjunga South Base Camp trek is the preferred trekking trail over the northern base camp trek. If you are trekking for the first time and you have not gone to trekking before then the south base camp trek is suggested.

south base camp trek

Though it is an easy trail, that does not mean things are compromised. The settlement, landscape, scenery, and biodiversity. You do not need to compromise on anything. Authentic Nepali culture which will be witnessed at Yamphuding and Mamangkhe, certainly amazes you. The hospitality of local people and the unique local culture are absolutely heartwarming.

Similar to North Base Camp, the trek to the south base camp starts from Kathmandu and then you will reach Taplejung aftre first two days of preparing yourself for the trek into the Himalayas.

You can begin your trek from Taplejung to Simbu from day-3. After walking up to 8 hours daily, and depending on your stamina, the pace can be influenced.

On day 4 to day 6, Your destination will be Simbu to Khesewa, Mamangkhe, and Yamphuding. You will be at Yamphuding (2000 m) on day 7. Now the trekking trail starts to get higher and steeper.

When you reach Yamphuding, you need to reach Cheram (3800 m) from Yamphuding and Ramche (4600m). Finally, two more hours of trek from Ramche until you get to the south base camp.

Most Common Itinerary of Kanchenjunga Trek in 2020

  1. Day 01: Land in Kathmandu
  2. : Free and arrangement day
  3. : Flight to Bhadrapur -Drive to Phidim 
  4. : Drive to Taplejung (1,820m)
  5. : Start Trek to Chirwa (1,270m)
  6. : Chirwa to Amjlosa (2,520m)
  7. : Trek to Gyabla (2,730m)
  8. : Trek to Ghunsa (3,595m)
  9. : Acclimatization day at Ghunsa
  10. : Trek to Kambachen (4,050m)
  11. : Trek to Lhonak (4,780m)
  12. : Hike to Pangpema (5,065m)
  13. : Exploring Pangpema area
  14. : Trek back to Ghunsa
  15. : Ghunsa to Sele le (4,290m)
  16. : Trek Sele la, Sinion La Pass, Mirgin La Pass, Sinelapcha La Pass and Tseram (3,870m).
  17. : Hike to Oktang Base Camp
  18. : Oktang Base Cam to Torangden (2,995m)
  19. : Trek to Yamphudin (2,080m)
  20. : Yamphudin down to Khebang (1,910m)
  21. : Trek to Khandembe (1,420m).
  22. : Drive to Bhadrapur by bus ( 8 -9 HRS)
  23. Day 23:  Fly to Kathmandu

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