Manaslu Trekking - 16 Days

Trip Facts

  • Car-Jeep-Bus
  • 1 to 8
  • 5106 meter/16748 feet
  • Hotel-Guest House
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Pokhara
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English-Chinese-Hindi
  • 15
  • 78
Manaslu Circuit Trek has maximum flexibility in the finish line. The road construction in the Annapurna circuit can be skipped with the trail through the villages, but in case of change in the itinerary we can take rest one day and cover the itinerary with jeep. With saying that, the change in the itinerary before the pass will be easier as well. Whichever angle you measure, Manaslu Trekking package will be an easy adventure to conquer yourself. If you think you can do it rapidly, we have 12 days itinerary for larkey pass trek.

One of the famous, most visited restricted trail restricted trail of Nepal, Manaslu circuit trekking focuses on the “Larke Pass” being Longest pass in the world while walking around 8th highest mountain of the world “Mt. Manaslu” at 8163M also known as killer mountain.

The trail is antique , opens wider as you ascend higher, leads you to hidden world where different races are living and an example of combined cultural practice of Hindu and Buddhist exists in harmony. This trekking pass is still a trading route of people in Samagaun and Samdo; muels cross Larkey pass to fetch things to another side of the pass. After crossing larke pass, we will get to the starting point of Annapurna circuit trek.

What to expect in Manaslu Trekking?

The Manaslu trekking makes a loop from Arughat to Besi sahar, starts from one district and ends to another (Gorakha to Manang).You will follow trail from low altitude (700meters) to (5165meters) so,in the beginning height difference between two respective camps is around 1000 meters, but once you get higher above 3000 meters; we ascend 500 meters a day.

You can explore verities of flora and fauna, narrow to widest river valley, deepest George, peaky mountains, lush green forest, varieties of wild life and white water of those rivers with refreshing experience to help acclimatizing easily in comparison to other trail of Nepal Trekking.

This is a guideline itinerary for manaslu larkey pass trekking, if you have special request – we specialize in making itineraries that suits our clients. Feel free to Write us.


Manaslu circuit trek over Larkey la is considered as a tough trekking in restricted trail of Nepal, but with this itinerary we are trying to make your trek best comfort.

Trek finishes at pokhara which gives you abundant time to relax and enjoy after trek moments.

Attractions of Manaslu trekking:

  • Remote trekking - some says Manaslu is like Annapurna circuit trek before 20 years from today
  • Deep river valley and jungle trekking
  • Friendly people - you have seen ever
  • One night by the side of Glacier at Dharmashala (dharmashala is before the Larkey Pass)
  • Trekking in versatile landscape - from river valley to glacier walk
  • Longest pass of the world - Larkey pass (top is 5106 meters)
  • Trekking over the glacier
  • Connects the trail of Annapurna circuit at Dharapani
  • Experience both Manaslu and Annapurna Trekking trail
  • Birendra taal - a glacier lake at Samagaun
  • Sighting of Blue sheep
  • Historical trade center of Larke Bazar and its archaeological proof
  • Very wide range of mountains from Annapurna and Manalsu Himalaya Range
  • Near to Tibetan boarder

Detailed Itinerary for Manaslu trekking

Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu

• Altitude – 1380 meters
• Time – 30 minutes hotel transfer time
• Activity – Relax at hotel

Nepalgram office representative will welcome you at the airport on arrival. S/he will let you know about the meeting time and venue. Please look for hording board by the name of Nepalgram Adventure to connect with our airport representative.
Transfer to hotel. Tonight, Trip briefing after refreshment.

Day 2
Kathmandu valley sightseeing/preparing for trekking leave in next day/ collect permits

• Altitude – 1380 meters
• Special – Katahmandu City Tour
• Time – full day
• Activity – Sightseeing of UNESCO world heritage sites

Manaslu needs special trekking permit and this takes a complete day. You will be doing sightseeing tour, meanwhile our gentleman will be drafting trekking permit for manaslu.
For the tour – we will take you to 4 major UNESCO listed spots in Kathmandu. The tour will be guided by local guides and the information about each and every place will be delivered on the sighting spot.

Day 3
Kathmandu to Sotikhola

• Altitude – 815 meters
• Special – Scenic view of surrounding
• Time – 6/7 hours drive
• Activity – Travelling in bus

In the morning we will take vehicle to drive to Sotikhola. We will pass by Arughat bazzar which used to be trekking starting point of Manaslu circuit. But now a days the vehicle can go all the way to soti khola.

Day 4
Trek to Machchha Khola

• Altitude – 800 meters
• Special – Greenery and wterfalls
• Time – 5 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Trekking from Sotikhola bazzar to Machhakhola is a gentle walk, mostly on the road but trek by the side of the river with greenery mixed with waterfalls and deep river valley is refreshing warm up hike. The villages on the trail of the soti to machhakhola are interesting. You might see many locals going for shopping or coming back from Arughat bazzar. It is definitely a nice and beautiful walk, with nature and culture of the people from the region.
Trek to machhakhola pass by lapu bensi and few other village which are nice and observatory. It takes around 5 hours to get to Machhakhola.

Day 5
Machhakhola to Salleri

• Altitude – 930 meters
• Special – Waterfalls
• Time – 8/9 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Today’s walk is bit longer than usual. We will walk for more than 8 hours and get the village of salleri. This village is alternative stop for Jagat, which destination is used widely by other trekking agencies. The walk is along the river which serves outstanding pictures of the huge waterfalls. Trekking near to Jagat is wider and closeness to the mountain can already be felt here. We choose this alternative village of Jagat as our destination because it is just a nice village with view of snow capped mountain.
We need to check in with special trekking permit at this point. And with special trekking permit, special culture, landscape, village and beautiful people will greet you along the trekking trail above Salleri.

Day 6
Trek to Deng, 6-8 hours

• Altitude – 1865 meters
• Special – Exploration of wilderness
• Time – 6/8 hours
• Activity – Walking through jungle, passing landslide zones and Crossing across budhigandaki river

Multiple crossing across Budhigandaki river makes this day interesting. We trek along the river like yesterday, but trekking more remote, walk into the jungle, passing landslide Zones, wilderness will make a best trekking experience in Manaslu region.
Village of Deng is infront of Mount Singri with magnificent sunset (sunset in the mountain is always about change of color on the top of Snow capped mountains) and charming nature. Deng village is small village on the narrow river valley. Wilderness of the trek and wonderfulness of the nature gives a perfect experience in Deng day.

Day 7
Trek to Namrung Village, 7 hours

• Altitude – 2630 meters
• Special – Water falls and diverse landscapes
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – Trekking by the river side and pass numerous villages

Trekking by the river side, pass numerous villages with beautiful landscape, dramatic change in the valley view from narrow to wider and dense forest walk towards the end of Deng to Namrung trek will add extra taste on Manaslu circuit trek. Scenery of few water falls, meeting Deep River George and some village by the side of the river, some village literally on the cliff opposite to our walking trail is just awesome. Wide river valley from the start of the day gets narrower towards the end of the trek.
Namrung village is an entrance to the wider valley, although Namrung itself is located in a narrow plateau. Village of Namrung is rich in tradition.

Day 8
Trek to Lho Gaun.

• Altitude – 3180 meters
• Special – View of mountains and exploration of villages
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity –Walking along the river and passing through numerous villages

Trekking to Lho is completely different from the previous days. They trail goes along the river, passes through numerous villages. The White Mountains appears. You will be able to see the village across the river on edge of another hill. Everything is interesting on the trekking trail of Manaslu.
All the villages have their own gate and it is interesting fact of trekking inspiration to get in through these cultural/traditional gates.
Once you get to Lho village the admiring view of Manaslu and the surrounding peak is spectacular. You had never imagined of this view.
At lho village there is a local monastery, this is near to Manaslu peak and we go to this monastery for a day hike – this helps acclimatization.

Day 9
Trek to Sama Gaun

• Altitude – 3520 meters
• Special – Close view of Mt. Manaslu
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity – Trekking through jungle

Lho to Sama Gaun is a short trek. But the exploration in 4 hours journey is more than the previous days. During the day trek, we will visit the monastery, walk through the jungle, get to no tree line zone and see Mt Manaslu very close and really beautiful.
Passing by Shyala village on route to Sama will be a beautiful attraction of the day.

Day 10
Rest/Acclimatize and explore Manaslu base camp/Birendra Glacial lake/Pungen Monastery.

• Hike to Manalsu Base camp and Birendara lake takes 6 hours
• Visit Pungen Monastery takes 5 hours
• Hike to Birendra lake only takes 2 hours
• Stroll in the village and see the local life
• Visit winter Yak shed

Main aim of taking break at Samagaun is to acclimatize your body. Formula of Acclimatization is to hike to certain altitude and sleep in the lower altitude.
But apart from just hiking high & sleeping low, sama gaun has lot to see. Samagaun village is in a pristine location to witness the beauty of nature, culture and tradition at once.
Gateway of Manaslu Base camp; Samagaun rest will have following options, choose one of them. Our guide will recommend you one, looking at the level of your fitness and coming days.

Day 11
Trek to Samdo

• Altitude – 3875 meters
• Special – Closer view of snow capped mountains
• Time – 3.5 hours
• Activity – Short walk

Samagaun to samdo is ashort hike for less than 4 hours. This trail has wider prospect of Mansalu and closer view of the snow capped moutanins.
Small village of samdo is in a buffer zone of Larkey river on one side and Mt samdo on other side. The view of the Mt manaslu will be invisible but still the view of white mountains ranges and near by hills, close by glacier and wildlife is not just interesting but overwhelming.

Day 12
Trek to Dharmashala

• Altitude – 4460 meters
• Special – Close view of the mountains
• Time – 3 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Dharmashala is by the glacier. Trekking to Dharamashala from samdo is not long but a tiring walk for sure. Tiring because, you will be walking above 4000 meters and the altitude will bother you. But believe it you will forget the pain of altitude bothering with that clear day and closeness of the mountains.
Hidden mountain, mt Manaslu will be seen today, but in the different face, trekking guide will pick that for you. Spending night at Dharmashala is not hard with accommodation, as it used be, but surely a lifetime experience.

Day 13
Trek to Bhimtang.

• Altitude – 3590 meters
• Special – Bhimtang village
• Time – 7/8 hours
• Activity – Trekking

The main day of manaslu circuit trekking, trek from Dharmashala to Bhimtang, trek over larkey pass. Dharmashala is gateway of the larkey la pass. And Bhimtang is a chilling place for the finish line of the trek.
Celebrate your pass day with whatever you become happy. Bhimtang village itself is such a cool place that you will forget how you wanted to celebrated.
Right after you get on the other side of the larkey pass, the view is overwhelming and all the suffering of high alitutde trek will be lost for an instance. Believe it, other side of Larkey pass is stunning.

Day 14
Trek to Goa

• Altitude – 2560 meters
• Special – Close view of Mt. Manaslu north face
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

With tired legs, you still have a beautiful walk. Everyone trekking to Manaslu region likes this day trek. You will find it why.
This hike from Bhimtang to Goa is place for award winning picture. The walk today is close to Mt Manaslu north face.

Day 15
Trek to Dharapani & drive to Besisahar, Overnight at Bensisahar

• Altitude – 800 meters
• Special – Eye-catchy views
• Time – 3 hours trek and 4 hours drive
• Activity – Trekking and travelling in bus

Manalsu trekking comes to the finish line after trekking 3 hours to get to Dharapani. At Dharapni you will take jeep to drive back to city.
Besishahar is a small town in the entrance of Annapurna circuit trekking route and on exit of Manaslu trekking route.

Day 16
Drive to Pokhara

• Altitude – 1400 meters
• Special – Scenic view of surrounding
• Time – 3 hours drive
• Activity – Travelling in bus

You will drive to Pokhara with all the memories d and lots of pictures to flashback.
Our best wishes for future venture and looking for another adventurer, together

Cost Details Manaslu Trekking - General Includes

  • Airport pickup by private car or micro bus (Depending on group Size)
  • Hotel in Kathmandu (according to the itinerary & the plan you choose to go with), B/B (bed and breakfast)
  • All your meals (Breakfast with tea, Lunch and Dinner) during the Trekking.
  • Fresh fruit will be served every night.
  • All accommodations during the trek.
  • All necessary paper works, special entry Trekking permit for Kanchenjunga (restricted trek trail permit)& Trekker`s information management system (TIMS).
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder guide including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking.
  • A Strong, helpful porter with proper equipment, Food, Accommodation, Insurance (one porter for two people), if u need.
  • Card processing fee for online payable amount
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination

Cost Details Manaslu Trekking - General Excludes

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport - Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $50 dollar.
  • Food while you are in Kathmandu.
  • Your Travel and medical insurance.
  • All the alcoholic and non alcoholic hot and cold drinks. (except tea in the morning)
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (Tipping is expected).

Manaslu Trekking Map

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Manaslu Trekking
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Manaslu Trekking Trip Info

  • Car-Jeep-Bus
  • 1 to 8
  • 5106 meter/16748 feet
  • Hotel-Guest House
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Pokhara
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English-Chinese-Hindi
  • 15
  • 78



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