Trekking in the Himalaya might sound uninteresting while we say self guided trekking. But yes, there are many trekking trails in Nepal, which can be trekked without guides in full safety.

In the self guided travel – you are free to go by yourself but the management of Nepalgram will always be in the background. Our team will make sure about your safe passage in every turns and instances.

Self guided trekking packages of Nepalgram are in those trekking trails where communication will not be an issue, from most part of everyday trekking route you will be able to talk with your virtual guide. Our virtual guide will give you information with his/her expertise of working in the region.

• Pre booked accommodation – BB
• 24/7 expert guidance in need – Via phone
• Pre trip meeting – either virtual or Physical
• Trekking map – with manual markings
PS Any questions regarding self guided trekking trip to Nepal are entertained via any of our contact methods.

Tour has always been an optional way of travel – with or without guide. If you are traveling in Nepal and you want to travel independently – the best way is self guided travel package of Nepalgram.

As the nature of tour you will be provided with written papers for your tour guidance and virtual support whenever needed.

• Entrance Tickets – Pass
• Virtual guidance – Audio
• Route map – Paper
• Pre trip meeting – either virtual or Physical

Further information on self guided tour will be addressed via any of our contact medium.


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