Kyanjing Ri OR Tsergu Ri ?

Kyanjing Ri OR Tsergu Ri ?

Kyanjing Ri OR Tsergu Ri ?
PicTrekking rote to Kyanjing Ri peak

Langtang trekking is one of the easy trekking for all kind of physical fitness level. Kyanjing Ri & Tsergu Ri, more than 70 glaciers of varying sizes with outstanding view of langtang massif, local lifestyle & culture of Tamang community, are few attraction of this short trek in Nepal. Normally, the first day of the Langtang valley trek is considered hard. But the other days are fine with good views and flat walk. So, If you just see this first day then you will say; it’s not less than Annapurna Circuit trek or Everest base camp. But once you face the flat trail from Ghoda Tabela to Kyanjing then you will start saying its easy one for all, accordingly the descend on the way back is mostly downhill.

Nepal has variation in the landscape and among the variation, if the trail

Kyanjing Ri OR Tsergu Ri ?
PicView en route to Kyanjing ri

follows, the trail to river or sometimes to the ridge of the tall hill; then you will say, it’s an easy going trail. If you like ridge walking trek then, Mardi Himal trekking can be an option for any of the trekkers who loves to do jungle trekking or any of the nature related kind of trekking in Nepal. Langtang trek can also be listed in the list of jungle trek as well, however. As the side trip, trekking of Langtang seeks two of the major places (peaks) as Kyanjing Ri 4800m or Tsergu Ri at 5000 meters. Below is the description, detailing on how few things can compare them (kyanjing ri & Tsergu ri view points) to each other.

Kyanjing ri view point

Talking about the Langtang and specifically Kyanjing Ri, it is named after Kyanjing Gompa village, which is the last destination of the Langtang Valley trek. This village is named by the century’s world Kynajing Gompa where Dalai Lama, earlier and Guru Rimpoche, in later mediated. This place is cool and peaceful, even in the present, and this can be the powerful proof for how peaceful it was, in the past. Kyanjing Ri on the height of 4800m is a best view point, standing on the head of Kyanjing Village. For this you need to climb like 700 meters from the place where you sleep, on the last day of your ascending trek.

Going uphill to kyanjing ri worth watching the towering mountains like Mt Langatang Lirung, Yubra Peak, Yala Peak, Nangkarsyang Peak, mt Dorje Lakpa, Ganja Range, less visited Ganja La Pass and many other mountains. From the top of kyanjing ri, all of these mountains will be more close and visible with blue sky. Apart from this, steep uphill which makes you tired; when your guide points to many things at once, from the top – like your guest house very far down, Langtang Glacier and glacial lake will make make you feel accomplished for walking this uphill. One of the major thing, that differentiate, these two side trip of Langtang Valley trekking is the location of the view point. Kyanjing Ri has two view points as first lower Kyanjing Ri and the top.

Kyanjing Ri OR Tsergu Ri ?
PicSunses view from Kynajing Village

Lower Kyanjing Ri is well enough to see the beauty, if you are not hunting the height to be Proud. From the height of 4300 meters you will see all the mountains in 360 degree view. But if you can make it to the top its great for you. The will conquer a height (& yourself) in one hand; and helps to share with friends and family that “I have been to this height”, in a short trip to Nepal. If your body says do not proceed further then, the first point is enough to be in, view is perfect. Just the thing is, you can make it or not? If you have good physique, then going to the top worth a bit more than just first point for sure.

Tsergu ri View Point

Far from the Kyanjing Ri, but about the similar height, Tserguri is nice top to stand on as well, but takes your whole day. Tsergu Ri at 5000 meters is recommended for those having good stamina and demanding physique, to some extent. You need to follow flat terrain towards the Amalapcha Pass and then after an hour of walk you will start walking uphill and this is the point where you start climbing to the height of 5000m. This hill top might be with ice most of the time and chance of sleeper ground is high and regarding the view you need to be in the top anyway to see the things that you can see from the Kyanjing Ri. But as far as I know from Tsergu ri you will witness the mountains far in the Tibet.

The Tibetan Mountains are good looking and you will feel that you are surrounded by the mountains just not in one side where you can see Kyanjing Gompa Village. Kyanjing Gompa Village is seen very far from the top dice this hiking as side trip takes your whole day. There are no any view point from where you can come back saying you are satisfied. So suggestion is that if you are really good and fit for the uphill do this option if not Kyanjing Ri is fine enough.

Analyzing the things I can conclude this, Tsergu Ri, is nice but very hard which might take your whole day and Kyanjing Ri has option where you can do the top and can skip from the middle of the way as well. If you cannot do Tsergu Ri then you will surely be disappointed but if you can make all the way to the top of the Kynaning Ri, you will be satisfied within yourself. Apart from these things I have illustrated in my third visit of the place, your guide will makes clearer, he is the one to listen.

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