Larkey Peak Climbing

21 Days

Trip Facts

  • Bus/Jeep-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 6219 meter / 20398 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge-Camping Tent
  • Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Restricted region Expedition
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 18
  • 70
Larkey Peak which is also renowned as the difficult and challenging climbing peak of Nepal located at the Manaslu Himalayan ranges at the height of 6219meter or 20398 in feet.

You will explore the rich culture of the local community of Manaslu area, spectacular geography near the Tibetans village. During Larkey peak climb, you will also have to cross an attractive mountain pass i.e. Larkya la at an altitude of 5200m.

This larkey la is famous as world’s longest trekking pass which can be done without use of any climbing gears. However we will have to use all climbing gears for Larkey peak climbing, except supplemental oxygen. Larkey peak and Larkey pass are alongside.

 Summit view

The summit to the Larkey peak will offer you the outstanding views of magnificent mountain ranges such as Mount Manaslu, mount Ganesh Himal, mount Himalchuli, Langtang, mt Annapurna and many others beautiful peaks both from Nepal as well as Tibet (china).

Best season to climb Larkey peak

October-November and April-May are considered to be the best season for the climbing of Larkey Peak.

Apart from the best season for climbing Larkey peak, winter expedition to Larkey peak is also a famous activity, but be prepared to get the worst cold in winter. Because of the rain and cloudy weather we do not recommend you to sign up for Larkey peak in June to August, these months are rainy season in Nepali weather.


We recommend the climbers to have the climbing experience at least once in their life to climb Larkey Peak; because it is one of the difficult/technical and challenging climbing peaks in Nepal.

This peak demand high level of stamina and good physical fitness. Technical climbing skills and use of climbing equipment is preferred for Larkey Peak Climbing. If you didn’t have the experience of Climbing then we recommend you take training of technical climbing skills and use of climbing equipment.

You can do indoor rock climbing or outdoor ice climbing as a part of your training.

We also recommended you to build up your physical fitness and stamina as high and build up the better strength as possible. If you have sound physical fitness and good stamina against physical hardship and altitude at the same time, then it is no doubt that; it will be a little easier to climb Larkey Peak.

Larkey peak Climbing vs. Chulu west peak of Annapurna

Larkey peak lies in route of Manaslu circuit trekking whereas Chulu west is the famous peak of Annapurna circuit trekking trail. People climbing Chulu west will be in route to famous high pass of APC trek, Thorong La pass. Whereas the climbers of Larkey peak must pass the longest pass of the world, Larkey pass.

Annapurna circuit trekking is a famous trekking destination and has thousands of visitors per day, in high trekking season. In contrast, Manaslu circuit is in Manaslu conservation area. Manaslu conservation area is a restricted trekking trail in Nepal. Manaslu circuit trek requires special permit.

  1. Physical Requirements/ Larkey peak climbing DifficultyLarkey peak is 6219meter or 20398 in feet whereas the height of Chulu west is 6419 meter / 21054 feet above the sea level. Even one meter high in higher altitude is major concern. So chulu west is considered as difficult peak than Larkey peak climbing.

Climbing Larkey peak requires more technical climbing skill and less altitude adaptation. Where climbers of Chulu west must have both and altitude adaptation is a big thing climbers needs to tackle with.

  1. Scenery

From the top of Larkey peak you will be able to see Mt Manaslu, to the closest.

Apart from Manaslu in your front, you still can see entire range of Annapurna in distance. The view of deep river valley right next to the summit of Larkey peak is outstanding.

From the top of Larkey peak you can see the entire trail of Manaslu circuit trekking.

Mountains from Tibet and Nepal can be seen in an overwhelming panorama. Restricted trekking region is special in itself – make more special with climbing a peak in the same region.

All our trip can be customize as per your interest and time frame. Feel free to drop your say.

Day by day Activity Outline details for Larkey Peak climbing

  • Day 1 – Welcome to Nepal, upon your Nepal arrival our representative welcome at the airport.
  • Day 2 – Kathmandu city tours and preparation for Larkya peak climbing.
  • Day 3 – Drive from Kathmandu to Arkhet/SotiKhola (760m) 8h.
  • Day 4 – Trek from Sotikhola to MachheKhola (820m). 6h.
  • Day 5 – Trek from MachheKhola to Jagat (1360m) 8 hours
  • Day 6 – Trek from Jagat to Deng (1590m).6h
  • Day 7 – Trek from Deng to Ghap (2300m). 5/6h
  • Day 8 – Trek from Ghap to Lho village (3180m). 6h
  • Day 9 – Trek from Lho village to Samagaun (3360m). 4h
  • Day 10 – Rest at SamaGaon for acclimatization.
  • Day 11 – Trek from SamaGaon to Samdo (3780m). 4h
  • Day 12 – Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala. (4400m) 5h
  • Day 13 – Larkya Peak Climbing period
  • Day 14-Day 17: Summit the Larkya Peak then back to base camp.
  • Day 18 – Trek from Base Camp to Bimtang (3630m) via Larkya pass (5160m) 6/10h
  • Day 19 – Trek from Bimtang to Dharapani (2240m). 7/8h
  • Day 20 – Drive from Jagat to Besisahar Jeep then Besisahar to Kathmandu, By Bus evening farewell dinner.
  • Day 21 – We will transfer to airport for your onward destination.

Download Detail Itinerary of Larkey Peak Climbingpaf itinerary for trevelers to Nepal 300x300 Copy


Manaslu circuit with Larkey pass is regarded as the remote trekking in Nepal – with a magnificent view of the Himalaya. So is the peak in the same region – the summit of Larkey peak is right next to the peak Manaslu itself. Thus the view is overwhelming.

Solo Climbing

Solo trip in the mountain has both pro and cons. Pro for solo Larkey peak climbing might be private guide, private supplement for everything you need for the climbing. In contrast, you will be surrounded by strangers for all most all the time in a group tour. Although the strangers are whom you need, the climbing guide, porter, kitchen team and other support team for climbing.

As a solo trip member you will find your peace and the entire support team for trekking and climbing will be really flexible to go according to your wish and accordance to – how your body reacts with the altitude and cold.

Also, solo trip to Larkey peak will have on the spot, trip schedule customization and modification as per the condition & your interest.

But, climbing solo to the summit of Larkey will be little expensive than group join climbing trip to Larkey peak. As a solo tripper, you are paying for your guide, porter, support team and equipment all alone.

Altitude profile for Larkey peak Climbing

There are 2 options for Larkey peak climbing route. One route goes from the Annapurna circuit side and another goes from starting point of Manaslu circuit trekking trail.

If you want to trek from APC circuit trail side, route to Larkey peak the altitude profile will be challenging, as the number of days for peak climbing will be shorter and hence you will not get more time to acclimatize.

In case of starting trekking from Manaslu circuit trekking trail, multiple number of days for hiking in route of Manaslu Tsum valley circuit trail will automatically help you to acclimatize properly. By the time you start the trek will be 700 meters and before you start climbing to Larkey peak you will hit the curve climax at 5106 meters at Larkey peak.

Peak climbing in December

Larkey pass trekking is a difficult thing to do in December. Sometimes in the month of December the pass closes. The snowfall and Larkey pass being the longest pass, which demands trekkers to walk over the fresh glacier is not easy in December.

In the same way, Larkey peak climbing is not recommended in December.

As this peak – Larkey is in the restricted region peak and it has very basic accommodation and service along the route. Larkey peak climbing is not recommended, unless you want it for your extreme adventure. However, peak climbing in December will be outstandingly technical and a high level challenge for mountaineering in Nepal.


Climbers climbing to Larkey Peak have to follow the same trail of trekking trail of Manaslu circuit trekking trail (Manaslu is 8th highest Peak of the world) i.e. Mount Manaslu. The trail is trending thing to do in Nepal trekking.

Although the trail is challenging the beautiful views of mountains and diverse landscapes will give you instinct to be happy against the challenge.

During Larkey peak climbing; you will be offered to explore the wide mountain ranges, diverse landscapes, waterfalls, local wilderness, flora & fauna and the culture and tradition of local community. Waking up every day with the view of rich natural beauties will surely make your trekking or climbing experience full of happier and positive vibes.

Cost for Larkey peak Climbing

Larkey peak is a restricted region peak in Nepal. As the peak lies in the restricted trail of Nepal, the cost for peak climbing permit, climbing and trekking guide cost, porter and support staff will determine the Larkey peak climbing price.

Cost for Climbing Larkey peak will also depend on the itinerary for climbing. If you choose to trek form Dharapani the cost for Larkey peak will be cheaper as the number of days before summit of Larkey peak is less than peak climbing trip starting from Soti Khola.

Level of service, total cost inclusion and exclusion, number of climber in the trip and peak climbing in comfort or luxury will also determine the cost of climbing. Nothing is impossible even though this trip is to the mountain of special management area of Nepal government.

Nepalgram will help you to do it, if you dream of any level of service for Larkey peak climbing.


From the summit to the trekking in the low lands of Manaslu circuit trekking trail or Annapurna circuit trekking trail – Larkey peak has lot to explore. The mountains, people in the region, culture of people, trekking trail, accommodation on the trail, landscape, amazing people and wildlife on route to Larkey peak climbing point are amazing part of Larkey peak for your lifetime experience memory.

As the trekking trail from Soti khola side lies inside the restricted region of Nepal, cultural and traditional aspect of people living by the trail of Manaslu circuit is overwhelming. Narrow river valley in the beginning of the trekking will open broader towards the base camp of Larkey peak, to amaze your trip to the summit of larkey peak.

Once you get to samagaun and samdo village, people, monastery, local houses, village are interesting. Glacial lake and the range of Manaslu will be beautiful and mesmerizing.

Visit to Pungen monastery right at the lap of Himlung or horn like shape of Manaslu summit is interesting. Whereas the summit views of Larkey peak with closeness t Mt Manaslu, view of Mt Manaslu north face, Lakes near Bhimtang village and the top view of glacier is, awful.

Getting close to the glaciers on ground is equally interesting as closeness of northern summit of eight highest mountain of the world, Mt Manaslu.

Major attractions of this peak climbing

  • A technical peak in Remote part of Nepal – at Gorakha
  • View of Manaslu very near from the summit
  • Trekking in the restricted Manslu region
  • View of Annapurna, Manasalu, Langtang and Dhaulagiri Himalaya range
  • Scenic view of Tibetan Landscape
  • Oversee the Manaslu Trail – a top view of the Manaslu circuit trail
  • Blue sheep, Snow leopard and much other wildlife are sighted

Day by day Activity details for Larkey Peak climbing

• Accommodation – Hotel Excelsior or similar
• Activity – Check in the Hotel & Relax
• Attraction – Thamel& local market
• Suggestion - Look at the hording board of Nepalgram Adventure at arrival section

• Accommodation – Hotel Excelsior or similar
• Activity – Guided Sightseeing
• Attraction – 4 major UNESCO world heritage sites inside Kathmandu Valley
• Suggestion –Ask all your questions to our tour guide – Know Nepal

• Accommodation – Local Lodge
• Activity – Drive for 8 hours
• Attraction – Local lifestyle & friendly people of Nepal
• Suggestion - Do not go swim in the River (budhigandaki) water current is unexpectedly high

• Accommodation- Local Guest House
• Activity – Trekking for 6 Hours
• Attraction – Waterfall and Local people & Tradition
• Suggestion –Trek easy-take it as warm up walk

• Accommodation – Local Guest House
• Activity – Trekking for 6 hours
• Attraction – Trek along the river Valley & pass by multiple Local Villages
• Suggestion - It is a long walk, so split the day with perfect lunch spot –consult your guide

• Accommodation – Local tea house
• Activity – Trekking for 6 hours
• Attraction – Jungle trek & view of Mount Singri
• Suggestion –Walk in the group

• Activity – Trek for 6 hours
• Attraction – Narrow river valley to wide river valley and Villages
• Suggestion –Take breaks on uphill section to catch your breath – no rush

• Activity – Trek for 6 hours
• Attraction – Jungle trek, Yak farm, Rivers &Mt Manaslu
• Suggestion - Trek in a slow and steady pace, do not run and stop instead walk steadily

• Activity – Trek for 4 hours
• Attraction – Nike peak view, Mt manaslu& entire white mountain range
• Suggestion –Do not rush to the destination, it is a short walk and is extremely beautiful

• Accommodation – Local Guest house at Samagaun
• Activity – Hike to Manaslu Base camp
• Attraction – Birendrataal (glacial lake by the Manaslu glacier, Manaslu base camp, view from MBC
• Suggestion - If you are tired to go to the base camp of Manaslu, save your energy for the peak climbing and get back from Birendrataal

• Activity – Trek for 4 hours and acclimatization hike on arrival at Samdo
• Attraction – Blue sheep sighting site, Mt samdo, First view of Larkey peak, Larkey pass view
• Suggestion –It is better to keep yourself warm in the dinning rather than hang out with the 360 degree view of the White Mountains.

• Activity – Trek for 5 Hours
• Attraction – 360 degree view of snowcapped mountains, Larkey Bazzar
• Suggestion - Take multiple break for lots of pictures of easy trek

• Accommodation – Tea house at Dharmashala& tent in the base camp and high camp
• Activity – Climbing and trekking (climbing guide will brief you about the climbing route, gear and techniques)
• Attraction – Outstanding summit view, Wilderness in the mountain, overseeing the trekkers on the trail
• Suggestion –Follow the instruction of climbing guide – you might be a pro mountaineer but local guides know what exactly to do.

Day 14 :
Day 15 :
Day 16 :

• Activity – Climb down
• Attraction – low attraction and your memories
• Suggestion –Do not rush while climbing down, strictly follow your guide

• Activity – Trek over the Larkey pass 6 to 10 hours
• Attraction – Top of Larkey pass, Larkey peak, North Face of Mt Manaslu, part of Annapurna range, Mt himlung, Numerous Glacial lake, Bhimtang village
• Suggestion –Share your difficulty with your guide, be frank Nepalgram team is a family

• Activity – Trek for 7 hours
• Attraction – Back to Jungle, Deep River valley & towards the end of the trek
• Suggestion –Use all your energy for this last beat.

• Accommodation – Room with indoor toilet and Hot shower
• Activity – Drive for 6 hours y jeep
• Attraction – River valley, Bumpy ride, Local people, Taal village (numerous village), numerous waterfall
• Suggestion –Road is bumpy, so if you prefer to go slow with multiple picture breaks let us know in advance you can top up for luxury vehicles.

• Activity – Airport Drop
• Attraction – Tribhuwan international airport
• Suggestion –Be 3 hours before the flight time as Kathmandu airport is a messy place.

Larkey Peak climbing in Manaslu circuit Trek Cost Details - General Inclusions

  • Breakfast (with a good morning tea), Lunch and Dinner and accommodation anything from Menu during trekking and while food while climbing; fresh fruit will be served after dinner (during the trek).
  • All necessary paperwork, climbing &special (restricted area) trekking permits, Local entry permit and Manaslu conservation area entrance fees.
  • Transportation involved for Kathmandu – Arughat & Dharapani to Kathmandu
  • Airport pick up and drop on arrival and departure
  • Pick up and drop from your accommodation in Kathmandu before and after trek
  • English speaking trekking guide, climbing guide and porter with all their food, accommodation, salary and insurance; one porter for two people.
  • Climbing guide and kitchen staff team while you are climbing
  • All kitchen equipment, staff, food, climbing guide
  • Insurance of climbing and trekking staff
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek
  • (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away
  • (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide
  • (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Sightseeing Entrance fees
  • Card fee or Bank transfer charge for the online payable amount (for online payable amount)

Larkey Peak climbing in Manaslu circuit Trek Cost Details - General Exclusions

  • Your personal necessary gears for trekking &climbing.
  • Your Medical/Travel insurance.
  • International air-fare and Nepal visa fee. You can visa upon arrival with US$50; more info in this Link.
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the trip. (Except a cup of tea in the morning)
  • Meals while you are in Kathmandu.
  • Tips for trip staff (tipping is expected).
  • Anything not illustrated in cost includes section.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Larkey Peak Climbing

Larkey Peak climbing in Manaslu circuit Trip Info

  • Bus/Jeep-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 6219 meter / 20398 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge-Camping Tent
  • Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Restricted region Expedition
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 18
  • 70

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