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Manaslu circuit trekking is famous as replacement of Annapurna circuit. This Manaslu circuit trekking blog will help you to get best out of this circuit trek in restricted region of Nepal Himalaya.

After motor road developed in Annapurna circuit trail, people started looking for optional trekking in Annapurna region and hence lured towards remote Manaslu conservation area. Manaslu circuit, Tsum valley and combination of both of these has become attraction trails for trekkers coming to Nepal.

Manaslu is a restricted trekking trail of Nepal. To trek inside these restricted trails – trekkers have to have special permit. Special permit is not given to a solo trekker and also you must have to trek with guide, a Nepali guide.

happy pose on the top of larkey peak in a guided manaslu circuit trekking
Amazing weather at the top of Manaslu larkey pass top

As the trekking follows trail from Manaslu conservation area and ends at Annapurna conservation area – this trek is famous as Manaslu circuit trekking. With excursion of remote villages, river valley, jungle trail, wide flora and fauna, wildlife of manaslu conservation area, high pass, glacial lake and access to Manaslu basecamp – Manaslu circuit trekking is a best restricted trek in Nepal. Manaslu trek offers wide excursion but do not miss the best things of the region in your Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu circuit Trekking Blog cost

There is various itinerary for Manaslu trek. The Manaslu circuit trekking cost depends on number of days you want to spend as well as the facilities you want to use. According to your need/want, you can choose the suitable itinerary that can be perfect for you. transporter of manasli circuit trekking

Manaslu circuit trekking cost can fluctuate from USD 1000 to USD 1500. The trek cost includes the permit fee, fee for guide and porter, accommodation and transportation.

Manaslu Trek Itinerary

Manaslu trek is one of the challenging treks to do in Nepal. It is often regarded as the greatest gift which offers trekkers to experience the nature, mountains, local culture and tradition, local wilderness along with diverse landscapes.

manaslu is a diverse trekking trail
Lower destinations of Manaslu circuit trekking

There are numerous itineraries for Manaslu circuit trekking. As per your fitness level as well as preference on the itinerary you choose. Choosing the best route while selecting Manaslu trek itinerary can be physically and mentally suitable for you.

Trekking to Manaslu offers various itinerary such as Manaslu base camp trek to samagaun – 13 days, Manaslu View Bhimtang valley trek – 8 days, Rapid Manaslu Circuit Trekking – 12 days, Manaslu Tsum valley trek – 19 days, Manaslu cultural circuit trekking – 9 days and Manaslu trek – 16 days.

options of trek in manaslu satisfies you to the utmost level
Trekking in his – 100% joy

Manaslu Trek Route

Different Manaslu trek itinerary follows different routes. Talking about Manaslu circuit trekking – 16 days itinerary, it starts with 6 – 7 hours’ drive to sotikhola from Kathmandu. Following the trail of local villages and waterfalls, you will reach to Machhakhola. It is mostly gentle walk from Sotikhola to Machhakhola. The trail now a days follows by the motor-able road. This is why people directly drive to Machhakhola instead of trekking from Sotikhola itself. taking picture in a beautiful setting

Where is the best place to start Manaslu circuit trekking?
It is better to start the trek from Machhakhola as you cut one day by doing so. Cutting one day sounds good for those who has tight schedule while doing Manaslu circuit trek.

But if you have time to do this trek – starting from Sotikhola itself will be a good start. This is because – you will be walking on the dirt trail for a while before getting on the main track of Manaslu circuit trekking route. I am sure you will enjoy this easy beat of walking on the motor-able dirt road in the beginning of the Manaslu circuit trekking.

Walking through the jungle, passing landslides zone, rivers along with the exploration of remote village’s culture, waterfalls, mountains and landscapes will take you to famous samagaun village. Small hike from samagaun will take you to Manaslu base camp, from where you can get yourself close to mountains. Following the different route, you will be trekking downhill to reach to the initial point i.e., Kathmandu. Manaslu circuit trail seen near the top of larkey pass

Manaslu Trek Permit

You do not need TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) card for restricted areas but special trekking permit for MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area) permit is mandatory.

And the special permit cost for Manaslu trek is USD 70 for first seven days in all months throughout a year. But from December to August, it costs USD 7 for additional days after first seven days. Likewise, September to November costs USD 10 each day after first seven days.

Manaslu circuit Trekking Altitudeamazing sun

Manaslu trekking falls under the trekking area above 5000 meters in Nepal. The highest altitude of Manaslu trek is 5106 meters. To prepare for Manaslu trekking, we recommended you hike around or nearest hiking destination from Kathmandu. It will help you to adjust your fitness level. You can also start doing exercise, yoga, Zumba and so on before you start your trek.

However, you will get proper acclimatization day during Manaslu circuit trekking. All these things are recommended in order to prevent the difficulties during the trek, such as altitude sickness. Altitude sickness may occur to trekkers due today by day altitude change and high altitude. Prevention is better than cure so follow the recommendation which will be helpful for your own safety.

To make sure that the trekkers will not have issue with altitude sickness – Nepalgram has itinerary with change in altitude not more than 800 meters per day. However, for higher altitude change is not more than 500 meters per day.

Manaslu circuit Trek without Guide

trekkers near the top of manaslu circuit trail at larkey pass
Joy of guided trek is safe & certain

If you are wondering about, if I trek solo to Manaslu or can I trek Manaslu without a guide then don’t get confused, the answer is No. NO, you cannot trek Manaslu without a guide. This is because the remoteness of the Manaslu Conservation Area. Restricted areas which include Jagat and Bimtang as entry & exit point respectively has tourist check points, so as to make sure trekkers has guide and restricted regional permit.

During your trek to Manaslu, you need to be accompanied by at least one government license holder guide. However, hiring a porter is not mandatory but recommended. Porter is recommended for 2 major reasons; 1- you will enjoy the trip with free shoulders & 2-hiring a porter is supporting tourism industry & local people of Nepal.

Manaslu circuit Trekking vs Annapurna Circuit

deep gorge of manaslu trek
Geographically both of Manaslu circuit & Annapurna circuit are similar but still culturally different

This blog for manaslu circuit trek is not a single parameter for differentiating ACT &MCT. But Manaslu circuit trekking is regarded as the restricted trail trek in Nepal. But Annapurna circuit is not the restricted trail of Nepal. In comparison to Annapurna circuit, Manaslu circuit trekking offers wilder Himalayan landscapes. Annapurna circuit is accessible more by road whereas Manaslu trail is still not fully connected with road, however there are only dirt roads but not the proper one.

In Annapurna circuit trek – you can hop on passing by jeeps so as to avoid trekking – which is impossible while trekking Manaslu circuit trail.

Manaslu circuit trekking and Annapurna circuit can be completed within equal duration. Both treks are best in their own way where Manaslu offers the trekkers more cultural sightseeing as manaslu is less explored & rarely exploited.

“Larkey la Pass” is the highest pass of Manaslu circuit trek whereas Thorong la is the highest pass of Annapurna circuit trek.

Other famous trekking near Annapurna circuit is – Tilicho lake trek, Nar phu valley trek. Narphu is a village trek whereas Tilicho lake is high altitude lake trek.

Famous trek near Manaslu circuit trek is another restricted trail named Tsum valley trek. Tsum valley is famous as a lost paradise.

Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trekking

kids paying at Tsum valley route
Manaslu circuit trekking -local kids in the region

Both the Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley trek falls under the category of restricted trekking trail of Nepal. But Manaslu circuit route is regarded as the famous restricted trail of Nepal. Manaslu trek is superior to Tsum valley trek as both of these 2 treks can be done in one itinerary as Manaslu Tsum valley trekking. However, both treks can be done separately and can be merged too.

Merging the Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley trek offers trekkers to explore more culture and local settlement. Tsum valley is regarded as the hidden scared place of Buddhist religion, also famous as the lost paradise. Tsum valley used to be a connection point with Tibet and was disconnected from Nepal for long time in the history.

Manaslu circuit with Tsum valley is perfect package for the trekkers who love to trek in non – crowded trail along with the exploration of local people culture and the view of wide snow – capped mountains.

Tea House Trek to Manaslu region a mountain kid infront ofa teahouse

Manaslu circuit hike is one of the popular tea house treks to do in Nepal. Manaslu circuit used to be a camping trekking route before 2012 AD.

During Manaslu circuit trekking, the trekkers will be offered with the accommodation in the tea house. The tea houses found in the trail of Manaslu are all similar. You can find the beautiful teahouses built with the stone, bricks and woods.

Do not expect luxury while staying in the Teahouse. But they will have separate dining area, kitchen, room. Some of the places might have attached toilets with your room but most of the toilets are on sharing basis.

Average of 12 – 14 rooms are available in the teahouse where most of the room offers the twin bed for the trekkers. The earthquake of 2015 destroys almost all the tea houses of Manaslu route but now all the teahouses are rebuilt & are safe.

Before the Larkey pass at Dharmashala – accommodation is not great as in lower destinations like Lho, samagaun or samdo itself. At Dharmashala there are 4 tea houses, and this is where all most all of the trekkers need to adjust for the night before the pass. From Dharmashala – trekkers starts really early in the morning around 4am.

Apart from Dharmashala – accommodation in manaslu circuit trekking route is okay. But in all the destinations – toilets are indoor. However, there is no sitting commode but squat one.

Manaslu Tsum valley Trek Itinerary

vie near sama
Best itinerary gives amazing experience

Manaslu Tsum Valley trek can be completed within 18 – 20 days. The trek starts from Kathmandu at 1400 meters and will take you to the highest elevation of 5106 meters at Larkey pass top. This trek will offer you to experience the dirt road drive, rivers & waterfalls, local villages, monasteries, world longest pass Larkey La, wide mountain range from both Mansari range and annapurna range of Nepal Himalaya. The itinerary follows with the famous samagaun village and the Larkey la pass.

manaslu trek

Following is the basic itinerary for Manaslu Tsum Valley trek.

  • Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola; 700 m, 8/9 hrs.
  • Day 2: Trek from sotikhola to Machhakhola; 870 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 3: Trek from Machhakhola to Jagat; 2340 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 4: Trek from Jagat to Lokpa; 1980 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 5: Trek from Lokpa to Chumling; 2386 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 6: Trek from Chumling to chhekampar; 3010 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 7: Trek from Chhekampar to Nile; 3360 m, 5/6 hours
  • Day 8: Trek from Nile to Chumling; 2386 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 9: Trek from Chumling to Deng; 1,804 m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 10: Trek from Deng to Namrung; 2,630 m, 7/8 hrs.
  • Day 11: Trek from Namrung to Syala; 3290 m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 12: Trek from Syala to Samagaun via Pungen Gompa; 3500 m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 13: Samagaun – explore Manaslu Base Camp; 5200 m, 6 hrs.
  • Day 14: Trek from Samagaun to Samdo; 3910m, 3hrs.
  • Day 15: Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala; 4460 m, 3/4 hrs.
  • Day 16: Trek from Dharamsala to Bimtang (3700m) via Larkya Pass (5130m)
  • Day 17: Trek from Bhimtang to Goa/Tilje; 2300m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 18: Trek from Goa/Tilje to Dharapani/Chamje; 1410m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 19: Drive from Chamje to Besisahar and then drive to Pokhara; 1400 m, 10/12 hrs.

General itinerary for Manaslu Circuit trek without Tsum Valley route.

  • Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola; 700 m, 8/9 hrs.
  • Day 2: Trek from sotikhola to Machhakhola; 870 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 3: Trek from Machhakhola to Jagat; 2340 m, 6/7 hrs.
  • Day 4: Trek from Jagat to Deng; 1,804 m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 5: Trek from Deng to Namrung; 2,630 m, 7/8 hrs.
  • Day 6: Trek from Namrung to Syala; 3290 m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 7: Trek from Syala to Samagaun via Pungen Gompa; 3500 m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 8: Samagaun – explore Manaslu Base Camp; 5200 m, 6 hrs.
  • Day 9: Trek from Samagaun to Samdo; 3910m, 3hrs.
  • Day 10: Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala; 4460 m, 3/4 hrs.
  • Day 11: Trek from Dharamsala to Bimtang (3700m) via Larkya Pass (5130m)
  • Day 12: Trek from Bhimtang to Goa/Tilje; 2300m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 13: Trek from Goa/Tilje to Dharapani/Chamje; 1410m, 5/6 hrs.
  • Day 14: Drive from Chamje to Besisahar and then drive to Pokhara; 1400 m, 10/12 hrs.

Note: This itinerary can also be customized as per your request. Feel free to contact us.

reflection of mountain on the lake near Dharmashala

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Best Time to go.

The best time for trekking to Manaslu circuit is in autumn and spring season. Autumn starts from mid – August and ends in mid – November where spring starts from March and ends in May. These seasons are regarded as the best time because of the easy trail and the clear view of the surrounding.

weather of manaslu circuit trekking
Manaslu circuit trekking can be best for spring and autumn

Manaslu circuit trekking is doable all around the year. But trekking Manaslu circuit or any of the trekking in Mansari himalaya range is beautiful in the best seasons mentioned above.

People also trek in monsoon – but during this time chance to see the mountains is really low. However, trekking in monsoon will give you better insights of greenery and wildflowers on the trail of the trek.

But do not trek in winter unless you are not a professional trekker. As Winter has snow on the larkey pass – trekking over the pass might be tricky. In winter season trekking over larkey pass is more like walking on top of glacier. With proper gear – winter trekking to monsoon is not bad, if your tolerance to cold temperature is good.

If you loking for Manslu region trekking in the winter but do not want to trek over the Larkey pass; our Manaslu basecamp trek package might help you.

Manaslu Circuit Trek DifficultyMt samdo

Manaslu circuit trekking is considered as one of the high-level treks to do in Nepal. Manaslu trek demands high level of physical and mental fitness from the trekkers. One must be active/outdoor type for trekking to Manaslu circuit because you have to walk through off – beaten trail.

If you choose autumn and spring season for trekking Manaslu circuit, it will be less difficult in comparison to monsoon and winter.

In monsoon and winter the trail can be slippery and sometimes blocked by snow. It will be hard for the trekkers to pass through narrow trail in these seasons.

On top of all – if you are trekking with a best trekking agency in Nepal – half of your difficulty while trekking Manaslu will be solved. There is hard section of the trek as well as easy ones – but a good trekking guide from Nepalgram will surely help you to get Manaslu circuit trekking done at your best.

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