Amazing Medicinal Plants in Everest Region of Nepal

yarsa Gumba is famous medicinal plant of Nepal Himalaya

Geology & environment for Medicinal plants in Everest

The altitude, geographical attributes, topography, ecology, and climatic condition has played important role, to make the Himalayan region prosperous. That is why availability of medicinal plants in everest region or anywhere in the Himalaya is overwhelming. Hence, the Himalayan region is considered as the cradle of herbs. Himalayan herbs are mostly used in the traditional healing; such as Ayurbedic, Amchi, Allopathic, homoeopathic and the production of the medicine. However, modern medicine use these Himalayan herbs as a raw material for medicine production. For example, Chiraito found in Everest region is use as raw material for Paracetamol.

Picture: Sundried Chiraito(Swertia)

Everest Trekking region starts from jiri, all the way to the base camp. Base camp of the tallest mountain of the world, the Mt Everest. Everest trekking region ranges from 1800 meters altitude to 5550 meters of altitude above the sea level.

Even though Everest trekking is famous only for EBC trekking; there are more than dozen other trekking trails like Numbur cheese circuit, Pikey pike trek, Dudh Kunda trekking and many other new trails founded and under findings. Because of its variation in altitude Everest trekking has abundant herbs in its region.

Picture: Yarsagumba (Cordyceps sinensis)

The forests and grassy meadows of the Numbur cheese circuit; the herbal circuit of the lower Everest trekking trail, hosts hundreds of herbal plants. The mesmerizing meadow of the Jattapokhari and panchokhari is not only spiritual place; it also can be taken as the natural lab for the pharmaceutical researcher. Major herbs found in the region of Jattapokhari and Panchpokhari are tabulated below.

                                                                                                      Table: Major Medicinal Plants in Everest region

Local/Nepali NameScientific nameEnglish Name
Pancha ounleDactylorhiza hatagirea 
Okhar ko bokaraJuglans regiaWalnut
JatamansiNardostachys grandifloraSpkenard
Loth SallaTaxes wallichianaHimalayan Yew
Yarsa gombaCordyceps sinensis 
BojhoAcorus CalamusCalamus
PadamchaalRheum Australe D. DonHimalayan Rhubarb
NagbeliLycopodium ClavutumLycopodium (Club Moss)
Tite PatiArtemisia VulgarisMug-wort
TimurZanthoxylum Alatum 

    Herb insights

    The Aromatic plant is scientifically known as Rhododendron Anthopogon. The herbal pant with the medical importance can be generally found in the altitude, between 3000 meter to 4000 meter above sea level, in the open alpine and lightly forested areas. The plant is evergreen shrub with the height of 60 cm to 2 meter.  Sunapati will be marked as expensive incense by trekking guides and famous as juniper, which is not the exact name.

    Picture: Bushes of the Sunpati pant one of the very common Medicinal Plants in Everest

    As you climb up to the Manedanda in Numbur cheese circuit; the stopover before reaching jattapokhari, the distinct sweet scent of the Sunpati will flow with the wind, around your nose. The Sunpati plant is found abundantly along the way from the Manedanda to jattapokhari.

    The sacred plant that is also used to offer the incense in the Buddhist religion, will give you the pleasant smell during the 3rd day of trekking to the Numbur Cheese circuit.

    During the late spring and summer, soft yellow flower will be covering the small bush of sunpati. This herb is providing the beautiful decoration to the jungle and meadow. As you get to the altitude above 4000 meters no tree line starts. At the same time, trekking turns to be more interesting. This interesting part of Everest trekking has all these herbs we are talking.

    Picture; Dactylorhiza Hatagirea 

    We are talking about the Medicinal Plants found in the NCC trekking trail of lower Everest region.

    Numbur cheese circuit is one representative trail in Everest region for herbal finding, Ayurvedic researchers will definitely find this trekking trail more interesting. This new trekking trail of Nepal known as; Numbur Cheese circuit is new for trekkers for very old granary of medicinal plants. Lower part of Everest region is not fully discovered yet, but Nepalgram is trying to find more new trail in the region. Along with the finding of trail; new medicinal plants can be identified, this could be a good trekking holiday for the medial researchers.

    If you want to know more about the Himalayan Herbs, in Everest trekking region & if you are looking for the research centered trekking trail. We can be your planner. Drop your query here and we will get in touch.

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