Top 3 Hiking in Kathmandu Recommended for your Nepal Travel

Hiking in kathmandu

Note:  I believe on a fact that; after reading this article you can do these hiking in kathmandu on your own. But taking a tour guide with you is supporting local economy and getting to know Nepali people, culture and tradition, closely; if you think so; please drop us an inquiry.

Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal with an area of 51 Square Kilometer. There of lots of tourist spot inside the kathmandu valley including 7 UNESCO heritage sites and numerous monuments. Monuments of Kathmandu range from temples to royal palace from 16th century. Evidence of stone sculpture from 1st century BC will be interesting thing to see in Kathmandu.

Apart for the monument and cultural heritage of Kathmandu city, there are lots of natural spots where you can spend your day completely in the wilderness. Places like Champadevi hiking trail will take you to the utmost wilderness of jungle walking. Where some of the hiking in Kathmandu will give you the taste of remote nepal in an hor of drive away from the city. For example, Nagarkot to changunarayan hiking is one of the easily accessible and nearer hiking trail in Kathmandu valley, which will take you to the villages with simple lifestyle and cheerful people happy in the lap of nature.

Among dozens of one day trekking destination near Kathmandu, let me introduce some of the major one day trekking trail in Kathmandu.

1. Champadevi Hike – one day hike

In Short: 7- 9 hours of walk  +  wilderness in jungle walking  +  optional trails  +  Adventurous  +  2285 m

Altitude: Pulchowki Danda- 2829m
Time: 40min drive and 7-9 hrs Hike
Difficulty Level: Easy

One of the famous Kathmandu walking tour, champadevi hiking is a circuit hiking in Kathmandu. This hiking destination will start from Dakshinkali village and ends at machhegaun.

Champadevi Hiking Route Information

If you want to explore the wilderness of hiking in chapadevi hills, take longer route of Dakshinkali to Machhegaun. This hiking route of Chapadevi hill will be a long hike but you will explore the unbeatable wilderness of jungle hiking near kathmandu valley.

If you want short route of Chapadevi hill hiking in kathmandu, walk all the way to Champadevi hill top; there is a temple in the top and get back the same trail all the way down to start point. This way your hike to champadevi will be around 7 hours.

What is to see Champadevi hill hiking?

Chapadevi is an easy way to escape the crowded kathmandu. Most of the hiking trail is from the middle of the forest so the jungle walking will give you adventure. Uphill in the beginning and the steep downhill with thousands of stairs will wonder you to the end of this hiking. These 3500 steps are killing your knees.

Apart form the pain and adventure, champadevi hike has following major highlights:

  • Jungle walk
  • Mountain range
  • Kathmandu valley view
  • Villages
  • Wild life like;bird, monkey, butterflies

If you have short time and want to look Nepal closely in your Nepal Travel, champadevi hike will be a perfect match.

Hiking in kathmandu
Pic – Paddy Field captured in the hike

    2. Changunarayan to Nagarkot Hiking – one day hike

    In Short: 7- 9 hours of walk  +  hike in the pine jungle +  optional trails  +  Beautiful & Adventurous  +  2175 m

    Altitude: Pulchowki Danda- 2829m
    Time: 40min drive and 7-9 hrs Hike
    Difficulty Level: Easy

    After an hour of driving from downtown kathmandu, you will get to the heritage city of Bhaktapur. Changunarayan is 30 monutes away from Bhaktapur city. On the way to Changunarayan hike you can top up Bhaktapur heritage tour as well.

    Both Bhakatapur Durbar Square and Changunarayan are UNESCO world Heritage listed sites in Kathmandu.

    From Changunarayan you will start walking through a village, get to jungle and keep walking till the jungle ends at Temple in the beginning of Nagarkot route. From this hike you will have great view of Mountains and the villages scattered here and there. Changunarayan to Nagarkot hike is a famous hiking in kathmandu for sunrise.

    If you are looking towards the sunrise from Nagarkot, take the route of Nagarkot to Telkot to Changunarayan. Among famous tour in Nepal, Nagarkot is famous for the great view of mountains and the view of sunrise and sunset on the top of those mountains.

    Things to see in Changunarayan to Nagarkot hiking – The Highlights

    • Wide Mountain range
    • Changunaryan Temple an UNESCO world heritage site in Kathamndu valley
    • Village with simple life and beautiful people
    • Sunset and sunrise from Nagarkot
    • Jungle walking

    If you are looking for easier hiking in kathmandu Changunarayan to Nagarkot could be a best option for your Nepal Holiday.

    Hiking in kathmandu
    Pic – Geometry of the Ridge seen from the tower of Nagarkot

    3. Nagarjung Monastery Hike

    Altitude: Pulchowki Danda- 2829m
    Time: 40min drive and 7-9 hrs Hike
    Difficulty Level: Easy

    An uphill walk across the village literally on the side of kathamndu valley gives you a pleasure on walking uphill. As you walk uphill you will get the better view of the Himalaya and the valley of kathamndu opens wider than expected. Best side of Nagarjung day hike is it’s monastery situated at the top.

    In Nagarjung Monastery you will have access to monks and can talk with them, talk aout meaning of life and enjoy the nature during this hiking in kathmandu.

    Nagarjung hiking trail walks across the village at the beginning and takes you to the lush green jungle. In the middle of jungle there is a memorial decorated with buddist prayer flags. Memorials place is the cremation place of Buddist people, Buddist get burnt after their death.

    Things that you can expect from Nagarjung day hike:

    • View of Kathmandu valley
    • Closer view of Kathmandu international airport
    • Local village and villagers life style
    • Buddhist monastery in the middle of dense forest
    • Wide mountain range in distance
    Hiking in kathmandu
    Pic – Local house for a cup of tea offered this picture

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