Thame Valley, Birthplace of 1st Everest Summiteer Sherpa

mahalangur himalaya range seen in Thame valley in Everest Trek

Thame valley, Birth place of 1st Everest Summiteer

Thame Valley in Everest trek is birthplace of Tenjing Norgey Sherpa. Tenjing is a man who ascended Mt Everest successfully for the first time, with Eudmaund Hillary from Newzealand. There is still a big confusion on who actually stepped 1st on the top of Mt Everest; among two legends of Everest Expedition in May 29 1953 at 11:25 AM.

Thame Valley Birthplace of 1st Everest Summiteer Sherpa 3
From the thame valley , we can see clear view of Mt. Everest

Interesting thing about this Thame Valley is a mountain named after Tnjing, Mt Tenji. Mountain was named after this legendary Sherpa already in 1960’s. Government of Nepal awarded Tenjing with many awards by then.

However international society accepted Tenjing as the first successful climber of Everest just in 2013 AD, ironically.

Story of 1st Everest Expedition

A successful climb to the top of Everest by Tenjing was in 1953, although he had climbed above 7000 meters of Everest for 6 times before he was hired as a local guide by Edmund Hillary’s Expedition team.

Hillary choose Tenjing as his Sherpa because of his previous experience to the summit.

Tenjing was the team of Everest Expedition group from 1922 AD for several times with different expedition groups including expedition team of George Mallory.

Thame Valley Birthplace of 1st Everest Summiteer Sherpa 1
Thame Valley, Birthplace of 1st Everest Summiteer Sherpa

Tenjing did not let down climber Hillary. Both of them went to the top and conquer Everest successfully for the first time. The successful Everest team spend around 2 month for this expedition from the basecamp to the top of Everest.

Thame at the altitude of 3800 meters or 12464 feet has a magnificent view of the mountains like Mt. Thamsherku, Kangtega, Kusumkangeru, Tengi and many other small one. However from Thame valley you cannot see Everest.

    People are really nice here in the village and Thame village in the lap of the mountain with spectacular scenery in the isolation. On the side of river this village is fertile land for potato farming.

    As this village is not too much touristy part of Everest trekking trail, you meet very less trekkers in the Thame valley. Only those trekkers, who do Everest Panorama trek and those who come down from Renjo La pass come through Thame village.

    Spending (at least) one night in this beautiful valley worth hiking around the mountains of Everest region for your once in a lifetime memory.

    Things to Do in Thame Valley Everest

    While at Thame village, you can visit the monastery at the top of the hill, which is in the sight from the village itself but in a peaceful and isolated location. More you can visit to the local school and hospital in the Thame village. As this health post and school are primary and basic you might not enjoy the expectations but this will let you walk around the Thame village, a hidden village of Everest.

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    In the Everest region people are over crowded for climbing and trekking

    If you are here in the valley after doing Renjo la pass then your memory from the Gokyo valley and being in this Thame valley will magnificently be comparable.

    If you are fit it takes 5 hours walking from Namche and if you are coming from Gokyo via Renjo la pass you start from place called Lungden and it takes 4 hours mostly downhill.

    The view of the valley and mountain landscape is spectacular. You will never regret getting here to get the beauty of Everest region and the birth place of 1st Everest summiteer. As very few people trek to Thame as it is off the beaten trail of Everest base camp trek and less are know about the destination.

    Very few people who take rest at Namchhe do this trip as their acclimatization day hike during any of the Everest trek but it is not easy side trip, I must say. But staying overnight in this quite valley of Thame will be your great experience.

    So as a guide working in Everest Himalaya for more than a decade, I recommend Thame (birth place of legend mr. Tenjing Norgey Sherpa) to go for an overnight trip rather a side trip.

    Thame Valley Birthplace of 1st Everest Summiteer Sherpa 4
    In Thame valley , we can see many Buddhist monastery

    Thame valley is the hidden gem of Everest, must visit this valley there if your time fits while during your Everest Base Camp Trekking of any kind of Everest trek in Nepal

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