Jiri Gokyo Everest Basecamp Trek - 21 Days

Trip Facts

  • Plane-Car-Bus
  • 1 to 8
  • 5545 meters or 18188 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge
  • Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Base Camp Trek
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 13
  • 70
Jiri Gokyo Everest basecamp trek is one of the historical trekking experiences in Nepal, also famous as Jiri Everest trekking. At 8848m or 29021 feet above sea level Everest is first highest mountain in the world. One of the admired mountains around the world, Mount Everest has still off-beaten trekking trail, so Nepalgram focuses trekkers in this less trekked but stunning part of 1st highest mountain trail. In the beautiful scenery and altitude, what comes in every trekkers mind??  Is none other than Mt.  Everest base camp (5364meter or 17594 feet), with Gokyo Lakes in Nepal. In contrast to Mt.Everest Trekking starting from Lukla, Jiri to EBC trek has lot to explore in your month long trekking tour in Nepal.

During the high season from September to December the trail may be crowded due to its high popularity. This trail is recommended for those fellows who love walking very near to the mountains and have at least an average physical condition. For those who have never been trekking before, the trail might be slightly difficult, but it’s fairly easy for those with previous trekking experience.

Jiri to Everest basecamp Trekking Route

view of the local farm houses and mountains in our jiri Gokyo Everest basecamp trek

View of the local farming land and the moutanins in far distance. These mountains are from the Makalu Barun National park region. However the same view can be captured from the top of Kalapatthar summit. Kalapatthar is right infront of Mt Everest.

Jiri Gokyo Everest basecamp trek start from a city called Jiri, where the landscape resembles that of Zurich-Switzerland. After Jiri we follow the historic trail, which was once followed by Thenjig Norgey Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on their way for the very first Everest expedition ever. We twist our path from Namche bazaar. Namche is a buzzing hub in the Everest region with all the facilities you need; various shopping possibilities, pharmacies, restaurants, cyber cafes – the wide selection of services is often a surprise for the first timers.

From Namche we head towards Gokyo lake trail and connect to Lobuche for the Everest Base Camp. On the way to EBC we are crossing one of the high passes of the region, the Cho-La pass. EBC is one of the most stunning parts of this trek and another is Kalapatthar. Kalapatthar is a perfect view point for Everest and over the surrounding mountain range. From EBC we trek back to Namche via Dingbochhe village, and finally back to Lukla to connect our flight back to Kathmandu.

What to Expect?

Sagarmatha national park with 1148 sq. km. & Gaurishankar national park area 2179 sq. km., are attraction for trekkers to explore the first-hand experience on variation of Flora and Fauna (Sagarmatha national park is listed in UNESCO world heritage site and Gaurishankar Conservation area is new conservation area in Nepal established in 2010 AD) with Sherpa, Tamang, Chhetri, and many other tribes. People living here, who are warm-hearted and generous for trekkers and lives in harmony? Everest base camp trek via Jiri demonstrate variation in local food, culture, tradition, and respect towards guest from lower part of Everest to higher Himalayan culture, which are treasure & is the loveliest part of Everest base camp trek starting from Jiri.

Everest base camp from jiri is one of the longest but versatile treks, since trek starts from 2000 meter or 6560 feet and climb all the way to highest altitude of 5545 meter or 1888 feet altitude during our 22 days trekking, beautiful, panoramic region. We start our trekking after driving in a tourist bus to historic town of Jiri. Traveling to jiri also avoids flight to Lukla and trekkers & will get outstanding cultural and landscape variation of jiri to Lukla trekking trail, which many trekkers do not explore.

Everest expedition used to commence from this town, in the history. Jiri Gokyo Everest basecamp via chola pass trek follows, world famous base camps of Everest and 3 Vanjyang (narrow valley), this signifies the adventure in this trekking. Since this is a famous Himalaya base camp trekking, we can organize as per your need and requirement, please feel free to contact us for further changes in the suggested itinerary of Jiri Gokyo Everest basecamp Trekking.

Outline Itinerary of Jiri Gokyo Everest BaseCamp Trek

Option #1-Trekking Tour

  1. Arrive at Tribhuwan international airport (1345m). You will be picked by our company representative and transferred to your hotel.
  2.  Guided Kathmandu city sightseeing tour in an A/C car (includes 4 UNESCO World heritage sites in Kathmandu), and last preparations for trekking.
  3. Drive from Kathmandu to Jiri (184km)
  4. Start trek from Jiri to Deurali (2200m); via Shivalaya
  5. Deurali to Sete (2645m)
  6. Sete to Junbesi (2675m)
  7. Junbesi to Nunthala (2440m)
  8. Nunthala to Kharikhola (2020m)
  9. Kharikhola to Surkhe (2700m)
  10. Trek from Surke to Phakding (2646m)
  11. Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440m)
  12. Namche Bazaar Acclimatization day and exploring around, either  Khumjung village or Everest view Hotel
  13. Namche Bazaar to Dole (4200m)
  14. Dole to Machhermo (4470m)
  15. Machhermo to Gokyo (4790m)
  16. Gokyo to Gokyo Peak (5483m) and trek to Thagnag (4750m)
  17. Thagnag to Dozongla (4710m), crossing Cho-La pass (5300m)
  18. Dozongla to Lobuche (4910m)
  19. Lobuche to Everest Base Camp (5365m), then back to Gorakshep (5180m)
  20. Hiking up Kalapathar (5545 meters) then trek back down to Chhukung Village
  21. Explore around the Chhukung Valley and climb up to Chhukung peak (5540m)
  22. Trek back to Namche Bazaar (3440m).
  23. Trek back to Lukla (2800m).
  24. Fly back to Kathmandu, overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu
  25. Our driver will drop you to the airport for your final departure.

Option#2- Trekking only

  1. Drive from Kathmandu to Jiri (184km)
  2. Start trek from Jiri to Deurali (2200m); via Shivalaya
  3. Deurali to Sete (2645m)
  4. Sete to Junbesi (2675m)
  5. Junbesi to Nunthala (2440m)
  6. Nunthala to Kharikhola (2020m)
  7. Kharikhola to Surkhe (2700m)
  8. Trek from Surke to Phakding (2646m)
  9. Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440m)
  10. Namche Bazaar Acclimatization day and exploring around, either  Khumjung village or Everest view Hotel
  11. Namche Bazaar to Dole (4200m)
  12. Dole to Machhermo (4470m)
  13. Machhermo to Gokyo (4790m)
  14. Gokyo to Gokyo Peak (5483m) and trek to Thagnag (4750m)
  15. Thagnag to Dozongla (4710m), crossing Cho-La pass (5300m)
  16. Dozongla to Lobuche (4910m)
  17. Lobuche to Everest Base Camp (5365m), then back to Gorakshep (5180m)
  18. Hiking up Kalapathar (5545 meters) then trek back down to Chhukung Village
  19. Explore around the Chhukung Valley and climb up to Chhukung peak (5540m)
  20. Trek back to Namche Bazaar (3440m).
  21. Trek back to Lukla (2800m).
  22. Fly back to Kathmandu

NoteIf you have any preference for customization of this trek please write us your interest and preference in this historic trekking to Everest base camp.


A historic trekking trail leading to Everest base camp starts from Jiri. Since very few trekkers are seen in this route nowadays; you will find your peace. In the trek from jiri Gokyo Everest base camp – summon the change in the Everest trail compared with the time Edmund and Tenjing saw in 80s’.

Culture, nature and life of changing Nepal can be seen from lower part all the way to higher Himalaya of Everest.

Jiri Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek insights

  • Historic trail from where Edmund Hillary started his trek to Successful Everest expedition.
  • Village life in the Everest region while walking through 100s of local villages
  • Acclimatization hikes above Namche bazzar to Everest view hotel (a star hotel in Everest) & Dingboche
  • Change on the monastery architecture and style of prayer from jiri to Pangboche monastery
  • Awaited destination Everest Base Camp on your foot
  • Beautiful Namche Bazzar and Sagarmatha National Park Museum for awesome view of everest herself and the surrounding mountains
  • Scenic mountain Flight from Lukla to kathmandu on last day
  • Gokyo lake and the beautiful valley of gokyo
  • 6 different lakes of gokyo in cascade pattern
  • Half body view of everest from the top of gokyo Ri and thousands of mountain, glaciers and the lake
  • Closer look of Khumbu Ice fall from the everest base camp
  • Trek on the top of Khumbu Glacier
  • Thukla Pass & the 100s’ of Memorials including Rob hall and Scott Fischer
  • Chola pass adventure
  • Scenery of EBC, Khumbu ice fall, Khumbu glacier from the top of Kalapatthar with thousands of towering mountains

Itinerary of Jiri Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek

Day 1
Drive from Kathmandu to Jiri (184km)

Jiri is a historic start point of trekking to Everest. It takes 6 hours to get to Jiri from Kathmandu. We will take bus or Jeep and along the road, it will be nice to see local life, street vendors and real Nepal on your first day journey to Jiri Gokyo ebc trek.

Day 2
Start trek from Jiri to Deurali (2200m); via Shivalaya

Very few people trek from Jiri these days, but trekking from jiri to Shivalaya makes a real understanding of Nepal. Cultural and traditional aspect of Jiri EBC Gokyo trek lies far and wide in 2nd day trek from Jiri to Shivalaya.
Jiri to Shivalaya will take around 8 hours on foot. Although there are road along the route of jiri to Shivalaya, we will take a fancy trekking route along the village through the jungle and with beauty of nature.

Day 3
Deurali to Sete (2645m)

Deurali is a best view point for the valley view of Bhandar. You can also see Everest from a nearby view point at Deurali. Traditional houses and historic trail of Everest base camp trekking trail can be witnessed in this destination of Everest base camp Gokyo valley trek from jiri. Memorial point Deyurali is an astonishing place to spend a night.
Sete village on the edge of Lamjura pass, however the walk along the village, river valley and lunch by the river at Kinja bazzar is inspiring.

Day 4
Sete to Junbesi (2675m)

Trekking over Lamjura pass standing at 3500 meters above the sea level is an overwhelming moment in Jiri Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek. Trekking through the forest with domestic animals grazing field and walking along the village of legendary Sherpa towards, junbesi village is not just a trekking experience but also a way of learning while trekking in Nepal.
Sete to Junbesi is a beginning uphill and easy downhill trek over Lamjura pass. The trek itself will take around 6 hours, today.

Day 5
Junbesi to Nunthala (2440m)

Trekking along the village of Everest region with mixed scenery of White Mountains and green hill in route of Jiri Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek will reflect the culture of low land of Everest region.
Junbesi to Nunthala is 8 hours walk with less forest more villages.

Day 6
Nunthala to Kharikhola (2020m)

Along the jungle of lower Everest region, you will follow a trail nearly off the beaten in famous Everest base camp trekking. This Jiri Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek is not new for sure, but the amount of trekkers you meet on the trail will amaze you and keeps your peace.
7 hours hike from Nunathala will take us to Kharikhola village in comparatively flat terrain. Buddhist Monastery, local school and the Himalayan town will surely flourish your trekking day.

Day 7
Kharikhola to Surkhe (2700m); 8 hours hiking

A day before you get onto the traffic of Everest base camp trekking trail. Kharikhola to Surkey will give your insight of dense forest. Approaching view of mountains from Namche and Mera la will surely make you stronger.
Take handful of peace on this day. From tomorrow, as you start trekking from Surkey, in a couple of hours you will mix in the herd of trekkers flying in Everest base camp trekking route.

Day 8
Trek from Surke to Phakding (2646m); 6 hours trek

Surkey to Phakding takes you near to the mountains you have been watching for few days during your jiri Gokyo Everest basecamp trek. Phakding village is by the river we have been crossing for multiple times in lower part of Everest trail. We will see plane and helicopters going and coming to and from Lukla airport. But we do not trek via Lukla airport, as we are flying out of Lukla on the way back to Kathmandu.
This village being near to the river coming from Everest base camp has glacier water. You can get to the river while staying at Phakding or you can choose to go to nearest suspension bridge to get a easy view of the river and the village.

Day 9
Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440m)

After breakfast at Phakding we start our trekking to Namche bazar. We will pass 6 suspension bridges and cross the river and rivulets numerous times. We pass through the forest and villages during the trekking to Namche.
We will check in to the Sagarmatha national park premises today. The view of mt Thamsherku from monjo looks nicer before entering the national park of Everest trekking trail. Our lunch will be at either Mojo or Jor sale village. There is no any tea houses in between jor sale and Namche, so batter to eat at jorsalle at the worst.
Once we get to Namche village, it is amazing destination of Everest base camp trekking. It has fancy stores to local bars famous as “Bhatti”. You can walk around the village and visit a local monastery at Namche.

Day 10
Namche Bazaar Acclimatization day and exploring around, either Khumjung village or Everest view Hotel

The main aim of today’s hike is to acclimatize your body at this altitude above 10000ft. saying so we do hike higher and sleep lower. For this reason, today we will trek around the village of Namche, visit Sagarmatha national park, Namche view point, national park museum at the beginning of the acclimatization. After this we will continue hiking to Everest view hotel. At this star hotel in Everest trekking trail, we will have a cup of tea and trek around the village of Khumjung.
Khumjung village is famous for its local monastery with Yeti Scalp. This village has school built by Hillary foundation; we will have a walk around this school and trek down to Namche for the night.

Day 11
Namche Bazaar to Dole (4200m)

Namche is semi modern town of Everest Himalaya. Here you can buy most of the trekking gears and souvenirs. Namche will be a last chance to prepare for your jiri Gokyo Everest base camp trek.
It takes 6 hours to get to Dole from Namche Bazar. Walking along the trail of Everest base camp trekking route in the beginning will be beautiful with panorama view of Everest and Amadablam. But right after splitting from Kyangjuma village the trail will be with less trekkers and trekking along the Gokyo river through the forest of Rhododendron will be a nice trekking experience.

Day 12
Dole to Machhermo (4470m)

Dole is a stopover trekking to Gokyo & has great view of Mt Thamsherku and kangtega. After climbing 10 minutes, off of the Dole village will give mesmerizing view of mt Cho yu as well. However you can enjoy the river valley view from your accommodation in Dole.
Dole to Machhermo is 4 hours walk. You might feel why short walk? It is because we care your safety. And as per the high altitude is concerned; it is not recommended to trek more than 500 meters a day. Dole to Machhermo is a beautiful walk from prospective of scenery and the Mountain View.

Day 13
Machhermo to Gokyo (4790m); 4 hours hiking

First lake of Gokyo will come on sight, today. Trekking along the river valley and beautiful panorama all around will surely make your heart flourished. With saying that, walk in the no tree line zone will gives amazing view of the mountains and awesome landscape.
Today you will spend night by the 3rd lake of Gokyo and you will see 3 lakes of Gokyo among 6 of them. Also the view of Mt Choyu right after climbing up of Machhermo village is awesome. Gokyo side of this Jiri Gokyo Everest base camp trek will surely help you to enjoy nature at your best before you get to awaited destination of Everest base camp.
Gokyo ri standing at 5360 meters above the sea level will acclimatize your body, completely. Climbing Chola pass or trekking to Everest base camp will not be an issue with this itinerary.
In the afternoon, after getting to Gokyo village; if you are interested, we can trek to 5th lake of Gokyo.

Day 14
Gokyo to Gokyo Peak (5483m) and trek to Thagnag (4750m)

In the morning, we will trek up to the top of Gokyo ri for sunrise. The timeline and schedule can be customized as per your interest, however. After capturing the great view of Everest and the surrounding mountain from the top of Gokyo ri we will hike back to Gokyo village and trek towards tangnak, today.
It takes approx. 4 hours to get to Thangnak village from Gokyo village. We will have to pass along the blue glacier today. This is glacier is also called Nagjumba glacier.

Day 15
Thagnag to Dozongla (4710m), crossing Cho-La pass (5300m)

Thangnak is the base camp of Cho la pass. Your acclimatized body from Gokyo ri climb, will surely help you for climbing to the top of Chola pass.
Chola pass is one of the technical pass among famous 3 high pass trek in Everest, but 15 days of trekking in Nepal and your habituated body will make it easy climb and you will be inspired with the view of mountains. From the top of Chola pass we will see mt Makalu, 5th tallest mountain of world.
To get to Zongla, on the other side of Chola pass; it takes 8 to 10 hours of hiking.
After crossing the Chola pass we will get to Khumbu valley from Gokyo valley. Mt amadablam will look different from this side of Everest region, but it is more than awesome view. To get the best view, we will start climbing early today. Early Start towards chola pass not only give us a beautiful view but also help us to climb off of the icy part before it starts melting.

Day 16
Dozongla to Lobuche (4910m)

Trek from Zongla to Lobuche is short and amazing. We will trek by Chola Lake and the view of Pheriche village is more than stunning.
5 hours of hiking to Lobuche will be in between Lobuche peak and Taboche peak. This is a river valley, the river originating from Chola pass. Also the view of Amadablam will look unreal where the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful.
However, you might lose your peace after getting back to the trail of Everest base camp route. Everest base camp route will meet at Lobuche.

Day 17
Lobuche to Everest Base Camp (5365m), then back to Gorakshep (5180m)

Trekking to Everest base camp start after breakfast at Lobuche village, if we get in the right time we will also have lunch at Gorakshep before trekking to Everest base camp. Trekking is long for this day but it has break in between. We will check in the hotel at Gorakshep village, might have lunch at the village and go to base camp.
Walk today is mostly on the rocky trail on the glacier of chumbu at the beginning and khmbu later. Khumbu glacier is one longest glacier of the world with its length more than 2 kilometers. Even before getting to the Gorakshep village we will have great view of Everest base camp from far. View of Everest glacier and the surrounding mountains looks amazing way earlier than the village of Gorakshep. Mt pumori near to Kalapatthar hill looks Giant Mountain whereas tiny top of Mt Everest reappears today.
Apart from the view during the trekking, we will have different experience of thin air from the beginning of the days hike from Lobuche. But once we get to the village of Gorakshep, slight headache is normal and the air will be thin unrealistically. Trekking to Everest base camp from Gorakshep is on the top of Khumbu glacier. The view of the infinity glacier is overwhelming. Everest base camp looks closer from one ridge but still take more than 2 hours to get there.
Once you get to the base camp of Everest, the silence of the place is unspoken. If you are trekking to Everest base camp in the peak season of trekking in Nepal then, the base camp region might be crowded but it has wide space if enjoy the nature. Base camp of Everest is never tiring to anyone but the altitude might affect everybody. So make sure you are okay, stay at the base camp as long as you want but make sure health is in your favor.
After spending time at the Everest base camp; we will trek back to Gorakshep village. Trekking to Everest base camp to Gorakshep is on the rocky trail for 2.5 hours.

Day 18
Hiking up Kalapatthar (5545 meters) then trek back down to Pangboche Village (4000meters)

From the top of Kalapatthar the view is different than from the top of Gokyo ri. Also Kalapatthar top will be the highest altitude of entire jiri Gokyo Everest base camp trek. From Kalapatthar both sunrise and sunset is outstanding.
Kalapatthar is 10 kilometer away from the Mount Everest. You can see Everest base camp, Khumbu icefall, Khumbu glacier, Pumori glacier, Chumbu glacier, Nuptse icefall and never ending range of khumbu himalaya range.
After hiking to the summit of Kalapatthar we will trek down to Pangboche village. here the view of Mt Amadablam changes and so is the view of Mount Everest. Everest hides behind huge Nuptse. Nuptse is 4th highest mountain of world, it is massive and beautiful.

Day 19
Trek back to Namche Bazaar (3440m).

Pangboche has oldest monastery of the region where mysterious monk used to meditate in this land and hand and head of Yeti who used to help him meditating; can be seen in the monastery. After a short visit to the monastery, we will trek back to Namche bazar.
Namche is 7 hours away from Pangboche. Trail is mostly downhill.

Day 20
Trek back to Lukla (2800m).

The same trail till Benkar and we will walk through a jungle before getting to Lukla. Airstrip of Lukla is awesome.
We trek out of Sagarmatha national park and end our trekking at Lukla, a Himalayan town. You can celebrate your jiri Gokyo ebc trek finish line at Lukla. Interestingly there are pubs and mountain clubs at Lukla bazzar.

Day 21
Fly back to Kathmandu

A short and scenic flight from Lukla to Kathmandu will be 25 minutes. We will fly out of the small runway of Lukla and fly alongside the mountains of Nepal.
Small plane will land in Kathmandu; trekking guide will assist you to get to your hotel. Trekking trip with Nepalgram ends here with 21 days jiri Gokyo Everest base camp cho la pass trek but our future adventure together, always waits.

Cost Details of Jiri Gokyo Everest BaseCamp Trek-General Inclusions

  • Flight back from Lukla to Kathmandu
  • Airport pickup and drop off by a private car for domestic and international flights as per the itinerary.
  • Three nights in a Standard Hotel in Kathmandu, B/B (bed and breakfast).
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the trek and fresh fruit every night after dinner.
  • All accommodation during the trek.
  • All necessary paperworks, entry permits & Sagarmatha national park entrance fee.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government licensed guide including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking and tour.
  • A helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people).
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Guided city tour of Kathmandu; includes 4 destinations
  • Credit card fee for Online payable amount
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek
  • (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away
  • (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide
  • (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Kathmandu sightseeing entrance fees.

Cost Details of Jiri Gokyo Everest BaseCamp Trek-General Exclusions

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport – Kathmandu with 2 passport size photos and $50).
  • Your Travel and medical insurance for emergency, we assist you with the arrangements.
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (tipping is expected).
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks, except tea/coffee with breakfast.

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Jiri Gokyo Everest BaseCamp Trekking Trip Info

  • Plane-Car-Bus
  • 1 to 8
  • 5545 meters or 18188 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge
  • Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Base Camp Trek
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 13
  • 70

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