Manaslu base camp trek to Samagaun - 13 Days

Trip Facts

  • Bus/Jeep
  • Hotel/Local Tea House
  • Moderate
  • In-Person
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)

10th highest mountain Manaslu is also famous as a killer mountain. Manaslu base camp trek is an easy trekking in Manaslu circuit trekking route.

In this trekking you will trek to the base camp of Mt Manaslu but do not cross Larkey pass. This facility makes trekking easy and still explores the greater beauty of Manaslu trekking region.

Manaslu has been a major attraction for adventurers who love to be in the remote part of Nepal for culture, nature, tradition and the mountains. Either to see Himalayan basecamp or to swim in the glacial lake or to find spiritual happiness in the thousand year old monastery of Himalaya – Manaslu circuit trek has been attraction point by far. In Manaslu base camp trek you will be able to get all of these stated above.

Manaslu base camp trek itinerary/route

Trekking trail follows the same route of Manaslu circuit trek but instead of crossing the Larkey pass, it goes to Manaslu base camp. The beginning of trekking to Manaslu base camp is same as Manaslu circuit trek or Tsum valley trek. Starting from Tatopani the trekking adventure hits the riverside trail passing along the villages.

Villages with preserved traditional practice, simple living, cheerful children and humanly environment in those villages will inspire your journey towards Manaslu base camp. Also the nature, waterfall, mountains and frequent sighting wildlife is interesting part of Manaslu base camp trek.

Trekking along the river valley is interesting – as it gets narrower in some point and again opens wider sometimes. Walking by the waterfall and sighting of rainbow is amazing on the walk.

Meeting other trekkers might not be as interesting as cheerful greetings from kids in the villages. Passing by local Scholl and sound coming out of the schools are interesting. You will often meet local people transporting stuff carrying themselves or with mule as their transporter. Meeting those busy people with big smile on their face and hard life they are showcasing will be an inspiring moment in anyone’s life.

Once we get to Lho village – Manaslu base camp trek becomes fantastic. The view of Mount Manaslu appears in our eye even before getting to the Lho village whereas on arrival at the village Manaslu will be your close friend.

Visiting Lho monastery and walking by the Shyala monastery or side trip to Pungen monastery are some of the religious moment s of Manaslu base camp trek

On arrival at Samagaun village the real thing shows up – Manaslu base camp. We cannot see Manaslu base camp from Samagaun village but this is the gateway and here we spend night before trekking to Manaslu base camp.

Trekking to basecamp itself is interesting as it goes by the lake called Birendra Lake. This glacial lake has hanging icefall coming out from Manaslu base camp. The trekking trail from here to Manaslu base camp is uphill.

Manaslu base camp trek follows beautiful landscape of Samagaun and Sama view point – all these makes Manaslu base camp trek as a best trekking in Manaslu conservation area – without involving hard walk over the pass – Larkey pass.

No trek over Larkey pass but still has awesome view

Manaslu base camp trek is designed to avoid the hard time to trek over the Larkey pass. You do not have to walk early in the morning to get over the pass, unlike Manaslu circuit trek. But as a relaxed mode of Manaslu trek you will all of trekking highlights.

Trekking till Samagaun village has enough of cultural and traditional exploration – with little of Mountain View. But once we get to Samagaun the village is surrounded by the mountains – snowcapped mountains all around you can see.

The view of the Samagaun village seen from side trail towards Manaslu basecamp is beautiful river valley in one side and mountains in other. Surrounding mountains, rocky hills, green meadow, and thatched house looks a peculiar view of the region.

Reflection of mountains on the lake of Birendra taal is another stunning part of Manaslu base camp trekking.

When we trek to Samdo village the trek becomes even more beautiful. Easy trekking trail, no tree line zone and trekking gets closer to the Tibetan boarder. Manaslu base camp trek has option to trek towards the boarder of Nepal Tibet.

Either trek to the boarder or trek uphill to the height as equal as Larkey pass – you will have pretty of options

Manaslu circuit trek vs. Manaslu base camp trek

Circuit trek obviously means to trek around the massive mountain Manaslu. But in Manaslu base camp trek we will go to the base camp and make Manaslu circuit trek lighter than longer circuit trek.

Benefit of Manaslu base camp trek over circuit trek are- easy trekking, wider exploration of Nubri valley, cultural exploration, viewpoints in different villages and sighting of mountains closely.

In case of Manaslu circuit trekkers will get to Bhimtang side of Manaslu circuit trek, which is exactly on other side of Samagaun. Or say, Mt Manaslu is in middle of Samagaun and Bhimtang village. Because of not going on other side of Manaslu trekkers trekking to Manaslu base camp in this trip plan – will not be able to see the complete north face of Mt Manaslu.

But still – there are good view points to see the Himalaya range, valley view and the wild life in Manaslu base camp trek alone. View point in Samdo will be an isolated point to find your happiness. You will not trek to Larkey pass which is 5106meters above the sea level but still if you want to get to this height Samdo view point will take your height interest.

Nevertheless trekking to Manaslu basecamp worth over Manaslu circuit trek for many people who want to explore Manaslu region of Nepal Himalaya without crossing the Larkey pass as this pass is not an easy trekking pass. Physical fitness is surely tested in this longest trekking pass which takes 8 to 14 hours to cross. Walking these longer hours in a day itself is not an easy thing if you are not looking for ample of adventure in your Nepal trip.

However, the Manaslu base camp trek surely gives you the insights of the region with major attractions of Manaslu circuit trekking itself.

Special trekking permit

Trekking to Samagaun might sound like you are not trekking in the restricted region but you are. Starting from jagat village itself – you will be inside the special region or so called restricted trekking region of Nepal.

For Manaslu base camp trek you need to buy special trekking permit. This special trekking permit will costs less than $100 USD per week. Because of this extra cost on top of your accommodation, food and service – Manaslu basecamp trekking costs more than other general trekking in Nepal.

If you are looking for trekking to Manaslu region without special permit – Manaslu cultural circuit will entertain your interest. Manaslu cultural circuit trek will take you in the lower region of Manaslu conservation area and this trekking trail lies in the not restricted trekking region of Manaslu area.
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Overview of Manaslu basecamp trek to samagaun

Samagaun is one of the beautiful villages and precisely located on the base of Mt Manaslu. Samagaun is gateway to the basecamp of Mt Manaslu. Manaslu basecamp trek to samagaun is not adventurous unless you want to make it so.

The multiple options of side trips from samagaun village has made this trekking trip a versatile trek in the manaslu conservation area. Manaslu conservation area is a restricted trekking trail of Nepal.

To trek to manaslu basecamp everyone needs to get to the village of samagaun which is village stop before the basecamp, even for the Mt Manaslu expedition memebers. The village of samagaun is trekking right next to the larkey pass and inside the restricted zone where one must have special permit for the entrance.

Good thing about this trekking in Manaslu is that, you can explore all of the major attraction of manaslu circuit trek on samagaun side of Larkey pass trek. Birendra Glacier Lake, Samdo village, boarder to Tibet, winter shed of Yaks, Pungen monastery and manaslu basecamp are attraction which can be visited from samagaun village stay. Larkey pass is 10 hours away from samagaun village.

Samagaun village trek avoids the hard part of Manaslu circuit trekking but keeps all the beautiful views on the samagaun side of Manaslu larkey pass trek.

Highlights of Samagaun Trekking

  • Majestic views of Mountain range from Manaslu range like – Mt Manaslu, Mt Himalchuli, Mt Nike, Mt Samdo etc…
  • Excursion of local villages whose culture and tradition similar to Tibetan People
  • Infinite river valley, tall waterfall and numerous suspension bridges
  • Trekking along the forest with wilderness and beauty remote areas
  • Trek to Manaslu Base camp, Birendra Taal (glacial Lake)
  • Sighting of Centuries old Monasteries and settlements

Manaslu basecamp trek to samagaun itinerary

Day 1
Drive to Soti Khola

• Altitude – 930 meters
• Special – Scenic view of surrounding
• Time – 8 hours drive
• Activity – Travelling in bus/jeep

Day 2
Trek to Khorlabesi

• Altitude – 710 meters
• Special – View of diverse landscapes
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Day 3
Khorlabensi to Jagat

• Altitude – 1340 meters
• Special – Budi Gandaki river
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – Walking by the side of Budigandaki river

Day 4
Jagat to Nyak

• Altitude – 1530 meters
• Special – Exploring jagat village
• Time – 4/5 hours
• Activity – Trekking along the river

Day 5
Nyak to Namrung

• Altitude – 2540 meters
• Special – View of beautiful surrounding
• Time – 5/6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Day 6
Namrung to Lho

• Altitude – 3180 meters
• Special – View of mountains and exploration of villages
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity –Walking along the river and passing through numerous villages

Day 7
Lho to Shyala and side trip to Pungen Monastery

• Altitude – 3290 meters
• Special – View of Mt. Manaslu and side trip to Pungen Monastery
• Time – 5/6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Day 8
Shyala to Samagaun & side trip to Samdo village and overnight at Samagaun

• Altitude – 3500 meters
• Special – Samagaun and Pungen Gompa
• Time – 5/6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Day 9
Samagaun to Manaslu base camp & back to Samagaun

• Altitude – 5200/3500 meters
• Special – Manaslu base camp
• Time – 7/9 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Day 10
Trek down to Ghap

• Altitude – 2156 meters
• Special – scenic view of surrounding
• Time – 5/6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Day 11
Ghap to Jagat

• Altitude – 1340 meters
• Special – Greenery view all around
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – walking through the forest of pine and rhododendron

Day 12
Jagat to Soti Khola

• Altitude – 930 meters
• Special – Scenic view of surrounding
• Time – 7/8 hours
• Activity – Walking on the bank of river

Day 13
Drive back to Kathmandu

• Altitude – 1380 meters
• Special – Scenic view of surrounding
• Time – 7/8 hours
• Activity – Travelling in bus

Cost Details of Samagaun Trek

Include details for Manaslu Samagaun Trek Package:

  • All Accommodation during the trek (best available)
  • Food (Breakfast with tea/coffee/juice, Lunch and Dinner) during the trek
  • Transportation (Local) to get to sotikhola and back - both way. With Shuttle service to Bus Station
  • Cost of all support Staff (local guide & porter) - including their salary, insurance, necessary equipment, transportation expenses, food & accommodation
  • Special Permit for Manaslu conservation area
  • Local Permit & Conservation area entrance fees
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek
  • (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away
  • (3) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • SAFETY – Oxymeter & Thermo meter to check your oxygen saturation, Heart beat and temperature daily; with supplemental medical kit box carried by Guide

Exclude Details for Manaslu Samagaun Trek Package:

  • Tips to guides and porters (Gratitude)
  • Personnel Expenses (Bar, snacks, Deserts etc)
  • Anything not illustrated in Cost includes section.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Manaslu base camp trek to Samagaun
From $ 600.00
per Person for Service Trip
From $ 1,070.00
per Person for All Inclusive Trip
From $ 1,130.00
per Person for All Comfortable Trip (Free Cancellation and Transferable)

Manaslu basecamp samagaun trek Info

  • Bus/Jeep
  • Hotel/Local Tea House
  • Moderate
  • In-Person
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)



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