Short EBC Kalapatthar Trek - 11 Days

Everyone has desire to climb Everest and get to the top of the world but all of us cannot make it because of various reasons. But getting to the base camp of this tallest mountain of the world is not hard as you would imagine.

Complete 8 days of trekking till the base camp of Everest makes Kalapatthar EBC Short trek possible.

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Short EBC trek itinerary for Kalapatthar Everest basecamp is one of the best options for fit people to get to the base camp of tallest peak of the world. Note that, EBC trek in this short option is not 100 percent.

After years of testing 10 days Everest base camp trek for years; now Nepalgram is in a conclusion of 11 days EBC trek as short and best option for trekking.  Spending a day of acclimatization at Dingboche village of 4410 meter above the sea level will help to make this EBC trek itinerary more or less 99%.

Add a day in 10 days rapid Everest base camp trek and trick the AMS. Believe it or not 10 days Everest base camp trek could also be done but surely with bad headache & worst state of mind. This is strictly not recommended. What is the point of being in the beautiful place with injured health?

In general, there are 2 days of rest & acclimatization; one at Namche village (3440 meters) and another at Dingboche (4350 meters). But in this short EBC trek itinerary we will acclimatize in one place, at Dingboche.8 hours of walking in average, slow pace of trek, multiple breaks while trekking, lunch break for an hour during the trekking day makes short EBC trek, possible.

How hard is Short EBC trek?

It would seem crazy to listen that 5 years kids has done EBC by walking themselves and 80 years old people has been to the base camp for Everest in uncountable numbers.

Believe it or not EBC is probably an easiest bucket list item, if you have courage and enthusiastic about the mountain and nature. You need to have a suitable itinerary, indeed.

Who can do Kalapatthar EBC Short trek?

Trekking team at Lobuche village however this is not a Kalapatthar short Ebc trek
EBC trek Team with horse. However this team was assigned for normal Everest basecamp trekking tour. Purpose of this picture is to give you a better understanding on who can do and what can the option if hurdles rises. We used horse as needed and yeah you can use one if needed. Horse can take you all the way to Everest basecamp, literally. If you have will you have a way. Picture of our trekking group – before Pandemic and the group is mix of different nationality & age group.

It is possible to get to Everest base camp in our itinerary for the following people:

  • Who goes to Gym regularly
  • If you feel you can do it and are fit with indoor or outdoor exercise
  • Runners
  • Athletes (professional or semiprofessional)
  • Military folks
  • People who do yoga

There are surely some hard times during short EBC trek. You must be physically, mentally and spiritually strong enough for base camp adventure to Everest. Regular physical exercise in 2 weeks advance is good for your EBC trekking fitness.

If you are regular gymer or do sport often, your fitness would not be a problem. Just lower amount of oxygen and longer hours of walking for multiple days bothers your trekking to EBC. But there are multiple options from horse riding to EBC to helicopter tour of EBC to make your EBC dream to come real.

Will you get private time?

Do not expect yourself to be in peace and alone in the trekking to the Himalaya on EBC trek, as it is a famous mountain destination. As it is on the bucket list of millions of people all around the world, this trail will certainly be one of the busiest trekking trails. If you are coming on the high season of trekking in Nepal then do not expect to be alone at all.

If you want to find a place away from the crowd, choose the nature, find a stone to sit on and find the solitude you want. Apart from that you can avoid the heavy traffic to EBC trekking by choosing right time to travel to EBC. Good season for trekking to EBC is in fall and spring. Fall in Nepal starts from late September to late November whereas, spring is the expedition season of Everest and it is on the month of March to May.

If you avoid this best season of trekking to EBC you will avoid the crowd. The weather in the perfect season or high season of trekking to Nepal is perfect but certainly overcrowded.

If you are looking for the alternative way to trek to EBC in the low season, so you can enjoy the nature and the peace of the mountain in Nepal. If so, please find warm gears to wear and do EBC trekking in the season of winter that is December to February. It is cold time of the year in Nepal but the weather for the Mountain View is not bad at all. In replace of the cold you can try cloudy season of trek to EBC.

During June to august the temperature is not bad at all but the views of the mountains are not good as well. But in fact, both these season of trekking to EBC might give you solitude feeling and peace in the Himalaya of Nepal.

Everything cannot be achieved at once so is EBC trek. Saying so I would recommend you to trek to EBC around the end of the peak season or beginning. Nothing is certain in mountains but the chance of getting good weather is still alive in those time frames.

At the end

If you have short time but still want to go to EBC, there are multiple options of EBC trekking. 8 days EBC helicopter return trek or any customized itinerary can make your dream happen. Simply drop you trekking experience and your time frame Nepalgram will design a EBC trip to make it a lifetime experience.

Always by your side for any kind of help and make your dream come true. Feel free to drop your thoughts.
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Short EBC Trek Overview

Trekking to Everest basecamp is best but long holiday for most of the mountain lovers. To mitigate this problem, in order to save time we have shorten the EBC trek, scientifically. Short EBC trek avoids one day rest at Namche but still the trekking route is designed to acclimatize your body.

However, on arrival at 4300 meters above the sea level – one day rest and acclimatization day is unavoidable. With one day break – it helps you to collect more joy on the trip as well.

Unlike to regular Everest basecamp trek – this short EBC itinerary will give you the best insight of the Everest trek along with shortening the number of days in your Nepal holiday. Also the trekking route covers Phortse village and make a kind of circuit trek. Phortse village is village of mountaineers, located in the edge Mt Taboche base.

None of the regular Everest basecamp insights are missed but in contrast – short EBC trek adds experience of trekking into the villages of Khumjung, Phortse, and Upper Pangboche and hence gives insights of sherpa’s of Mount Everest and their culture. Monastery, schools, local village and their daily activities are interesting for any visitors.

Short EBC Trek Highlights

  • Short & scenic flight to Lukla – flying right next to the mountain range & view of Mt Everest herself upon arrival at Lukla airport
  • Visit of beautiful & interesting Sherpa settlements like Namche Bazzar, Khumjung village, Phortse village, Pangboche, DIngboche, Gorakshep, Tenboche etc…
  • Trekking in a short circuit loop from Namche Dingboche to Namche via Tengboche monastery
  • Stunning view of the mountains and walk through the culture and tradition of the Sherpa of Everest
  • Talk & share moments with Sherpa who has been to the summit of Mt Everest in tea houses we stay overnight – Phortse is village of Mountaineers
  • Visit Tengboche monastery, Pangboche monastery and many other local monasteries
  • Yeti scalp at Khumjung monastery and visit Sherpa museum or Sagarmatha national park museum for historical, traditional & cultural insights
  • View of mountain panorama from the top of Kalapatthar – From the top we can see Mt Everest, the entire range, Everest basecamp, Khumbu glacier, Khumbu icefall, Hillary step/south col, Pumori lake, Chumbu glacier and zenith with snow capped mountains

Detailed itinerary for Short EBC Trekking

Day 1
Fly to Lukla & 3 hours Trek to Phakding; Phakding is at 2600meters altitude

• Altitude – 2600 meters
• Special – beautiful landscape and mountain view
• Time – 40 minutes flight and 3 hours hike
• Activity – Flying in plane and 3 hours downhill trek

Flying to Tenjing Hillary airport to Lukla is always dependent on the weather. This airport is famous as world’s dangerous airport. It might be interesting to the reason that it is, due to its beautiful landscape and the serene Mountain View.
Today, we will take early morning flight to Lukla. Flight to Lukla is 22 minutes on the side of beautiful mountains in a small plane. Once you get near to Lukla airport you can see Everest in front of the cockpit. If you have choice, try to be in the left side of the small plane to Lukla.
On arrival at Lukla, we will trek 3 hours, mostly downhill to get to a village on the side of river called Phakding.

Day 2
Trekking to Namche; 7-8 hours, Namche at 3440 meters altitude.

• Altitude – 3440 meters
• Special – Namche Bazzar
• Time – 7/8 hours
• Activity – Trekking and exploring the Namche village

Day 3
Trekking to Phortse village; 3700 meters; 6-7 hours of walking

• Altitude – 3700 meters
• Special – Tengboche monastery and view of tall mountains
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – Trekking uphill for 30 minutes and continue the flat trail

After breakfast at Namche, we will trek uphill for 30 minutes and continue the flat trail toward our lunch place. After having lunch at the river side with nature, we need to trek uphill to get to Tengboche monastery. Tengboche monastery is one of the oldest and biggest monasteries of Everest region.
At Tengboche view of Kangtega and its glacier is really close. Everest and stunning mt Amadablam is near from Tengboche. At this spiritual place of Tengboche monastery, at the evening we will attend evening prayer.

Day 4
Trekking from Phortse village to Dingboche via upper Pangboche; 5-6 hours trek, Dingboche at 4350 meters

• Altitude – 4410 meters
• Special – Magnificent landscapes of Everest
• Time – 5/6 hours
• Activity – Trekking in the trail of imja river

Trekking from Tengboche after sunrise on the top of Everest is a good start. At the beginning the trail descends a little bit and once it reach imja river trekking trail to Pangboche is uphill walk. At Somare we will have our lunch and start hiking on the completely different landscape of EBC trekking trail.
Trail after lunch at Somare might be windy so be prepared with wind stoppers. But make your camera ready for the magnificent landscape of Everest. Here, no tree line starts and we get really close to Mt Amadablam. But sadly, Everest will disappear from our sight.
Dingboche village is another acclimatization place. This village being above 4000 meters is considered a must acclimatize destination of EBC trekking trail.

Day 5
Acclimatization hike at Dingboche, overnight at Dingboche village.

Trekking to EBC is not hard, but underestimating the nature and forgetting how high you are climbing a day, might hurt you and success might turn into failure. So take a break at this point.
For acclimatization, we hike uphill to Nangkarsang peak which is 5081 meters above the sea level. But trekking to 500 meters above the Dingboche will help in acclimatization. Hike up, rest for a while and trek down before it is hard, it will help to acclimatize and be strong for the rest of the trip to EBC.
View from today’s hike is the chola pass trail, chola lake, Mt Makalu (5th highest mountain of the world), mt Amadablam, mt Lobuche and many other peaks and studding valley view.

Day 6
Trek to Lobuche; 5000 meters; 4-6 hours trek

• Altitude – 5000 meters
• Special – view from the top of Thukla Pass and view of lobuche
• Time – 4/6 hours
• Activity – 2 hours uphill and flat trail entire day

Today the hike is flat for the entire day except 2 hour uphill for Thukla pass. On the top of Thukla pass, the view of Pheriche valley and the surrounding mountain is admiring. At the top of Thukla pass there are memorials of 100s of people who died in Everest. You can find the memorials of Scott fitcher, Rob hall, Babu chhiri Sherpa and many other mountaineers.
After getting to the top of this pass, walk to Lobuche is pretty flat. The view on the other side of Lobuche is stunning. Lobuche has world’s highest bakery, visit the small bakery at 5000mteres above the sea level.

Day 7
Trek to EBC and sleep at Gorakshep; 9-10 hours hike; 5364meters

• Altitude – 5364 meters
• Special – Everest base camp
• Time – 9/10 hours hike
• Activity – Trek to Everest Base camp before the sunrise or exactly with sunrise

This a long day in high altitude, so we will walk steady and slow. In the morning, at Lobuche we start our trek to Everest base camp early in the morning. Mostly, before the sunrise or exactly with sunrise; this depends on the weather condition; trekking guides are allowed to decide the best.
Trekking along the no tree line zone above 5000 meters above the sea level is admiring. Everyone will be happy and a slight headache is normal at this altitude. Along the entire route, we will walk by the glacier, on top of boulders of glacier stones and very close to the mountains.
After checking in the hotel at Gorakshep, we will resume our hike t Everest base camp. Gorakshep is a lunch spot and our overnight camp for the day. Trekkers with cough and sufferings will be seen as a normal, along the trail from Gorakshep to Everest base camp.

Day 8
Sunrise hike to Kalapatthar & Trek down to Pangboche village; 8 hours; 5545 meter to 4000 meters

• Altitude – 5545 meters
• Special – View of mountains from Kalapatthar
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Sunrise hike to Kalapatthar and trek back to pangboche village

Trekking to EBC is always the matter of getting to the base camp of highest mountain of the world. So most of the people trekking to EBC skip Kalapatthar, but I do not recommend skipping it. Kalapatthar
From Gorakshep we will leave around 9am in the morning and try to get as lower as we can, but Pheriche is the commonly chosen camp by most of the trekkers. Walk is downhill for most of the time and it gets windy after Thukla pass all the way to Pheriche village, so getting ready with wind stoppers is a good idea for today. As today is the first day of downhill walk, if you have knee problem, use your Knee caps and let your guide know if any assistance needed. Scenery of river valley seen from Thukla pass and view of Pheriche village from the corner of the river valley is magnificent.

Day 9
Trek back to Kyangjuma

• Altitude – 3550 meters
• Special – view of Ama Dablam
• Activity – Trekking in the balanced uphill and downhill trail

Today the trekking trail is mixed up of balanced uphill and downhill. That is why Kyangjuma is the best place to stop before pushing yourself to Lukla on your last day.
Pangboche to Kyangjuma is a short day hike, but this is the best place to farewell Everest Himalaya range. We suggest you to be in this place for the last night at the front of Everest range. This destination will also help you to stable your energy after walking days.
Kyangjuma has stunning View of Amadablam and is a best place to rest your legs.

Day 10
Trek to Lukla

• Altitude – 2860 meters
• Special – Flash back of first and second day trek
• Activity – Celebration on success

Long walk to conclude our EBC trek, trek to Lukla is another stable last day in the EBC trek itinerary. Along the trail all the flash back of first and second day of Everest base camp trekking will be flooded.
On arrival at Lukla there are series of happiness waiting you. Celebrate your success with your EBC trek support team. This might be the last night with your supporters – trekking guide, porters etc…

Day 11
Fly to out of Lukla

• Altitude – 1350 meters
• Special – scenic view from the plane
• Time – 40 minutes
• Activity – Flying in Plane

In the morning, take a short flight from Lukla to Kathmandu. Flight is arranged by Nepalgram, our ground support team will assist you to get in & out of the airport.
Enjoy the view from the window of small plane. The rip with Nepalgram ends here. Towards the end of trip if you are looking for any kind of trip extensions program, we have plenty. Feel free to ask any help or package trips.

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Cost Details of Short EBC Trek

Short EBC Trek cost Includes

  • Air fare from Kathmandu to Lukla - both way flight cost; with airport shuttle
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the trekking – any food from Menu
  • All accommodation hotel/tea house/local lodge
  • All kind of entrance fees while visiting attractions which costs money – during short ebc trek
  • All necessary paper works, local entry permit & Sagarmatha national park entrance fee.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder trekking guide including all his expenses; food, drinks, accommodation, transport, insurance & salary
  • Helpful porter with proper equipment and all his expenses & accommodation
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat and thermo meter to keep track of your body temperature; with medical kit box carried by Guide (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Card fee for online parable amount

Short EBC Trek Cost Exclude:

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport – Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $50 USD dollar.
  • Your Travel and medical insurance for emergency, we assist you for the arrangement, if needed
  • International airfare.
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks. (except tea in the morning)
  • Gratitude/Tips
  • Anything not stated in Inclusion

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Short EBC Kalapatthar Trek
From $ 905.00
per Person for Service Trip
From $ 1,190.00
per Person for All Inclusive Trip
From $ 1,430.00
per Person for All Comfortable Trip (Free Cancellation and Transferable)

Short EBC Trek Info

  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • Plane/Car
  • Small<8
  • 5545 meters/18132 feet
  • Hotel/Tea House
  • Moderate
  • In Person
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner



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