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Happy daniel on his Langtang trek as Tsergu ri

Langtang trek -a background in this blog

We are now at the lama hotel at the altitude of 2500m, and here sitting in front of the fire, you can say this as the dinning heater by burning wood in the Himalaya like this Langtang trek. This is a story about a family from Langtang region.

I am here in the mission to complete either Tsergu Ri of Kyanjing Ri of Langtang trek which is strenuous thing for this easy trekking. Easy not in the sense like you don’t need to walk uphill but, in the sense, like you need shorter stamina for this trekking.

Nepal is not just a small granary of the Himalaya in this geologically varied topographic region of this big world. Whereas Langtang trek is a best place to experience Nepal, with trekking tour.

Picture – Kyanjing Village at 3900m / 12715ft, picture taken after 2015 earthquake in Langtang, although the story is of before earthquake disaster.

Once you can do this Langtang trekking then you are declared fit for the Everest base camp trek < Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit, Kanchenjunga trekking, Makalu trekking, Everest three high passes trekking and any of the adventure activities related to trekking in Nepal.

About local tea house owner from my Langtang trek

I am here talking with a family of lama hotel at lama hotel village. This is the first day of the Langtang valley trekking and many of the Langtang trek routes.

And these conversations are about fun as looking at the level of the tension, in the mind is nearly equal to zero. Even now, writing this story I can imagine that Langtang trek is more fun in many ways. You can just write a story and can do nothing more than making more to think too deep of your heart and realize the beauty of Langtang trek.

One of the great things I can surely say is that I never get fed up with coming to Langtang trek. Langtang trek is a place to re-energize you physically and mentally with the natural beauty in total degree of the pleasure of Langtang trek.

Talking about the love story of the man and women owing the hotel, talking about the progress of the family, their son and daughter in abroad and many interesting things will surely make a buzz of happy moments during Langtang trek.

Most of the facts we heard are out of my thoughts and out of the imagination. Lovely and happy faces, inside a close dinning, were warm environment of cold Langtang trek. These happy people were cheering traveller of Langtang trek in a fancy way.

Happy faces in the sense that, they need to be happy mandatorily even though losing their son in the 2015 earthquake in Langtang.

I know them from long ago. May be because I am the regular traveller of Langtang trek route as a trekking guide and I might be more because of multiple back and forth in these places.

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Eventually, passion converted to profession and here i am on behalf of Nepalgram - a Trekking agency in Nepal.

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