Thorong la pass, a highest point of annapurna circuit trekking in Nepal

Thorong La pass :- Phedi or High Camp

Annapurna circuit is famous with its highest pass of the region called Thorong La pass.

Thorong La is 5416m in altitude and stands one of the highest easy trekking high pass. Trekking of this high pass (Thorong La Pass) is really famous among solo travelers and nice in scenery wise. As this trekking starts from the altitude of 760meters to the top of Thorong. If you are trekking with guide then he decides where to stay according to

Thorong La pass :- Phedi or High Camp
Picture: Solo trekker to Annapurna Circuit View Before Phedi (base camp of the Thorong la pass)

your fitness level. But if you are trekking solo I have some suggestions here regarding my experience in this and other region of Nepal Himalaya range.

High camp is easy access to the pass so most of the people aim for it but literally it is not what you must do.

Look at your stamina; fitness level and altitude cope up. If everything looks perfect with no confusion then do the High camp for easy access to the top and greater view from here in the sunrise and sunset. But High camp at the altitude of 5800meters is not a joke. If you are starting your day from yak Kharka I would not suggest you to go High camp as it changes lots of height and this might be an issue of your unsuccessful attempt. But if you start from ledthar 4200meters then you can make it to High camp to do Thorong La Pass but make sure you are sound in all ways I mentioned above. Apart from that you can do High camp if you are starting from yak kharka with high fitness tune and enough time.

Beyond The Base Camp

After phedi 5545meters way to High camp is not easy as it ascends straight uphill. So make sure your optimism is sound with perfect physique. People having trouble adjusting with altitude at manang are not supposed to be in High camp until you are feeling great before phedi. If you have persistent headaches and dizziness at letdar don’t do high camp. But slight headache at phedi with normal health before can make to High camp. Yeah true it’s easier to do pass from High camp and morning and evening views are nice. But listen to your body and decide looking at your health. There are many cases where one needs to be taken down in the middle of night from High camp. And these are few cases where people sleeping at High camp never wake up or get serious problems on the way to pass.

Guys, health is something you are traveling this far so listen to your body and make a wise and safe turn. So far my experience I have returned back from very near to high camp and stayed at phedi; as this pretty pass is doable from phedi as well. It just adds extra three hours and there are some circumstances for sure.

Thorong La pass :- Phedi or High Camp
Picture: Trekking ends at pokhara and getting back to pokhara those mountains you walked around seems; still this close.

Talking about phedi at the altitude of 5545meters, it is common place for trekkers to spend a night before pass. Here you will get 3 tea houses which are pretty enough accommodation. If you have trouble at manang itself I would suggest you to stop at phedi just to be safe. If one gets trouble during the night at phedi going back to letdhar is not big deal as trail is easy. Also it is lower in altitude so most of you will be fine. But still is you have bad headache and is persistent one better get back in daylight. If not wait till it get worse like blue marks on face, fingers.

Wait & see ?

Don’t wait till these symptoms if you are solo. Trekking back in the dark for 2 hours is not easy and is dangerous as this place is known to see leopard. Getting lost would not be problem but longer way and cold for solo trekkers would be serious result. But if you are with guide phedi to letdhar is doable during the nights as well. You can wait and see as everyone want to make the pass coming these part of world with lots of expectations and thoughts.


You guide must and will help you. Phedi has no phone signal but some tea houses or you guide might contact your insurance company if you need to be rescued at worse. There is no option doing the pass below phedi so don’t dare that. If you are staying at phedi better to stay at yak kharka as the camp will be perfect and will help optimum acclimatize. As phedi is just below High camp it is in the corner and scenery is nice for sure. You can see the view of mountains like Gangapurna and Annapurna 2,3. As you are staying here just on the side of river called Thorong spectacular view of river valley with those stunning mountains is great.

Thorong La pass :- Phedi or High Camp
Picture: Lama performing dance for the celebration at Local Monastery of Kagbeni.

In short I suggest one to spend night at phedi than at High camp. But if you want to split yak kharka to High camp in two days then spend one night at phedi and next at High camp as it will make you pass great scenery. Never do High camp if you have trouble at manang itself. As manang is determining factor make sure you don’t go to high camp with bad headache and any of the altitude symptoms. Choose phedi as it is the place which is okay to trek back even in the dark but not high camp. Steep descent from High camp to phedi during the night is not joke. But still High camp is fine with Good physique don’t hesitate.

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