Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

Overview of Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

Langtang valley trek itinerary
Pic- Sun setting seen from kyanjing ri, perfect beauty of Nepal Himalaya.

Langtang Valley trek itinerary offers you, to indulge the beauty of the Nepal Himalaya; snow-capped mountains, culture and lifestyle of local people, remote wilderness, vegetation, river valley, waterfalls and many other beautiful scenarios. Langtang valley trek itinerary can also be merged with many trekking areas of the Langtang region. For instance, Langtang gosaikunda trek, Tamang heritage trek and many other treks can be combined with Langtang valley trek.

Langtang valley trekking doesn’t need maximum number of days. It can be completed in 7-12 days. It can be completed in 7 days if you choose pre-made itinerary and organized. In the Langtang Valley trekking itinerary the first and last day of your trek includes off road bus ride in Nepal, in general,10 days Langtang valley trek package has 2 days of travel by bus, 1 day will be sightseeing day, 1 day will be relax day at Kathmandu and the remaining other days you will be trekking.

Complete Description of Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

The langtang valley trek itinerary starts from the day of your arrival in Nepal. When you arrive in Nepal you will be transfer to a hotel and overnight at there. The second day includes the sightseeing of UNESCO world heritage sites inside Kathmandu valley where you will see the ancient building, Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage and overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

Though the langtang valley trek itinerary start to count from the day of arrival, the actual day one of the journy to langtang region starts with the drive from Kathmandu to Syabrunbesi. It takes around 8 hours to reach to Syabrunbesi, from Kathmandu. During the drive you can see the greenery, river valley and snow-capped mountains. The fourth day your trek starts, you will be walking around 6 hours and reach to Lama Hotel. The trail is not so hard; plain, sometime uphill and downhill. The next you will be trekking to Langtang village from Lama hotel.

During your stay at Langtang village, you will be exploring the culture, tradition, food and language of local people totally influenced by Tibetian community. The next day you will be trekking towards Kyanjin Gompa from Langtang village. During your trail you will be exploring the landscapes, monastery, MANES and when you reach to Kyanjin Gompa you will be exploring the Kyanjin Village.

The big building at the altitude of 3900m will surely surprise you. The next day will be acclimatization day, you can walk around the kyanjin valley, hike up to kyanging ri peak, Langtang Lirung Base camp, climb tshergu Ri  peak and many other options for hiking around the village of kyanjing.

Picture – Guide leading his way & a happy guest on the way to the top of Kyanjing ri

You will be delight with the panoramic views of snow-capped mountains. Following the same trail, the next day you will be trekking back to lama hotel from Kyanjin Gompa and overnight at the local tea house at Lama Hotel. The next day you will be walking 5 hours to reach to Syabrunbesi from Lama hotel. The next day, you will be taking a drive on tourist bus from Syabrunbesi to Kathmandu. In 10 days Langtang valley trekking itinerary, the next day is your shopping day and relax day at Thamel enjoying the success with the companion.

Trekkers also choose alternative trail during Langtang valley trek. If you choose another trail, you will be taking a drive first from Kathmandu to Dhunche. Then next day you will be trekking from Dhunche to Syabru village. The next day; Syabru village to Lama hotel. The next day; Lama hotel to langtang village. The following day; trek from Langtang to Kyanjing Gompa, and Kyanjin gompa to lama hotel. The last day of the trek is from lama hotel to syabrunbesi and the next day you will drive back from Syabrunbesi to Kathmandu, by tourist bus.

Hike to Kyanging Ri Peak during Day 5 – acclimatization day at kyanjin valley

During the fifth day of Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary, hiking up to the fascinating nearby peak “Kyanjin Ri” will provide trekkers with an additional thrilling experience during the Langtang Valley Trek and. The intriguing journey commences in the scenic village of Kyanjin Gompa which is an important point of rest for acclimatization and exploration before heading up to Kyanjin Ri. The hike itself is short and sweet, usually just a few hours going up and down which is a great day trip during your time at Kyanjin Gompa.

Excited lucy at the top of Kyanjing ri
Pic: Posing for picture at the top of lower Kyanjing ri

Nonetheless, its high elevation of about 15,658 feet (4,773 meters), needed careful acclimatization from the base camp situated approximately 12,467 feet (3,800 meters) above sea level. An aptly marked trail with yaks grazing at the pasture and rocky terrain winds up to gradually expose continually tempting views of the Langtang mountain range.

Finally, at the peak, there is a breathtaking view of the Langtang Lirung, Langtang II, Langshisa Ri, Dorje Lakpa among other features. The views are also quite mesmerizing when changing hues paint a captivating picture during sunrise or sunset, and so trekkers often target such times. Indeed, Kyanjin Ri is a real heaven for the photographers. Then, as you drop down to Kyanjin Gompa … for rest, refueling and regain strides to the continued Langtang valley trek fuelled with the memories of this extraordinary journey. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the quickly changing mountain weather and speak with local guides or teahouse owners while adequately acclimatizing and obtaining trekking permits for a safe and rewarding trip.

Exploring Tsergo Ri: A Stunning Alternative to Kyanjin Ri Hike during the Day 5

The best alternative to Kyanjin Ri would be the awe-inspiring Tsergo Ri hike on your well-deserved acclimatization during this amazing Langtang Valley Trek. Starting from the magical Kyanjin Gompa, this thrilling trek winds its way up to Tsergo Ri’s high point, which lies at nearly 4984 meters (16,348 feet) in altitude.

Langsisha kharka seen from Tsergu ri in our Langtang circuit trekking in nepal
Pic: Langsisha kharka seen from Tsergu ri day 5 of Langtang circuit trek itinerary

Get ready for a fascinating climb, through yak pastures and tough terrains. The higher up you go, the more nature’s grandeur reveals its panorama on the Langtang mountain range with its fantastic surroundings. Look in awe at the spectacular ranges, which includes Langtang Lirung, Langtang II, Langshisa Ri and Dorje Lakpa among others with their colourful touches on the Himalayan canvas.

The ultimate experience for many trekkers is reaching Tsergo Ri at either sunrise or sunset, a choice that magnifies the magic of the adventure. As the mountains undergo an amazing transformation of colors that creates a feel of the heaven; everyone will just be startled. Tsergo Ri is an indelible, heart-rending trip for either a romantic-to-the-bone artist hunting for the artwork of nature or an awakened soul craving to dive into the incogitable landscape of this majestic Langtang region.

However, a word of caution: Before you start this remarkable trek due to the changeable climate, good counsel with an informed local guide or a friendly teahouse owner at Kyanjin Gompa should be sought. Such prudence safeguards your safety and well-being, enabling you to enjoy the riches of this extraordinary adventure fully and keep the vital rhythm of acclimatization.

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What can i Do other than trekking?

Nepal has mountains and very much mixed cultural village. Vising to the nature always can be blended with the culture of Nepal. Terrain of Nepal has also made beautiful trekking like Tamang heritage trekking apart from Langtang valley trek.

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