Annapurna Base Camp Trekking - 14 Days

Trip Facts

  • Bus-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 4120 meter/13514 feet
  • Teahouse/Lodge-Hotel
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May), Spring (September to November)
  • In Person
  • Mountain Trekking
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English-Hindi-Chinese
  • 12
  • 78
Annapurna base camp trekking is the only trekking package that gives you an opportunity to experience jungle trekking and the classic Himalayan mountain scene together.

Imagine walking into a jungle with art, like in Disney world – that is, quite unexpectedly, what you can experience when trekking in the Annapurna Himalaya range! Walking along the trails in the mountains of Himalaya, from stunningly beautiful river valleys to picturesque villages higher up on the mountains, is guaranteed to make your trip unforgettable.

If you have a bit more time and want to explore the culture and tradition of Nepal, this trekking package is recommended. Ghorepani is the village where you can hike up to the hill station called PoonhillFrom there you’ll be able to catch a magnificent panoramic view of the Dhaulagiri Range and the Massive Annapurna Himalaya Range. Also Chhomrong village offers a beautiful view of mountains like Dhaulagiri (8163meters), Annapurna (I, II, III & IV), Hiunchuli, Machhapuchre (also known as Fishtail), Tharpuchuli and many more named and unnamed peaks.

A common comment from many guests is that, at the end all the mountains are pretty similar to each other, but what makes a difference are the villages and the fairy tale forests that you see along the way. Noticeably this trek also includes sightseeing tours of both famous scenic cities of Nepal; Kathmandu and Pokhara. Video Gallery

Trek Difficulty

Among all the base cam trekking, from where you can see the glacier; Annapurna base camp trekking is considered as an easy destination. Trekking to Annapurna is easy because of its lower altitude. Annapurna base camp is just at height of 4120 meter or 13514 feet above the sea level.

Annapurna base camp Trekking trail if wide and regularly maintained. Most of the trails are along the villages, except in the upper part of specially managed locations. Due to recent development with the roadways going to Annapurna base camp, trekking to ABC is even easier with different options in case of emergency.

With all being stated, Annapurna base camp trek is not hard at all, but is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Best time

Flowers seen in route during Monsoon season of Annapurna base camp trekking
Annapurna basecamp looks like a wild garden in the rainy season trek. However trekking in monsoon is not recommended highly; many trekkers do it in the monsoon. The window openings are magnificent to look at those hidden mountains & trail with all these colorful flowers looks unreal.

Like all other trekking destinations of Nepal, Autumn and Spring are the best season to trek to ABC. But for your information, in these months; there will hell amount of people trekking to Annapurna base camp. Autumn = sep to nov & spring = mar to may.

Apart from the best months mentioned, Annapurna base camp trail will be interesting to trek in the winter and rainy season as well. Why monsoon? is because of the varieties of the wild flower along the trekking route makes ABC trail as a wild garden with stunningly beautiful flowers.

In December, trekking is not as easy as in other season but the snow everywhere makes all look awesome. Trekking on top of snow need mini spikes but scenery around will look more than just beautiful.

Why Annapurna basecamp trekking over many options?

Annapurna Base camp trekking
Picture: View of Annapurna Range

Annapurna base camp has been a best choice from many nature lovers from all around the world. Apart from trekking to Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp trekking has been a 2nd most visited base camp in Nepal. The reason to justify, why one should visit Annapurna base camp are as below:

  • Easy trekking trail to low altitude base camp of Nepal with close view of mountain and Annapurna glacier
  • Mixed experience of culture, tradition, city, lakes, glacier, jungle, wildlife, flowers and wild insides of the towering mountains
  • EBC at 5364 meter/17594 feet is not easy to trek up, but ABC at 4120 meter or 13514 feet is a easy go. It is because trekking above 4000 meter is considered hard in Nepal Himalaya, below has always been fine.
  • No flight involved as people are scared of flying in the small plane of Nepal
  • No upfront training needed as trek is in the lower height
  • Very close to the mountains like; Mt Annapurna I & III, Mt fishtail, Mt Annapurna South, Mt Gangapurna, Mt Gandarvachuli, Mt Singachuli, Mt Hiiuchuli and many other peaks.
  • Pokhara is the gateway of this base camp that is why you will have plenty of time to see this famous city of Nepal by Phewa lake.
  • Many options on transportation has made this trekking trail the best choice among tailor made trip lovers.


Annapurna base camp trek is a best base camp trekking in Nepal. Situate in lowest altitude, trekkers can witness the wilderness of jungle, glacier and gets very close to the mountains.

If high altitude is your problem, ABC trekking will surely mitigate to achieve your adventure goal to get to Himalayan base camp.

Attraction of Annapurna Base camp Trekking tour:

  • Annapurna Base camp with view of Glacier, ice fall hanging ice, frequent avalanches
  • Sunrise at Poonhill and at ABC
  • Sunset seen from base camp
  • Jungle walk exploring the varieties of flora and fauna
  • View of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range in a very wide prospect from the summit of poonhill
  • Kathmandu UNESCO world Heritage site seeing with a local guide and lots of stories
  • Pokhara City Tour with Phewa lake excursion; we stay by the lake at pokhara

Detailed itinerary for Annapurna Base camp Trek

Day 1
Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara

• Altitude – 1400 meters
• Special – View of farming land greenery
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Travelling in Bus

Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara takes around 8 hours by road and is the very beginning of your 14 days ABC trekking adventure. View of the farming land, greenery along the side of the highway and the people living around makes your travel interesting. We will travel to Pokhara from Kathmandu by tourist bus; it will have air conditioning system. The bus will usually stop 2 times along the journey; for breakfast & lunch.

Day 2
Pokhara to Hile (1500 meters); 6 hours, approx.

• Altitude – 1500 meters
• Special – Hile village
• Time – 2 hours drive and 4 hours trek
• Activity – Travelling in private vehicle and trekking

Pokhara is a beautiful Lake city of Nepal and the gateway to ABC trekking and many other trekking trails. Today we will drive from Pokhara to Nayapul in the morning; it will take approx. 2 hours by private vehicle. Once getting to Nayapul, we will start our hike for another 4 hours to get to Hile. Hile is a small village with few local guest houses.

Day 3
HIle to Ghorepani (2880meters); 7 hours approx.

• Altitude – 2880 meters
• Special – Ghorepani
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – Hiking through the trail of stone stairs and jungle trekking

After your breakfast in a local lodge, we will head towards a stunning view point Ghorepani. At the beginning the hike until Ulleri Village has stone stairs. Keep calm and walk slowly. Once we get to Ulleri the trail slowly changes from village trek to Jungle trekking. We will be walking 3 hours literally inside the jungle. Ghorepani is one of the nicest view points during the entire ABC trekking as we can see complete range of Annapurna Himalaya and Dhaulagiri Himalaya in single sight.

Day 4
Mroning hike from Ghorepani to poonhill and trek to Tadapani; 8 hours approx.

• Altitude – 2630 meters
• Special – Poonhill sunrise and mountains
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Trekking to poonhill and later to Tadapani

Today is one of the most beautiful hiking days of ABC trekking. At first we will hike up to Poonhill to catch the sunrise. It takes around 1.5 hours to get to the hilltop of Poonhill at an altitude of 3200meters. Stunning view of sunrise just above the mountains is amazing. Sun rises behind the Annapurna Mountain Range. Poonhill is a perfect place to see sunrise in the Nepal Himalaya. Sun and color change on the top of the mountains will look unreal, so make sure you have your camera ready! There is a tea shop at Poonhill, a cup of tea might help you to keep your fingers warm enough to click some great picture of sunrise.
After sunrise hike, we will get back to our guest house for breakfast. After breakfast infront of the beautiful view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range we will head towards Tadapani village. We stay at Tadapani overnight with great view of mountains, mainly Annapurna south and Fishtail.

Day 5
Tadapani to Chhomrong; 6 hours approx.

• Altitude – 2600 meters
• Special – Chhomrong Village
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Trekking through local villages

Trail from Tadapani to Chhomrong goes through local villages. One of the village in today’s hike, Gurjung village, has a school right on the side of ABC trekking trail; if you are thinking of small donation or distribute stationary to kids, ask your trekking guide to manage it. Once we get to Chhomrong the view of mountains comes even closer. Chhomrong is a big village along the ABC trekking trail; Chhomrong has a few bakeries and shops if you are willing to buy something.

Day 6
Chhomrong to Himalaya (3100meters); 7 hours approx

• Altitude – 3100 meters
• Special – Himalaya village
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – Trekking through bamboo forest

Chhomrong to Himalaya village will take approx 7 hours. The trail goes though jungle, mainly bamboo forest. The real jungle trekking starts right after the real village of upper Sinuwa. We will trek on the side of the river and sleep overnight at a local guest house at Himalaya. Himalaya village is on the riverside, inside the jungle.

Day 7
Himalaya to ABC; 7 hours approx

• Altitude – 4130 meters
• Special – View of Snow-capped mountains
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – Trekkking through the junge and no tree zone

After breakfast at Himalaya we will hike towards Annapurna Base camp. We will take the day, easy and slow enough to adjust to the altitude. Trail to Deurali village goes inside the jungle, but once we get to Deurali “NO TREE” zone starts. After crossing the village Deurali trekking gets amazing with view of the mountains. Once we get to Machhapuchre Base Camp we get very close to Mt. Fishtail (6993meter). If you are trekking during the monsoon season, trail from MBC to ABC will look like a garden with all those wild flowers.
We sleep at the ABC, but sleeping at base camp doesn’t mean we sleep at the glacier. There are a few guest houses for the night; they are packed most of the time throughout the year. If you are trekking in the winter do not forget to take warmers, as it might get freezing during the nights and morning. Do not miss the sunrise, star watching, moon set and the big glacier from ABC. ABC trekking is different from other base camp trekking is because you get to sleep in the tea house at the base camp.

Day 8
ABC to Sinuwa; 8 hours approx

• Altitude – 2100 meters
• Special – Sunrise View
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Walking downhill

After sunrise view and warm breakfast we will start heading back to Sinuwa (the last village). Walking downhill is always easy because of the gravity factor and descending in altitude. We will be trekking in the same route all the way back to Sinuwa from ABC.

Day 9
Sinuwa to Jhinu; 5 hours approximately

• Altitude – 1800 meters
• Special – Jhinu Hotspring
• Time – 5 hours
• Activity – Taking bath in Jhinu Hotspring

We follow the same trail till Chhomrong village and take a new trail towards Jhinu village. Jhinu is famous for Jhinu hot springs. Most of the people doing ABC trekking stay one night at this village and spend most of their time in the hot spring. Hot spring of Jhinu cost around $2 to get in. Hot spring is by the side of river. It is fun to soak yourself in super cold water of flowing river and getting back to the hot water of hot spring, feel the tickling sensation on your skin.

Day 10
Jhinu to Pothana: 6 hours Approx

• Altitude – 1890 meters
• Special – Local lifestyle and tradition
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Trekking through many villages

After breakfast at Jhinu village, we will start our trek towards Pothana village. Trekking passes though many villages and we will be able to see local lifestyle, their tradition and some of their culture. Before you descend to Pothana there is a good view point of Pokhara valley. Pothana has a magnificent view of mountains; Mt. Fishtail looks amazing from here.

Day 11
Trek from Pothana to Phedi and drive to Pokhara in private Vehicle.

• Altitude – 1400 meters
• Special – Chilling at Pokhara
• Time – 3 hours hike and 2 hours drive
• Activity – Hike and drive in private vehicle and relax at Pokhara

After Breakfast IN Pothana with close view of the mountains, we start our hike towards Phedi. Our ABC trekking ends here and we meet the road that takes us to the starting point of ABC trekking. Once we get to the road, we take a private vehicle to go to Pokhara. Tonight at Pokhara, enjoy the nightlife of Pokhara, Phewalake, chilling at Lake side, Boating or walking in the street of the Lakeside.

Day 12
Sightseeing of Pokhrara

• Altitude – 1200 meters
• Special – Mountaineering museum, waterfall, cave and Tibetan refugee
• Time – full day
• Activity – Sightseeing major landmarks of Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. Today we will tour around the major landmarks of Pokhara. It includes a cave, waterfall, Mountaineering museum and Tibetan refugee camp. Sightseeing will be in the Private vehicle with a local guide and local information.

Day 13
Drive Pokhara to Kathmandu.

• Altitude – 1400 meters
• Special – Greenery
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Travelling in Bus

After breakfast at the hotel in Pokhara, we will take a bus to get back to Kathmandu. The same road with same kind of bus will take us back to Kathmandu in approx. 8 hours.

Day 14
Guided Sightseeing tour of Kathmandu Cultural Heritage site.

• Altitude – 1400 meters
• Special – Kathmandu City tour
• Time – full day
• Activity – Sightseeing UNESCO world heritage site

Sightseeing tour of Kathmandu includes 4 major UNESCO World Heritage sites. Kathmandu being the capital of Nepal has its unique feature. Among the 9 UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal, Kathmandu has 7 major UNESCO listed monuments. We will do a tour of Kathmandu Durbar square (famous as Living goddess landmark), Swaymabhunath Stupa (famous as Monkey temple), Boudhanath (Buddhist Temple), Pashupatinath (famous as Cremation Place for Hindu).
Our tour guides will take you far and beyond the general tourist activities. We want you to taste local food and feel the local culture and dive into them as deep as possible. We will do a tour of monuments with local insight and take you to the alleys and local restaurants to show the real Nepal. Feel free to ask any questions from our guide and they will be happy to share their knowledge.

Cost Includes of Annapurna Base camp Trek

  • 3 night Standard Hotel in Pokhara (according to the itinerary), B/B (bed and breakfast)
  • All accommodations Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the trek
  • All necessary paper works (ACAP) entry permit & Trekker`s information management system (Tims) and Local fees; iff applicable.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder guide including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking.
  • Transportation from kathmandu - pokhara; both way and trek start - finish point (to and forth)
  • A helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people), if you need.
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit). And regular oxygen saturation check up by oxymeter.
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Card processing fee for online payable amount
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu & Pokhara in an A/C Car.
  • Kathmandu and Pokhara sightseeing entrance fee, if applicable.

Cost Excludes of Annapurna Base camp Trek

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport - Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $40 dollar.
  • Your Travel and medical insurance.
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks, tea or coffee in the morning are included with breakfast.
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (Tipping is expected).

FAQs Annapurna Base Camp Trek

How difficult is Annapurna base camp trek?

Annapurna base camp trek is regarded as the easiest base camp trekking in Nepal. So we can consider Annapurna base camp trek as moderate trek with active hiking involvement.
Regarding the altitude of Annapurna base camp, this is an easy trek. As the highest altitude of Annapurna base camp trekking is 4210 meter or 13809 feet above the sea level. Most of the base camps in Nepal are at least 4500 meter or above 5000 meters in general.
Saying base camp trek, from Annapurna base camp you can get outstanding view of Annapurna glacier, Annapurna I, and III, Infinite range of snowcapped mountains. Thus, with these entire mountains scenery ABC trek is not a hard trek at all.
Trekking is along the Modi river valley, that is why trek itself is not much up and down but a constant slope. Also the success rate of Annapurna base camp is 99%.
10 days of hike from 1100 meters/3608 feet to 4210 meter/138009 feet is not hard at all. In between 10 days of hiking activity, we will ascend to 3210 meter/10529 feet. This climb to poonhill during Annapurna base camp trek helps trekkers to acclimatize properly, before ABC final ascend.

How long does the Annapurna base camp (ABC trekking) trek take?

Annapurna base camp trek is 10 days long trek from Pokhara and 12 days from Kathmandu. From your home to home this is not more than 3 week trekking in Nepal.
Annapurna base camp trek is tentatively 90 kilometer is distance.
In Annapurna trek you have to walk roughly 6 to 10 hours per day. The longest day of Annapurna base camp trek is 3rd day trek up to poonhill and trek all the way to Tadapani after sunrise hike.
There is no difference between trekking from Pokhara or from Kathmandu. If you want to make 10 days of trek from Kathmandu instead of trekking from Kathmandu, you can take domestic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and start or finish ABC trek at Kathmandu airport.
Sometimes you will see short Annapurna base camp trekking in 5 to 8 days. That is because of skipping poonhill from the Annapurna base camp itinerary. Skipping poonhill is not recommended for ABC base camp trek. Poonhill inclusion in Annapurna base camp trek helps trekkers to acclimatize properly and get outstanding view of Mt Dhaulagiri & Annapurna range at once.

Is Annapurna base camp trek safe?

Yes!! Annapurna base camp is not risky trekking, it is safe. I the spring or autumn (in March to May and September to November) Annapurna base camp trek is safe 100%.
In other season like in June/July (monsoon season) trekking to Annapurna base camp might be dangerous with flood. As the trekking trail goes along the river valley, heavy rain might flood the river.
In winter, heavy snowfall closes Annapurna base camp trek time and again. So chance of small avalanches is frequent in Annapurna base camp trek. But trekking with experienced guide can avoid this kind of situation while trekking to Annapurna base camp.

How many miles is Annapurna base camp trek?

Annapurna base camp trek is tentatively 90 kilometer or 55 miles. This distance is trekking distance which starts from Day 01 nayapul to last day from Syauli bazzar to nayapul.
In the given distance of Annapurna base camp trek to be 55 mile, poonhill climb is also included in the itinerary.

Is there snow at Annapurna base camp?

There is no snow or ice on the Annapurna base camp, naturally.
Once in 2 months it snows at the base camp, fair enough to entertain trekkers coming to Annapurna base camp.
And if you want to see snow at Annapurna base camp as a sure shot, trek ABC in the winter. In winter it snows and remains for many days. The chance you are like 99.9% to walk on top of snow in the winter.
It snows more in autumn than in spring, as the best season trek, to see snow and beautiful scenery of Annapurna base camp.

Can you see Everest from Annapurna base camp?

No. You cannot even see a single mountain from Everest Himalaya range in Annapurna base camp trek.
Annapurna base camp trek far away from Everest region. Although you can see Mount Dhaulagiri from Annapurna base camp trek. For your kind information, Mt Dhaulagiri used to be recognized as tallest mountain of word before Everest was scaled the tallest peak in the earth.
If you want to see Everest even though you are in trekking of Annapurna base camp, there are few options to see Everest. In you Annapurna base camp trek, if you sign up for any of the following tour or you will be able to Mount Everest in your Nepal trip to Annapurna base camp.
• Sign up for Everest mountain flight
• Take Everest base camp helicopter day tour
• Or Drive to Nagarkot to see sunrise and see Everest in far distance
• If you have 2 extra days after your Annapurna base camp trek, driving towards PATALE will be a great way to see Everest.

How much does it cost to hike the Annapurna Base camp?

Cost to hike to Annapurna base camp range from 500 to 2000 USD per person.
If you are hiking in the service trek, which means just hiring a guide and service to make permit and TIMS, the cost is the lowest. If you are doing Annapurna base camp helicopter trek, in that case the cost for Annapurna base camp will be highest as USD 2500 per person. Annapurna base camp trek with helicopter return is regarded as a luxury trek in Nepal.
However, the cost for Annapurna base camp is never fixed and as the trip is customizable, price is flexible.

Is the Annapurna Base camp trek dangerous?

No, Annapurna base camp trek is not dangerous at all. If you are trekking with a trekking guide, Annapurna base camp is safe all around the year.
But if you want to trek to Annapurna base camp independently, ion that case avoid monsoon and winter trek to Annapurna base camp to be safe. In the monsoon Annapurna base camp trail might get hit by flood and landslides. In winter the trekking trail of ABC will be too cold. Few tea houses will be open and there might be chance of avalanches as well. Also the trekking route to Annapurna base camp might change according to the season.
In general, if you are a pro trekkers and adventurer, Annapurna base camp trek is easy and okay throughout the year.

Why is Mount Annapurna so dangerous to climb?

Mount Annapurna is 8091 meter or 26538 feet above the sea level. Approximately 3200 feet lower than tallest peak of the earth mount Everest. But still Mount Annapurna is harder than Mount Everest for the following few reasons:
• Mt Annapurna has no fixed ropes towards its summit
• Peak has many route and most of the route to climb to summit are lengthy, that is why climbers face many problems before they get closer to the summit of Mt Annapurna
• Mt Annapurna is in the middle of Mt Nirekha and Mt sighachuli and other mountains that is why Annapurna cannot be climbed all itself only.
• Annapurna summit could climbed all alone but it is a steep climb towards the certain death of avalanches and icefalls, which is impossible in that moving glacier of Annapurna base camp and the hanging ice on route of Mount Annapurna face, alone.

How cold is Annapurna base camp village?

Annapurna base camp is not bad with its temperature. However, winter is freezing. Temperature of Annapurna base camp changes according to the season of trekking in Nepal as listed below:
• Winter (Nov –to feb) = max 15deg Celsius to Min (-15) degree Celsius
• Monsoon (June to August)= max 20deg Celsius to Min 5 degree Celsius
• Autumn (September to November) = max 20deg Celsius to Min 4 degree Celsius
• Spring (march – may) = max 20deg Celsius to Min 5 degree Celsius

All the illustrated temperature for Annapurna base camp is supposed to be illustrated minimum temperature: in the morning or during the nights. Sunny day are supposed to have warmer temperature which will range to maximum as illustrated.
Annapurna base camp village is with basic tea houses and the basic tea houses has no indoor heating system. Thus ABC village is cold.
However, the temperature of Annapurna base camp is weather dependent. Nepal has 4 main seasons as autumn, spring, winter and monsoon. Winter is the coldest.

How do I train for Annapurna base camp trekking tour?

Annapurna base camp trek is not a high altitude trek like Everest base camp trek or Annapurna circuit trek. Thus, first time trekker can easily accomplish abc trek in Nepal. Following regular activities 10 days prior to your Annapurna base camp trek will help you to accomplish your Annapurna base camp trekking tour with easy breath:
• Run/walk for at least a hour regularly
• Cycling or gym are good for your preparation
• Outdoor active sports will surely help
• Yoga, or any kind of physical fitness will help you to keep fit for Annapurna base camp trek
• Walking up and down stairs will helps to make your leg used to in the uphill and downhill of Annapurna base camp trek

Has Annapurna 3 been climbed?

Annapurna 3 is famous as unclimbed mountain in Annapurna region.
It is because it is never climbed successfully from its south face and Annapurna has no any subsidiary mountain towards its summit. However from north face It was first ascended 6 May 1961 by an Indian expedition led by Capt. Mohan Singh Koholi Whereas south face was attempted by David lama unsuccessfully.

Which is harder Everest base camp or Annapurna base camp trek?

Annapurna base camp trek is way easier than Annapurna base camp trek. Annapurna base cam trek at 4210 meter versus Everest base camp trek at 5364 meters above the sea level clearly defines level of difficulty.
In Nepali trekking trail height above 4200 meter is regarded as no tree line zone. And in case of Annapurna base amp trek this no tree line zone is less than a half day trek. Whereas, for Everest base camp trek, no tree line zone trekking is for 6 days including rest at Dingboche.
With above statement, Annapurna base camp is easier, way easier than Everest base camp trekking. The altitude sickness and amount of oxygen in the air of Everest base camp trek suffers trekkers more than in Annapurna base camp trek.

Which is better Annapurna or Everest?

Both are beautiful trek in Nepal. If you want to see both the lower villages of Nepal and higher mountains life in Nepal, then Annapurna base camp trek might be better than Everest base camp trek. But still, EBC is EBC.
Annapurna is a complete trek which takes you from lower villagers trail to the higher mountain surroundings, wild into the no tree line zone & very close to the mountain and glacier. ABC trek is probably best trekking over EBC trek, if you are looking for one time Nepal visit.
Whereas, EBC trek starts from 2800 meter, which is already half of Annapurna base camp height; saying that, EBC trek exposes trekkers into the mountain wilderness. People from higher Himalaya and the settlement from higher Himalaya; mostly Sherpa are seen in EBC trek; saying that, EBC trek might be too high to know lower Nepal.

Which base camp trek in Nepal is tougher, ABC or EBC trek?

Everest base camp is tougher than Annapurna base camp trek.
Following points will explain why EBC is tougher than ABC:
1. Trekking in EBC is in between 2800 meter to 5545 meters above the sea level whereas, ABC trek is in between 1100 meters to 4100 meters
2. EBC trek has 6 days in no tree line zone whereas ABC trek has 2 days above 4000 meters (above 4000 meters starts no tree line).
3. Annapurna base camp is around 80 kilometer is distance whereas Everest base camp is around 100 kilometer in distance.
4. Annapurna base camp has no high passes whereas Everest base camp trek has Thukla pass at 4800 meters above the sea level.

Is Annapurna near Everest?

No. Annapurna and Everest are far from each other. Annapurna is in western Nepal whereas Everest is in Eastern region of Nepal.
You can neither see Mt Annapurna from Everest base camp trek nor see Mount Everest from Annapurna base camp trek.

Can you see Everest from Poon Hill?

No!! From Poonhill you cannot see Mount Everest.
But in the history, Mt Dhaulagiri I was believed to be the highest mountain of the world, before George Everest scaled Everest.
From the top of Poonhill you can see almost 270 degree view of Mountain panorama. More than 100 mountains can be seen from Poonhill. The mountains you see from Poonhill are from Annapurna range and entire Dhaulagiri range of Nepal Himalaya.
Mount Annapurna south is the closest mountain seen from Poonhill and Mt Dhaulagiri is the tallest mountain.

How far is Annapurna base camp from Pokhara?

Annapurna base camp is 90 kilometers away from Pokhara. However the aerial distance to ABC from Pokhara is 30 Kilometer.
Annapurna base camp is near to Pokhara than to Kathmandu. There are 2 options for traveling to Annapurna base camp from Pokhara. One is a short route via Jhinu hot spring and another is long route via Poonhill.
Longer route is nicer and helps people to acclimatize in high altitude with Poonhill hike. Whereas from shorter route trekkers will get to Ghandruk by jeep or bus and trekking in 4 days takes in front of Annapurna base camp.

How do I get from Kathmandu to Annapurna base camp?

By helicopter you can get to Annapurna base camp from Kathmandu in one day. Whereas in a trekking trip, Annapurna base camp from Kathmandu can be done in 12 days travel duration, including poonhill.
To get to Annapurna base camp you must trek from certain point, however, you need to travel to Pokhara and then travel to trek start point by vehicle.
First there are two options to travel to Pokhara as by air in aero plane or by bus or car in the highway of Kathmandu to Pokhara by road.
Second, you have to travel to trekking start point. Trek start point for Annapurna base camp can be either Nayapul or Phedi or Ghandruk village. If you travel Pokhara on air, traveling to trekking start point can be done in the same day on arrival at Pokhara. But if you travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara by road, you must have to stop over at Pokhara before departing towards trek start point. To stay at Pokhara lakeside of Pokhara is first choice for travelers, so far.
Third step is to start trekking towards Annapurna base camp. Trekking route to Annapurna base camp has different options; you can see these different points in detail in our Annapurna base camp trekking package. One is short Annapurna bas camp trekking package and another in Annapurna base camp trekking 14 days package.

How do I get from Annapurna base camp to Pokhara?

There are 3 options to get to Pokhara from Annapurna base camp.
1. By helicopter – this travel option is expensive but is a luxury way of traveling from annapurna base camp to Pokhara on air.
2. By horse – This option is not much recommended but if you have any kind of leg injury that you cannot trek back to Pokhara this is the best option. After riding horse for a day, you can take jeep from any of the nearest jeep station and travel to Pokhara.
3. By trekking – This is the common method of travelling back to Pokhara on your foot.

How far is Pokhara from Kathmandu?

Pokhara is 8 hours away in bus journey. It takes 22 minutes to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara. But if you travel to Pokhara by private car, it takes around 6 hours to get to Pokhara from Kathmandu.
Aerial distance between Kathmandu to Pokhara is around 80 kilometer and actual distance by road is 200 kilometer.
The calculated flying distance from Kathmandu to Pokhara is equal to 91 miles which is equal to 147 km. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Kathmandu and Pokhara is 200 km. If you ride your car with an average speed of 110 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 01 hours 50 minutes.

What should I bring to Annapurna base camp trek?

For your Annapurna base camp trek, general trekking outfit is enough. There are tea houses on the route to Annapurna base camp for accommodations and food. Trekking guide will show you the route to get to the Annapurna base camp. That is why your clothing and normal bag pack is fine enough.
To know about what to pack for your Annapurna base camp trek, please follow this link with all the details of Nepal trekking equipment pack list.

Is Annapurna base camp as wild as Everest base camp trek?

Annapurna base camp is more than 1000 meters lower than Everest base camp, in comparison to altitude. Distance wise Annapurna base camp trekking trail is 40 kilometers less than total Everest base camp trekking trail distance.
So Everest base camp is wilder, not the Annapurna base camp.
Trekking in Annapurna base camp has mixed experience of jungle, river valley and trekking along the fresh water Modi River. Once you get to Machhapuchhre base camp you will get right at the base of mount fishtail and very close to Annapurna south and Mt Annapurna III. From this prospective Annapurna base camp might look wilder than Everest base camp.
But looking at the level of difficultly, altitude, length of walk/trek/hike, closeness to the towering mountain and height of Mt Annapurna vs. Mt Everest; EBC trek is wilder than ABC trek.

Does Annapurna base camp helicopter trek worth?

Annapurna base camp helicopter is a day trip and in comparison to 10 days of walking along the river valley; this short trip to Annapurna base camp surely worth. Firstly it saves your time and secondly, you will get to see the base camp of Annapurna and Annapurna base camp from the air.
With the value of money and beauty, Annapurna base camp helicopter tour surely worth.
Unlike to Everest base camp helicopter tour there is not any star hotel to have a delicious food at the base camp. But Annapurna base camp helicopter tour will definitely makes your trip worthy.

What is the height of Machhapchhre base camp, en route to Annapurna base camp trek?

Machhapuchhre base camp, also called MBC is at 4100 meters/13448 feet above the sea level. At this point of Annapurna base camp trek we will get to no tree line zone and very close to the mountains.
Many people go all the way to Annapurna base camp village to stay overnight but few of the trekkers trekking to Annapurna base camp stays at machhapuchhre base camp hike to ABC in the early morning.
MBC or Machhapuchhre base camp is surely a best place e route of Annapurna base camp trekking.

Can I find ABC trek map on Google?

Yes!! But the map of Annapurna base camp trekking trail you find on Google might not have 1090 percent data on it. Nepalgram is trying to update the Google map of Annapurna base camp trekking trail.
Annapurna base camp trekking trail map can be bought in local shops of Kathmandu, mostly at thamel area. The printed map will have details of each element en route to Annapurna base camp trekking trail.
If you want to trek to Annapurna base camp independently, you must have one of the printed maps.

How to get Annapurna base camp trek weather forecast?

Annapurna base camp weather forecast can be taken from 2 different ways:
1. You can Google the weather forecast of Annapurna basecamp and see the result. Weather is not accurate and not precise all the time.
2. You can go to Mountain weather forecast by Nepal government in

Note that, weather in the mountain changes so quick. That is why it is better to rely on your own prediction rather than forecast. However, forest helps to predict by self.

What is the altitude profile of Annapurna base amp trekking?

Annapurna base camp altitude starts from 1100 meters at Nayapul and goes all the way to 3210 meters atop of ponhill. After Ponhill altitude of ABC trekking trail drops to 2000 meters at Chaile.
After dropping altitude to 2k meter above the sea level. Annapurna base camp trekking trail altitude starts rising slowly, along the river Valley of Modi River on right side of Trekking trail.
At ABC the altitude rise to 4120 meters, this is the highest point where a trekker gets in trekking to Annapurna base camp trek.

Is there risk of avalanche in Annapurna base camp trek?

Except in the winter, the chance of avalanches in route of Annapurna base camp trek is very low. However there are frequent news of mudslide and small avalanches in Annapurna base camp in the month of October as well.
Risk of avalanches in Annapurna base cap trek is negligible.
The news you see about avalanches are not common, but one must be prepared with the situation. So trekking with a local trekking guide is recommended in the hidden case of Mountaineering in Nepal.

What is the highest elevation you can go in trekking of Annapurna base camp?

4120 meter or 13414 feet is the maximum height of trekking in Annapurna base camp trek. This height is the height of Annapurna base camp village itself.
If you want to trek higher than this height of Annapurna base camp, you can hike to a glacial lake on the lap of Mt hiuchuli. But there is no any specific route to trek to the steep uphill towards this lake and is not recommended. Trekking so, will take you to 4200 meters above the sea level.

What is reasonable trek cost for Annapurna base camp?

Annapurna base camp trek cost is approximately 700 to 1900 USD per person. 700USD is the service trekking cost for one person. And 1900 USD is Annapurna base camp trek with helicopter return itinerary.
However there is not any standard rate for Annapurna base campo trek package. The cost always depends on the level of service and the number of day’s you trek to Annapurna base camp.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking
From $ 1,290
per Person for Service Trip
From $ 1,840
per Person for All Inclusive Trip
From $ 1,910
per Person for All Comfortable Trip (Free Cancellation and Transferable)

Trip Info of Annapurna Base camp Trek

  • Bus-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 4120 meter/13514 feet
  • Teahouse/Lodge-Hotel
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May), Spring (September to November)
  • In Person
  • Mountain Trekking
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English-Hindi-Chinese
  • 12
  • 78



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