Manaslu Basecamp Trek Temperature info

Manaslu Basecamp Trek

Manaslu Basecamp Trek is very popular trekking and moat recognized in the Manaslu region. It is Located on the border between Nepal and China. It was officially opened as an adventure walking trip for tourists in 1992. The Manaslu Base Camp lies at 4665 meters while the 1st Camp is at 5500 meters. Then 2nd and 3rd camp is at altitudes of 6300 m and 6700 m respectively while 4th Camp lies at 7300 meters.

During all four seasons, but the best time to trek the Manaslu base camp is during Spring (March, April, May) and Fall (September, October, November).

The spring season are on March, April and May. Colorful blooms of the local flowers like rhododendron in the lower regions of the trek during this season. This season is also the safest of all seasons for a trekking expedition. This season has the lowest risks for the Manaslu base camp trek of avalanches, landslides, and other climatic hazards.

Temperature of manaslu Basecamp trek

During September, it is good time to get the best views of the lush green forests and farms. You can also enjoy the full and glorious rivers, streams and waterfalls after the heavy monsoon. The average temperatures are a cool 7 degrees Celsius. In the lower regions, it is warmer at 21 Celsius degrees.

In October It has the perfect weather conditions and temperatures for treks. Nature is at its best during October. You can enjoy your treks in moderate temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius. It is not as hot nor as cold for day walks. At higher altitudes, you will experience a slight chill with temperatures dropping to -2 degrees Celsius.

The average temperature drops to 13 degrees Celsius in the lower regions. At higher regions like Samagaun and Samdo, the average temperatures are lower at -3 to -6 degrees Celsius.

January is the coldest month of the year in Nepal. The temperature is freezing, but the skies are mostly clear. The trails are mostly covered with snow, and you may need crampons to cross the pass during January.

Manaslu Basecamp Trek
Manaslu Basecamp Trek starts and ends from Sotikhola Bazar to Budhi Gandaki

During this time, the trekkers may need to face many challenges such as winter storms, heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, etc. The temperature can go down to -16 Degrees Celsius in the higher regions.

Although cold and chilly, you can still enjoy the trek with an enticing mountain view under clear skies. You can also witness frozen waterfalls, streams, lakes, and rivers. With very few trekkers this month, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the trails and the region.

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Manaslu base camp trek start from Soti khola

Manaslu Base Camp trekking, can be started from two three places, but simply the Manaslu trekking starts and ends from Sotikhola Bazar to Budhi Gandaki, passing through huge extremely steep valleys to the contrasting world of Sama, up to the Manaslu Base Camp 4800m.

The Trek starting point of the trek is Soti Khola while Besi Sahar is the ending point.

Manaslu Basecamp Trek
Manaslu trek

Manaslu base camp trek is a stunning 13-day journey (18 days including days in Kathmandu) which treks around the world’s eighth highest mountain, beginning in the busy market town of Soti Khola, going up and back along a different path, ending in Syange. The Manaslu can be tackled in 13 to 17 days. The total distance of the Manaslu Circuit is 177 kilometers (110 miles).

Difficulty of Manaslu circuit trekking varies with season and itinerary. Being a trip of a Moderate to Strenuous level, the Manaslu Circuit Trek requires careful planning before beginning to travel. You can improve your physical fitness by regularly practicing yoga, jogging in the morning, hiking with a light pack every weekend, climbing satires frequently, dancing, and performing cardiac exercises, among other activities. You must be mentally ready. The short Manaslu Circuit Trekking should be finished in 11 days.

In Manaslu base camp trek , solo trekking is banned by the Government of Nepal in this region. So, an individual trekker is not allowed in manaslu region.

To explore the unexplored territory of Manaslu region you need to hire a licensed, professional guide or porter guide. Also, you need to travel with a minimum of two fellow trekkers excluding the guide. Because of the safety reasons, you are not allowed to trek solo in this region.

The Cost of manaslu trekking trip will be depending on which time of year you travel to Nepal. If you hike in Tourist season, the costs will be fairly high, and you’ll have to prepare based on the weather. The Cost of manaslu trekking circuit trip highly depends on how you travel.

This trekking pass is still a trading route of people in Samagaun and Samdo; muels cross Larkey pass to fetch things to another side of the pass. After crossing larke pass, we will get to the starting point of Annapurna circuit trek.


In Manaslu base camp trek it is necessary to have the permit with you even though you are riding a Helicopter. Travelling to restricted area, licenses are allowed for a minimum of two people. You need three different permits; one is for special permits, (For restricted) Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) are the three essential permits for the Manaslu region trekking.

The journey of Manaslu basecamp Trek starts from Soti Khola at the altitude of 700 meters from sea level. It is a charming village at the bank of Budhi Gandaki River.

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