Comparision of Everest, Annapurna & Manaslu

view of everest basecamp seen in the spring - yellow tents are everest expedition tents

Comparing Everest Annapurna and Manaslu trekking destinations in Nepal

Nepal as the diverse country, in the prospect of the geology and as well the topographical, climatic, vegetation variation; is one of the nice and beautiful excursion destination to make lifelong travel experience. This article is mean to help you choose one of the best trekking among 3 trekking destinationsEverest Annapurna and Manaslu.

Geography of Nepal – country of Mount Everesteverest-9-300x78-1

Most of the trekking destination of Nepal are differently beautiful from each other. As far as I have been working with people from different part of the world, and as they share their experience. They feel some place of Nepal to Turkey some like Switzerland, some like south America or Newzealand.

Main reason behind this is, geographical variation of Nepal. In total area of 147181 km2 area of Nepal, it has diversified geology extended from flat Terai region to towering Himalaya or Everest Annapurna and Manaslu.

Sunrise view at Thorong la pass trekking route
Annapurna trekking is famous as Annapurna circuit trekking – this picture is from Annapurna circuit trekking – near to Thorong la pass. But apart from APC trek, there are more than dozen other trekking in Nepal.

This varying feature of the country Nepal is capable to give different taste in the different part within Nepal. Lower region as flat Terai, middle region as hilly region and high towering mountain region including Everest 8848m has made Nepal not just  more beautiful but also mysterious.

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Picture Everest is the most left tip, popping out behind Mt Lothse

Regarding the cost short Manaslu trek and Everest panorama view  are similar to each other, that means Manaslu is restricted trail and Everest need to be done by the air if you want to do with in two weeks of time. Far from that we can discuss separately as well.

I am in manaslu circuit trek while writing this lines so let’s start with manaslu for the first explanation.

Manasnlu – home for remote trek

Manaslu circuit trek has the initiation point (starting point of trek) with height of 560m and then ascend up to the height of 5106m at Larkey Pass.

Reflection of Larkey peakPicture captured near the Larkey pass

The change in the geography and every environmental variation is interesting every day, in manaslu circuit trek trail.

Trekkers will find each days different in this Manaslu Circuit trekking. Manaslu famous as Numri valley trek, has more of Gurung, Tamang and some Bhramin and chhetri as the cast variation of the people in the region.

With this, we can say the trekking trail is mostly with people from Bainse and Sudra in the lower part of manaslu trail, whereas Tamang and Gurundg reside higher in the mountain region as dominating population.

Natural and geographical aspect of Manaslu

Apart from cultural attraction of Manaslu circuit trek, landscape that you will see from the base camp of Everest and Base camp of Annapurna is available in this region with many of the base camp that you will see from the distance.

Once you start trekking from samdo to Dharmashala this day will be more walking on the glacier than just hiking.

Dharmashala is like Glaciaer destination, where we spend that night right next to larkey glacier. This is one day before the Lakey pass, in general itinerary of manaslu circuit trek. From this place Dharmashala we witness Larkey peak really near to us.

As we move the next day from Dharmashala 4470m towards Larkey pass at height of 5106 meters, its all-day of walking on the Glacier, even after the top of manaslu pass. This hiking trail is beautiful and adventurous trail of Manaslu trekking trail, before we reach to Bhimtang for the night.

picture for everest annapurna and Manaslu trekking comparison blog
Photo – View from Bhimtang – after trekking over Larkey pass in Manaslu circuit trek, house is the best local cottage of the trail

Those stunning village of manaslu which make trekkers happy conserving the blue ships, leopards, jackle despite of primitive daily life style of people in this remote trek of Nepal; you meet local people on the trail of Manaslu makes you smile on the face of the every one you greet along the route.

The major attraction of the people and tradition is reflected in the long mane walls and Gompa you will see in each and every village of the Manaslu trekking region. Centuries of old Gompa and the mane walls on the trail of manaslu region (also called Tsum Numbri region) can never beath the cultural and traditional aspect that you explore on the trail of Annapurna and Everest trekking region of Nepal Himalaya.

One of the amazing thing about Manaslu is that, there are many people whom you meet on the trail and they cannot speak Nepali and don’t understand Nepali language as well. People here speak similar dialects of Tibetan people and samdo village has access to the tibetan boarder off the route from Larkey Bazzar.

We can say this place as one of the isolated part of Nepal, but things are changing coming to till date. Larkey pass above five thousand and scenery of the mountain that you see from the different station, different prospects and numerous mountains. This is one big difference of Manaslu circuit trekking trail with the trail of Annapurna and Everest Himalaya region.

Everest – A common bucket-list item of millions of people around the world

One of the greatly admired place on earth and most famous place of the world, Everest trekking region is UNESCO world heritage site.

Everest basecamp trekking trail is beautiful with unlimited mountains and close sighting on its way to the famous himalayan base camp. But the fact is that, entire Everest region trails are much more spoiled and often overcrowded. Everest trekking trail in the comparative analysis with Manaslu has wide differences.

The trail in Everest region is more like a highway to Himalayan base camp road for the pro trekkers.

People you meet on the trail of Everest trek will be more modernized and very few marginalized and the entire scenario of Everest base camp trekking is much more advance than in Manaslu region; accommodation, service and people.

Culture and tradition of the people is no more primitive for the Nepali trekkers but for the westerners the people you meet there will be different from their home land but for sure westerners will feel the difference even in the comparison between Everest & Manaslu trekking experience. In general, Everest trekking starts from the height of 2800m (at Lukla) – if it is ‘fly in’ trekking itinerary, if it is ‘drive in’ the height is at around 2000m.

But the case of Manaslu trekking itinerary is different, you start trek from the height of 500m and goes to the height of 5170m as larkey pass. Manaslu circuit has enough of acclimatization itinerary and the maximum altitude of Manaslu is also lower than of Everest trek.

Annapurna region – Home for famous ABC or APC trek

lower part of annapurna basecamp makes annapurna a best among everest annapurna and manaslu
There are many waterfalls in route of Annapurna trekking, picture is Syange waterfall.

Talking about Annapurna conservation area, it is different from Everest region and manaslu.

You can see some similarities in the people you meet in the Annapurna trail and those from manaslu region but if you go to the depth of the people’s history and their activity it’s different, again.

People you see in the manaslu trekking region are more primitive and culturally beautiful and traditionally decorated than people from Annapurna. Manne wall and Gompa you see in manaslu are much older than you imagine and you will not see these things in Annapurna base camp trekking.

However the APC (Annapurna circuit trek) of Annapurna region has enough of these mountain monastery, monks, buddhist prayer flag, glacier, glacial lake and most of those you see either in Manaslu or Everest. But Ironically, Annapurna circuit has road all the way to 2 days before the high pass, Thorong la pass, in one side and right after the pass on other side.

In case of Annapurna base camp, which do not have road. Annapurna base camp trek is few village and clean people and more jungle. Beautiful Mountain View from Base camp which already starts from MBC is stunning for sure. I can say this trail is not primitively decorated by nature but bit modern than manaslu trekking. The trail of Annapurna base camp has many features as; a jungle trail, close to the mountain and takes you really near to the deep glacier of Annapurna range but ABC base camp trek is not one of the remote and beautiful like Manaslu and not high altitude trekking as Everest region trek.

There are many things that I have seen as the difference between Everest and manaslu more and Manaslu and Annapurna, but this is the time that I need to give to the guest. Thus, let’s close the page here and will see other difference in upcoming articles.

Trekkers on route of APC
Annapurna region is famous for diverse adventure trails & climbing peaks. Among all oldest & famous one is Thorong la pass trekking.

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tea houses in the moutnains
Picture – Accommodation in Annapurna region

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