Solo Kanchenjunga Trek

trekking in remote destination with very few accommodation is not good for solo kanchenjunga trek

Informative tips for solo kanchenjunga trek in Nepal

In comparison to group trek, solo kanchenjunga trek or any of trekking activities is expensive than group trek in Nepal. Solo trek to Kanchenjunga is also definitely expensive as compared to a group trek. It doesn’t mean the fee for the permit, accommodation, insurance, food, guide, and porter is higher for Solo trek. The fee is fixed for permit, accommodation, food, and insurance. But, the fee for guide and porter becomes higher as you have to pay the fee all by yourself.

Solo kanchenjunga trek can give you a private experience. You along with your guide and porter will make a team to trek on your pace.

Pic: Solo trekker in the trail of Kanchenjunga 

When you are trekking with the group you can share the fee of guide and porter which will cost less. For instance, the fee of Guide for the trek to Kanchenjunga is USD 35- 40 per day. The porter cost is around USD 32-35 per day. In this case, you have to pay the cost of around USD 67-75 per day. Finally, It will become a higher cost to you, as a solo trekker. But, when you are trekking with the group you can share the cost. If you are trekking two in a group, the cost for the guide and porter becomes less. In this case, the cost will be around USD 33-57 per day.

    Cost is in one part but a solo trek to Kanchenjunga will make you happy and satisfactory for sure. When there is satisfaction, everyone can feel enjoyable to spend the money in the right place. The adventure trail with the majestic views of Rhododendron forest, wide mountain ranges, and beautiful natural resources will melt your heart for sure. Solo trek to Kanchenjunga will also offer you the rare wilderness, culture, tradition, and lifestyle of local people who are living in the Kanchenjunga region.

    Who prefers Solo Kanchenjunga trek?

    Solo kanchenjunga trek is mostly preferable by the people who didn’t want to hangout much to other people and in Nepal solo trek can be the best trekking package for the people who are much interested in Solo trek and seeking of adventure. Because Kanchenjunga is famous as a less-crowded trekking region of Nepal and adventure trekking trail of Nepal.

    Are you looking for a solo trek or a group trek? Consult with Nepalgram Adventure if you have any questions or concerns about Kanchenjunga Trek Package. We will reply to you within 24 hours of getting your email.

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    1. Josh

      Hello I am interested in Kachenjunga base camp trek this March, I am a solo traveller, I want to know prices for solo trek and is it possible to join another groups trek to save money, thanks.

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        Hello Josh,

        Please check you Email.

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