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Picture Trekker on her move to EVEREST BASE CAMP; Mt amadablam on the background

About Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp is at 5364meters or 17594 feet above the sea level. Trekking to the base camp of the tallest mountain in earth is famous along with 3 major names as Mount Chhomolongma, Mount Everest and Mount Sagarmatha.

Sagarmatha is the first and Nepali name of Mount Everest. Meaning of sagarmatha is head of the ocean; sagar = ocean and Matha=head.

Chhomolongma is Tibetan name given for this tallest mountain of the world. Meaning of Chhomolong,a is mother goddess of Earth.

Everest is given name of Everest by surveyor. George Everest was head of survey department in east india company (back then when, India used to be colonized by British) and he named the tallest mountain of earth with his last name Everest.

Take a step into the land of adventure: Nepal. You will fall in love with its mountains and peaceful nature. Visit Nepal to soak yourself in the scenery and experience the electrifying beauty of the mountains.

Nature lovers from all around the world, dreams of immersing themselves in the beauty of magnificent whit mountain landscape in Nepal. Visiting the real Sherpa and their antique settlement is an interesting part of the trip to Everest Base Camp.

Everest base camp Trek Information for Nepal Visit Year 2024

Where is Everest base camp?

Everest is in the boarder of Nepal and china. So the base camp of Everest is on the either side of the mountain. It is obvious that Everest has two major base camps because of the political boundary of the world.

However, Everest base camp situated at Nepal is famous as pristine beautiful base camp of the tallest mountain “Everest”. Everest base camp of Nepal is located on the height above 5364 meters above the sea level

Which one is better – Everest base camp of Nepal or Everest base camp of China?

China has road very near to the base camp of Everest. So Chinese Everest base camp is modern whereas Nepali Everest base camp is still a week walk from the last airstrip at lukla. Nepali Everest base camp is still wild, natural and untouched or unspoiled with modernization of 21st century

Precisely, Everest base camp on Nepal side is way nicer than the Chinese Everest base camp. Even though, from Nepali EBC you can just see beautiful top of Everest and from Chinese Everest base camp you can see Everest from top to bottom – to some extent. Still v shaped Everest seen from Nepal side is outstanding.

The beauty of Everest is outstanding from workable peaks of Nepal like Kalapatthar peak (5545 meters above the sea level), Gokyo ri peak, Machermo hill top and Pikey peak.

What height is Everest Base Camp?

Height of Everest base camp is 5364meters in SI unit and 17594 foot in FPS unit. You will be sleeping at 5180 meters/16990foot while doing Everest base camp trek. The last village you sleep in Everest base camp trek is Gorakshep village.

How is Nepali EBC different than Tibet EBC?

Motorable road and natural landscape are completely different aspects of trekking to Everest base camp from two countries.

Nepal – Khumbu glacier, Khumbu ice fall, Hillary step and wanderlust white mountain landscape is a jaw dropping attraction of Everest base camp in Nepal.  But still you need walk through the rough trail into the nature.

China– You can take train or dive by jeep to near the base camp of Everest.

How do I get to Everest base camp?

Everest base camp in Nepal has different options of getting access. However it is way easy for chinease Everest base camp – you can drive and walk a little bit. But for Nepali Everest base camp you need to trek or fly by helicopter. There are Everest base camp landing helicopter tour to Everest base camp which can be done in one day.

Among many options to get to everest base camp. Some option of getting to Everest base camp are listed below:

By trekking:

  • Fly to Lukla and trek for 10-15 days to get to everest base camp and back.
  • Drive to Salleri and trek to everest base camp, this will be 15-20 days of trekking.
  • Fly to Phaplu and trek to everest base camp.
  • Drive to Jiri and trek to everest base camp will take 20-28 days of trekking. This option is famous as a historic trekking done by Eudmund hillary and tenjing norgey sherpa.

By Helicopter:

If you take helicopter to fly to the base camp of everest base camp, it will take 3 hours to fly in and fly out of everet base camp. By helicopter, you can get to everest base camp in 1 day, back and forth.

By trekking up helicopter down:

This is a trending option of trekking to everest base camp, mixed up of luxury trip to everest base camp and trekking to the top of the world. You can do trekking up helicopter down in 8 to 10 days of trekking and flying.

How much does it cost to do Everest Base Camp?

In general trekking to Everest base camp is 10 to 15 days trekking activity, and the cost for Everest base camp trek range from US$1000 to US$ 1700 per person. The price includes your guide, entrance fees, airfare, and accommodation. Food during Everest base camp trek might be included in the price above US$1500.

How long does it take to climb Everest base camp?

Precisely, 120km distance of everest base camp trekking trail takes 12 days for a normal round up trekking trip. But some trekkers make it 16 days trekking to everest base camp. 16 Days is with multiple acclimatization and side exploration. Trekking towards everest base camp is 8 days in general; whereas, just in 4 days you can trek back down to lukla airport. 8 uphill + 4 downhill trekking to everest base camp trek includes 2 days of acclimatization. Acclimatization is at 3400meters and 4400meters altitude.

How cold is it at Everest Base Camp?

5 degree Celsius to -20 degree Celsius in range of temperature of Everest base camp, but the temperature of Everest base camp is different in different seasons. Winter temperature of Everest base camp can go down to -20 degree Celsius; whereas summer temperature of Everest is around 5 degree Celsius. Everest base camp is literally in the middle of the mountain range; so the temperature during the night drops down more than half to the sunny day temperature. Saying that; in Everest base camp, days (sunny) are warmer and nights and morning (before sunrise) are colder.

Has anyone died trekking to Everest Base Camp?

More than 15000 trekkers trek to the base camp of Everest, the number of death is minimal. But it does not mean people do not die at all, people die in the trekking because of negligence; this can be guides, porters or clients. In the year 2019 November – a trekker from Germany died at Lobuche village at 5000 meters and a porter died at Gorakshep village.

What is the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp?

Summer or months before monsoon are considered as the best time of trekking to Everest base camp. The month of March, April and May in the spring season are considered the best month to trek to Everest base camp. Also, the month of September, October and November are considered good season for trekking to Everest base camp. Comparatively, spring is better than autumn; it is because of the temperature. In pre monsoon the temperature of Everest base camp is warmer than in post monsoon and the sky visibility is almost similar. However, luxury trekking to Everest base camp has made this trek possible throughout the year.

Is Everest base camp harder than Kilimanjaro?

Everest base camp has more than 90 percent success rate. The proper trail of Everest base camp trekking route has made itself easier than Mt kilimanjaro. The scenery and ups and downs of Everest base camp trek is very frequent and hence helps to acclimatize more. So comparatively Everest base camp trek is considered easier than climbing kilimanjaro. While trekking with people who have done Mount Kilimanjaro, they say Everest base camp is easier because of its frequent uphill and downhill landscape. They also believe, the scenery of Everest base camp trekking has made this trek easy to forget the pain during the trek.

Do you need a permit to go to Everest Base Camp?

Yes, you need trekking permit for trekking to Everest base camp. You can get the permit for Everest base camp trekking trail either at Nepal tourism board (NTB) at Kathmandu (nearby thamel) or you can buy it on the way. There is a national park permit counter at Monjo village.

A permit counter at Lukla gives you a trekking permit to Everest base camp on arrival, this is a different permit. There are major 2 tickets or permit you need to buy during your Everest base camp trek. One you get at lukla is local permit and another you get at Monjo is national park permit. You must have both of these permits to trek in route of Everest base camp. There are multiple check points for the permit to Everest base camp trek.

Do you need to train for Everest Base Camp?

It is better to prepare for trekking to Everest base camp. As multiday hiking is not easy by character, train yourself to be able to walk in lower oxygen level & in hilly trails. I recommend you to walk in the stairs with mask on. Mask helps you to walk in low oxygen atmosphere whereas stairs walk will help your legs to walk in the uphill and downhill of Everest base camp trekking trail.

Can you see Everest from base camp?

Yes, you can see Everest from the Everest base camp. There are many online articles claiming that you cannot see Everest from the base camp of Everest, which is completely wrong. You do not see the top of Everest but the northern part of Everest can be seen from the Everest base camp. Hillary step and the Everest ridge near to Mt Lotse can be seen from Everest base camp. From half way on the trekking trail from Gorakshep village (the last village in Everest base camp trail) to Everest base camp you can see a perfect v shaped view of Everest.

Is trekking to Everest Base Camp dangerous?

Trekking to Everest base camp is not dangerous at all. The wide trail to Everest base camp is properly marked and signed with informative hording boards. Unless you get bad weather (like foggy day or snow storm) trekking by yourself to Everest base camp is doable. Trekking solo to the base camp of tallest mountain should be fine without guide and with wider research.

Is Everest base camp closed?

No, Everest base camp of Nepali side does not close at all. Chinese base camp close Everest base camp sometimes for different reasons but Nepali Everest base camp never closes and most of the local guest houses in the trial of Everest base camp are open all around the year.

How cold is Everest Base Camp in October?

October is considered as one of the best season to trek to Everest base camp, so the temperature is in between 5 degree Celsius in the night/morning and 14-20 degree Celsius in the sunny day. Temperature of Everest base camp trekking trail decreases on reaching above 4000meters.

How cold is Everest Base Camp in December?

December to February is considered as winter in Nepal, so temperature of Everest base camp in December goes down to -20 degree Celsius. Even during the day, winter temperature of Everest base camp do not rise more than 10degree Celsius.

Is it hard to climb to Everest base camp?

Everest base camp trek is not hard as you imagine. If you do proper training prior to Everest base camp trek then it is easy trekking to high altitude. Everest base camp is at 5364 meters above the sea level. Hence hard part of Everest base camp trek is associated with altitude. If your body reacts better with altitude you will be fine trekking to Everest base camp.

How far is it from base camp to the summit of Everest?

From the summit of Everest its base camp is less than 8km in aerial distance. However, khumbu ice fall is falling right at the bottom of the Everest base camp, so you can say Everest base camp is super close to the summit of Everest.

Can you hike to Everest base camp alone?

Trekking to Everest base camp on your own is not recommended as trekking in high altitude is risky with your health. It is better to go with someone who can take care of you and can lead you in the trail during any snow storm of cloudy day. If you want to do solo trek to Everest base camp, carry all the necessary gears for communication to keep yourself in touch with someone in emergency. For the permit you can buy them on the way.


Everest Base Camp (EVEREST BASE CAMP) is the most visited trekking base camp in the world. Up at 5364 meters above sea level, the landscape is unreal.

Thousands of people on trekking tours visit EVEREST BASE CAMP in a week. It offers 100s of mountains (5 above 8000 meters), two scenic mountain valleys, a national park with various flora and fauna, and a jungle trekking experience.


Picture: Everest Base Camp trail seen from Everest View Hotel. People go to this hotel to acclimatize themselves while taking a break at Namche on day 2 of their Mount Everest expedition.


September to December

Everest base camp is accessible throughout the year. EVEREST BASE CAMP has great temperature and good weather starting from late September to early December. Many people trek to EVEREST BASE CAMP in spring as well, although at this time a little bit of cloud in the sky might disturb the way of the great view while walking towards Everest base camp trekking trail.

October is a festival season for Nepali people. Clear skies and a good temperature make life easier; this is when the majority of people come for Everest base camp trek.

Travel during November or towards the end of April to enjoy the same views & temperature but with fewer trekkers.

nepalgram-comPicture: Everest is mountain in the middle with less snow on its peak.

Nepalgram’s finding with many years of Everest base camp trip

While doing Everest base camp please try not to skip the sunrise or sunset hike to Kalapatthar. Hike uphill to kalapatthar is for a golden light view. The sunset hike to Kalapatthar is great way to see the golden lights and change of solar light on top of the Himalaya.

The highlights of your trip will be the people you meet along the trail; your porters’ and guides’ stories; Namche bazzar; and of course the view from Everest base camp & Kalapatthar.

Even though it is called trekking trip to Everest, you can see hundreds of other mountains in the trip. You will find Mount Amadablam simply stunning.


Picture: Mount Amadablam. Amadablam means ‘mother’s necklace’ in the local language.

Lets Explore the UNESCO world Heritage Sites at Kathmandu

If you have more than 11 days of holiday, you always can extend your trip with UNESCO sightseeing at Kathmandu. Nepal has 7 Heritage sites; various temples representing different religions in Kathmandu valley make an interesting addition to your Nepal trekking tour.

Ask a tour guide for interesting information & related stories about the architectural, cultural and religious history that surrounds you.


Picture: A holy man posing for the picture at Cremation Place in Kathmandu. Cremation Place is a Hindu temple called Pashupatinath and these holy men make their living posing for pictures for tourists for couple of dollars.

Monumental Moments

There are 3 UNESCO listed places that will take your breath away. The famous Monkey Temple (Swayambunath) is a Buddhist temple in Kathmandu with lots of monkeys.

Pashupatinath Temple is the holy cremation place and it’s full of amazing features; you will be impressed to learn about the Hindu ritual for the dead. We advise you to take your time in this temple; it will be interesting to listen your guide’s information.

Changunarayan Temple on one of the hill tops of Kathmandu valley is not interesting unless you have a guide to share its fascinating story. Historical story of Changunarayan temple dates back to 1st century BC.

Bhaktapur is one of the Durbar square in kathmandu. Decorated with antique wood carving and beautiful landscape around the palace, Bhaktapur is famous as living museum of Kathmandu Valley. Newar are the local people of this heritage city. Newari festival and their evening singing & morning spiritual activities will add charisma in your UNESCO heritage tour in these monuments.


Picture: Nyatapol Temple is a famous five story temple on the Bhaktapur sightseeing tour.

Looking Forward

It can be hectic to trek in the middle of October or mid-April, with lots of people doing their own Everest Base Camp trek. However, you can be clever by starting your trek early in the morning and leaving the entire crowd behind.

But make sure the temperature is fine in the morning – your guide will always be there to give you information.

If you need some time for yourself in the tea house, bring some books while trekking, they will keep you occupied in the dining hall. The view of the mountains will always excite you but for some uphill stretches you’ll need to be patient and walk at a slower pace.


Picture: Crowd of trekkers on their way down towards Namche after successful completion of Everest base camp trekking.

Interesting Food of Everest base camp Trekking in Nepal

During the Everest base camp trek you will get used to seeing similar menus with similar foods, try all of them, ask your guide for the details, they do not hesitate to consider it as part of their informative job. Guides might recommend some good dishes in the mountain.

Make sure you taste different types of Dal Bhat, MO: MO both in the mountain and city.

People eat three times a day in Nepal; you need to follow this as your primary routine during the entire trek. Once you get back to Kathmandu or at Namche you can eat from the broader menu of the restaurant; ranging from western food to eastern traditional dishes.

Picture: Colors of Holi festival. Nepal is rich in culture and tradition as in the variation of traditional foods & so are the people with beautiful smiles

Where to Stay?

Tea houses with single or shared rooms are available in the mountains.

In cities like Kathmandu you will have a choice – from dorm rooms at hostels to five star heritage hotels like Dwarika’s. Dwarika’s is a family-owned heritage hotel in Kathmandu near cremation place, and there are lots of other good hotels to choose from in Kathmandu.

Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside in Pokhara are two major tourist hubs in Nepal.

If you like night life, clubbing and meeting new friends, places stated above might be a good choice. There are lots of hotels and home stays near Thamel or lake side Pokhara.

Accomodation during the trekking
Picture: Tea houses in the mountains of Nepal are stone and wood structures in most of the villages.
Picture: Everest base camp seen during climbing season of spring in April. Spring in Nepal is from the end of March to May.

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Eventually, passion converted to profession and here i am on behalf of Nepalgram - a Trekking agency in Nepal.

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