trekking in nepal in rainy season is monsoon treks
Famous Monsoon Treks in Nepal Monsoon season in Nepal is considered as a “do not trek” season. But there are few monsoon treks in Nepal, which are better in monsoon season, in comparison to other trekking seasons. Monsoon in Nepal starts from late May to late August. In this period most part of Nepal observes […]
Impact of COVID on tourism of Nepal After the pandemic of corona broke out inside Nepal, Traveling in a small group has become an essential remedy to take for not or in future. Due to COVID-19 tourism industry of Nepal got hit first and hit hard. In comparison to other sector of Nepal, tourism was […]
Solo Trek to Langtang Valley
Solo trek to the Langtang valley can be the best choice for first time trekkers in Nepal, as modification of trekking itinerary for solo trekkers is overwhelmingly flexible. The trail is not tricky, where you will not find trek difficulty, but still Nepalgram team prepare for your worst scenario and trekking itinerary modification will be […]
langtang valley with birds, seen at mundhum
Overview of Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary Langtang Valley trekking offers you, to indulge the beauty of the Nepal Himalaya; snow-capped mountains, culture and lifestyle of local people, remote wilderness, vegetation, river valley, water-falls and many other beautiful scenarios. Langtang valley trek itinerary can also be merged with many trekking areas of the Langtang region. For […]
Best Season to Trek Langtang Valley
The temperature and weather at Langtang doesn’t remain the same whole year. It differs from season to season. Nepal has four major seasons, which plays vital role in weather forecast Weather forecast of the mountain is never stable, indeed. The individual 4 seasons brings out different temperature and weather at Langtang region. From your better […]
Langtang valley trek difficulty
Is langtang valley trek difficult? No, Langtang valley trekking is famous as a short and easy trekking destination in Nepal. This trekking trail all along the river valley is the best trekking destination in Nepal. Simple trekking trail, not too much of uphill and downhill and a natural jungle walk in Langtang national park bordering […]
Langtang Valley Trekking Cost
Is Langtang valley Trekking cost, cheap? The answer will be both Yes and No. Everything included in the package will decide that langtang valley trekking cost. If your trekking itinerary is of more days and you are choosing luxury package, then the langtang valley Trekking cost will be high, obviously. On the other hand, if […]
A heritage city Bhaktapur is situated 17 km from Kathmandu. It takes 45 minutes by bus to get to Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is also Known as ‘The Living Museum’ as it still retains its medieval fragrance. Insides of Bhaktapur – a Living Museum Bhaktapur Durbar Square – In contrast to 3 famous historic palace in Kathmandu. […]
Hotspring Annapurna Manaslu Circuit Trek 21 Days
Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the moderate level trekking activities in Nepal. The trek distance is 110 miles in the remote area of Nepal. Trek takes your around Manaslu Conservation Area and lands you to a breathtaking view of the eighth highest peak in the world, “Mount Manaslu(8,613 m) “. Unlike Kanchenjunga Trekking, the […]
If you are wishing to try some mind-blowing adventures then visit Nepal. Nepal explores the life beyond the city. With all adventure activities in Nepal, you may feel and judge the world in a different place. Travelers in Nepal can have a memorable experience that enriches the experience with adventures to cherish for a lifetime. […]
Kanchenjunga trekking is considered as one of the best remote treks to do in Nepal. In this article, we are going to describe about the most common Kanchenjunga trek itinerary. People who are seeking adventure can be satisfied by Kanchenjunga trek as landscapes, natural beauty to trekking trail; kanchenjunga it is one of the best […]
Kanchenjunga is Nepal’s second-highest mountain peak after Mount Everest. It is also recognized as the world’s third Mountain Peak with an elevation of 8586m. Trekking to Kanchenjunga base camp includes the cost for the permit. The permit cost of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project is NPR 2000 per person. Kanchenjunga trek cost also includes the […]
base camp of kanchenjunga
While calculating the difficulty of Kanchenjunga trek, it is regarded as one of the hard or difficult treks of Nepal. Most of the trekkers face the difficulty of Acute Mountain Sickness and weather while trekking to Kanchenjunga. Despite being a difficult trek you can follow specific techniques like hydration and acclimatization. These techniques will control […]
Kanchenjunga Trekking 23 Days
In comparison to group trek, Solo trek to Kanchenjunga or any of trekking activities is expensive than group trek in Nepal. Solo trek to Kanchenjunga is also definitely expensive as compared to a group trek. It doesn’t mean the fee for the permit, accommodation, insurance, food, guide, and porter is higher for Solo trek. The […]
Kanchenjunga trekking is doable throughout the year as per the trekker’s choice. Meanwhile, autumn and spring seasons are popular as the most favorable and best time to trek to Kanchenjunga. For the trekkers trekking to Kanchenjunga, we recommend you not to trek in monsoon season. Monsoon season is around late May to mid/late July. In […]
Some important monuments to see in the perimeter of Kathmandu except the famous spots in Kathmandu city tour in your Nepal visit: Asan Asan, conveniently located at the heart of Kathmandu, is more than just a place where locals do their shopping. A few blocks south of Thamel is this maze of little streets with […]
Top 3 Hiking in Kathmandu Recommended for your Nepal Travel
Note:  I believe on a fact that; after reading this article you can do these hiking in kathmandu on your own. But taking a tour guide with you is supporting local economy and getting to know Nepali people, culture and tradition, closely; if you think so; please drop us an inquiry. Kathmandu is capital city […]