Langtang Valley Trekking Cost

beauty of this easy trek seen from kyanjing ri view point is not comparable with Langtang Valley Trekking Cost
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Kyanjing ri view point of Langtang Valley trek

Is Langtang valley Trekking cost, cheap?

The answer will be both Yes and No. Everything included in the package will decide that langtang valley trekking cost. If your trekking itinerary is of more days and you are choosing luxury package, then the langtang valley Trekking cost will be high, obviously. On the other hand, if you’re choosing budget package with the less days then the cost will come low.

What are the factors that are included in Langtang Valley Trekking Cost?

Local Tea House at langtang Sherpa Gaun

1 – Cost of Permit

Permit is the legal procedure which is most important factor included in the Langtang Valley Trek cost. In langtang region, you cannot trek without the trekking permit. So, the permit is the first thing you should have, to start your trek within langtang region. The permit cost for langtang national park is NPR 100 for Nepali, USD 15 for SAARC citizens and USD 30 for foreign nationals.

TIMS permit fee is USD 10; per person cost.

2 –Number of Days

Your trekking number of days will directly affect you cost. If your trekking days are less, the cost will obviously will come low – in comparison of choosing the maximum days.

3 – Accommodation, food and best season for Langtang valley trek

Your accommodation, food and good season for Langtang valley is also the reason to make your trekking cost high and low. You have wide option to choose your accommodation, when you are staying at Kathmandu. But when you are trekking, you have to accept the teahouses with basic facilities.

If you choose simple hotel instead of star hotel in Kathmandu your cost will obvious comes low. The trekking season directly affects food and accommodation. If you are trekking in peak season (March to May & September to November), cost will be high, obviously for food, accommodation and transportation in comparison off season

4 – Guide and Porter

Guide and Porter fee is also included in Langtang Valley Trekking. Trekkers need to hire the Nepal government licensed trekking or tour guide and porter for trekkers to make good co-ordination during the trek. And the cost for guide takes around USD 30-45 per day and the fee for porter takes around USD 20-30 per day.

5 – Transportation

Transportation cost is also included in your cost during the Langtang Valley Trekking. The mode of transportation you are going to use will make difference in Langtang valley trekking cost. Private transportation, hiring a jeep to Syapru makes cost high and the cost goes even higher in the peak season, because of high demand. Whereas, local bus or shared jeep transportation, for Langtang valley trek is in budget figure.

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