Kanchenjunga Trek Difficulty

single tea house near jungle trail on route to Kanchhenjunga trek shows kanchenjunga trek difficulty in accomodation
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Information on Kanchenjunga Trek difficulty

While calculating the Kanchenjunga trek difficulty, it is regarded as one of the hard or difficult treks of Nepal. Most of the trekkers face the difficulty of Acute Mountain Sickness and weather while trekking to Kanchenjunga. Despite being a difficult trek you can follow specific techniques like hydration and acclimatization. These techniques will control your body temperature. If you take proper training and exercise like swimming, cycling, running for 2-3 weeks, it will increase your physical strength. Now the trek will be easier for you. You don’t need to take technical training but basic training is required to trek to Kanchenjunga because Only basic training can help you to face the difficulties which may come during the trek.

kanchenjunga-circuit-trekHow difficult is Kanchenjunga trek ?

Weather mainly affect to rise difficulty while trekking to Kanchenjunga. You should have the proper knowledge of trekking season or best time to trek to Kanchenjunga. In Comparison to Winter and Monsoon season, Autumn and Spring season are the best time to trek Kanchenjunga. In this season the chance of risk and difficulties are less. 

Difficulties of Kanchenjunga trek according to season and months

In the spring and autumn season, the weather becomes clear. This time, you can enjoy the eye-catchy views of majestic and multiple natural resources. But, in Winter and Monsoon season it will be difficult for trekkers to trek. In these seasons the trail will be full of slippery ice which is risky and difficult. And, in Winter & Monsoon season the weather will not be much clear where you can’t see much of the views which will not make you satisfy. Especially in the Monsoon season, the chance of landslide is high which is very much risky.

Trekking around 5143 m (Kanchenjunga Base Camp) is obviously difficult. But, following the specific rules and techniques, the Kanchenjunga trek difficulty seems to be slightly easier. Obeying the suggestion and co-operation with the guide is the best option to make your Kanchenjunga trek easier and successful. Reaching to Kanchenjunga Base Camp will make you feel heart-warming due to the eye-appealing views of wide mountain ranges. In this trek, you can collect lots of memories and life-time experiences definitely.

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