Epic Kirtipur Tour with Traditional Lunch - 1 Day

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Kirtipur-the city of glory is an old indigenous Newari town with the existent culture of the Kathmandu valley. Learn about the ancient Newar Settlement and oversee the kathmandu valley in Kirtipur Tour with traditional lunch.

Walking through the narrow alley would show you the life of the local people who have lived there for ages.

It is relatively less polluted and offers a magnificent view of the downtown and Himalaya if the weather is clear. Then cap off all that sightseeing with a traditional Newari lunch at a local home.

Best time for the tour

In the month of April, the Newari community of Kirtipur celebrates month long festival. They drink, offer free foods and dance in the street with colorful dresses and masks. So, April is the best time for Kirtipur day tour.

Not being very specific, Kirtipur tour with traditional lunch is offered throughout the year and you can go whenever you are in Nepal.

Apart from the month of festival of locals, it is better either in the month of autumn and spring. Both these season are considered as the best season for traveling in Nepal. Because of the top view location of Kirtipur March to May & September to November months are the best months for Kirtipur tour. Entire Kathmandu can be seen from Kirtipur heritage city.

What to Expect

This is a special tour in Kathmandu, by Nepalgram. Our local guide will take you to experience the culture and tradition of the old town at one of the nearby hilltop of Kathmandu valley. Our guide will pick you from your hotel, prior to the tour.

Tour starts in the afternoon. Specialty of this tour is traditional lunch. Lunch will be served in a local house in the typical local style; the house will be accommodated in a local style.

On arrival at the tour spot, you will be taken to the major temples and monument in the town, meanwhile you will pass by the local alley and the architecture of the old bazzar will be observed closed.

After sightseeing of temple and narrow alley of Kirtipur, the tour will conclude with a traditional lunch, guided by our local tourist guide.

If you are in the festival time, we will pre-inform you about the festival time and the tour will be customized or rescheduled on the recent development.

Cost for Kirtipur Tour with Traditional Lunch

Cost of Kirtipur day tour will cover transportation for both pick up and drop to the sightseeing spot. Charge of local guide, traditional food and information of your choice will also be included in quoted price for Kirtipur tour in Kathmandu valley.

Apart from the normal inclusion, if you have any special interest while visiting Kathmandu/Kirtipur; please feel free to let us know. We will customize and the cost for the tour might increase or we will adjust your additional requirement. The adjustment will depend on the recent development and level of your topped –up interest.

Kirtipur Day Tour Itinerary

As a day tour in Kathmandu, Kirtipur tour is a day activity. Thus this tour will last for a day.

Kirtipur day tour starts later in the afternoon, as the old bazzar will be happening in the evening.

Tour in December vs. June

Both December and June are low season for tour in Nepal. Saying that; traveling Nepal in June or December, you will skip the tourist crowd. But December is clod as it is winter season in Nepal, whereas June lies in the monsoon season. Monsoon in Kathmandu observe rainfall in afternoon.

Comparing June and December for tour, December is better. As Kirtipur is a hilltop from where you can see entire Kathmandu valley, monsoon with rain or cloudy sky will not accommodate you at its best. However, despite of colder month, December will still have clear sky.

Kirtipur Day Tour in April vs. October

Both April and October are the best season for traveling to Nepal. April is a peak traveling month of spring and October is another favorite month of autumn season. Spring in Nepal comes with greenery and is famous as flowering season. Whereas, autumn has buds in plant and the weather is neither cold nor hot.

Comparatively April is regarded as the best season if you are interested to festivals from Kirtipur.

If you are more into nature and clear sky, October will work for your interest.

Additional information

Prior to your Kirtipur tour, our local tour guide will pick you from your accommodation. And at the end of the trip s/he will drop you to your preferred location.

Once you book tour with us, we will send you a confirmation message by the same email you use to book the day tour with us.

With regard to the tour activity, you are suggested to support the local economy. If you are interested to donate anything, let our guide know, they are locals and keep knowledge; however you can use the donation box at the temple premises.

Respect the local culture and tradition. If they say, open your shoes to enter the temple – follow this strictly. Doing anything of your choice, it is better to ask your guide for permission, guide will ask permission for you, if allowed.

Private trip vs. Group join Kirtipur Day Tour

As a private tour member, you will have your freedom to go wherever you want to and eat or drink whatever you like to. But if you are in a group join tour of Kirtipur  tour, you must follow our guide. Guide will take a decision in regards to entire group.

Private tour of Kirtipur will help you to explore far and wide. You can go off the beaten trail on your choice. Tour will be as per your demand rather than guides trace.

Whereas group tour has strict rules and regulation that you need to follow to your guide, as a member of group tour member.

So, private tour of Kirtipur heritage city is preferred over group join tour.

Kirtipur Day Tour vs. Kathmandu Day tour

Both tours are a day activity in Kathmandu. In general, these day activities are topped up as a part of your trip extension in Nepal. However these to tour activity have some differences.

Kirtipur is a small town of Newar community on one of the nearby hillside of Kathmandu. Whereas tour of Kathmandu is tour inside the valley, you will not get up the hill.

1. Anthropological aspect

Kirtipur is a small town by the side of Kathmandu. In the history this town used to be ruled by a separate kingdom, relative of Kathmandu. The prime location of this town was a powerful country in the history of Nepal. The story of Kirtipur will be explained well by our local guides.

The temples and monument of this town are dated back to 14th / 16th century. Temple, palace, statue and fortified walls of Kirtipur are historical evidence of small town hall in the history.

Unlike to Kathmandu city tour, Kirtipur tour doesn’t show you different aspect of religion with different architecture of temple. But the perfect location of Kirtipur to watch entire Kathmandu will be an awesome experience, indeed.

2. Natural scenery

Kathmandu tour is more about people, culture, tradition, temple and the architectural scenery. Whereas in Kirtipur day tour you will observe the beauty of Kathmandu valley itself from one of the famous hill top of Kathmandu.

This hill is in such a perfect location to watch the Kathmandu valley, which in the history, one of the famous kings of Nepal, who unified Nepal into a single country, made his warfare plan by sitting on this hill top and captured the valley of Kathmandu, eventually. This is strong proof to elaborate, how the view of Kathmandu from the top is this hill, Kirtipur?

Important monuments

Major Attraction of Kirtipur

  1. Tri Ratna Temple

This is the shikhara style old stoned temple which is worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhists alike. It encompasses Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

  1. Chilancho Vihara

The Chilanchu Vihara is on the southern side of highland. It has a central stupa called Chilancho Stupa and four stupas around. Chilancho Stupa was built in 1515 by Emperor Ashoka.

  1. Dev Pukhu

Pukhu is the Newari word which means the pond. The pond in the ancient times used to be the main water source is fed by underground water. It’s all local accommodation now and it’s great on a summer day to see people sitting at the old Newari style windows looking out.

  1. Bagh Bhairab Temple

Bagh Bhairab Temple is the holy temple for both Hindus and Buddhists. The main idol is of the temple is Bhairab, in the form of a tiger. The temple is covered with swords and shields that belong to the troop of Kirtipur, who was defeat by the artillery of King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

  1. Uma Maheshwar Temple

Uma Maheshwar is one of the famous temples in Kirtipur which offers a great panoramic view of Kathmandu valley and Himalayan range in the north.

Join a half-day Kirtipur trip for exquisite architecture, hilltop temples, a lively atmosphere, splendid city views, and Newari food a plenty.


Kirtipur is a best place to find history of Kathmandu, to see the view of Kathmandu valley and imagine the formation of the country Nepal with the historical story from our guide. The tour has wider prospect of art, architecture, culture and tradition of Nepal in the history & now. Kirtipur not only shows you the heritage city and life of local peoples but also takes you to the best traditional lunch spot of the city.

Are you looking for a different kind of experience in your Kathmandu tour? Kirtipur tour with traditional lunch offers the best city has. Try different food and watch the life of people in vivid.

Note : It is a, one day tour activity, thus our guide will take pick you up from your respective accommodation and take you on  the tour of Kirtipur. S/he will be together in traditional lunch, and drop back you to your accommodation, at the end of the tour.

Insights of Half-Day Kirtipur Trip

  • Escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu
  • Classic Newari heritage site
  • Many beautiful Hindu and Buddhist sites
  • Walk the hoary alleys of Kirtipur learning about its history, culture, and lifestyle
  • Interact with local people of Kirtipur
  • Taste authentic traditional Newari lunch with a localhost


Day 1
Thamel to Kirtipur

• Altitude – 1284/1524 meters
• Special – Kirtipur tour and traditional lunch
• Time – Full day
• Activity – Sightseeing of Kirtipur important monuments and natural scenery

Kirtipur Day Tour Cost Details- General Inclusions

  • Transportation
  • Entry fees
  • Traditional Newari lunch

Kirtipur Day Tour Cost Details- General Exclusions

  • Your Personal Expenses
  • Tip for your guide

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Epic Kirtipur Tour with Traditional Lunch
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Kirtipur Day Tour Info

  • Private Car
  • Small
  • In Person
  • Traditional Lunch
  • English+Any upon request



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