Everest Nepal Luxury Tour

7 Days

Nepal is famous for its Himalayas. Trekking to Everest base camp is a dream of many people but few of them make it happen. But if you wish to get to the base camp of Everest in Everest Nepal Luxury Tour it is not expensive. There are both easy options and cheap ways to travel to Everest base camp.  

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Everest Luxury Trek is an exhilarating trekking trip! Does enjoying the Everest hallmarks 

  We keep your luxury in a comfortable zone, while traveling to Nepal is our Everest Nepal Luxury tour package. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8848 meters. In fact, Everest can be accessible from Nepal as well from China. Chinese Base camp has nearer road access where we have helicopters to get to the base camp of Everest. Everest Base camp on the Nepal side is obviously beautiful.  

How will I get to Everest base camp?

Everest Nepal Luxury tour will take mountain lovers to Everest Base Camp, by the flight from Kathmandu.

From Kathmandu you will fly on a helicopter to Everest Base camp to have your drink at the base camp. The helicopter will land at the Everest base camp and you will have time to take pictures.

After pictures and tea, we will fly back to Lukla. The mixed transportation of helicopter and flight makes our Everest Nepal Luxury tour price unbeatable.

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Everest Nepal luxury tour will give option of seeing wildlife

Nepal Tour Chitwan

Apart from Everest, this Everest Nepal luxury tour will give the option of seeing wildlife at Chitwan national park.

You might say, I can see animals at Zoo. But the feeling of seeing wildlife in a wild forest and seeing them in a cage is different.

Believe it or not, wildlife at Chitwan makes your trip worth billions.

Lakes of Pokhara & Temples of Kathmandu

Lakes in Pokhara and UNESCO world heritage sites while visiting Kathmandu will be the best things to see in your Luxury Nepal tour.

Pokhara has admirable lakes, among all Phewa Lake is beautiful and has a reflection view of Mt Annapurna range. Boating on the lake is fun. From places like Sarangkot, the sunrise looks awesome and unreal.

Everest Nepal Luxury Tour 2 1
Everest Mountains from Tengboche are pretty spectacular!

From the hilltop of Pokhara, like the World peace stupa or Sarangkot, the reflection of the magnificent mountain range on the lake is beautiful.

Phewa lake has a hindu temple in the middle of the lake. In this lake they have evening arati. Arati is a light ceremony offered to the temple of Barahi. This temple is related to goddess Barahi and Barahi is the incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

Your guide for Pokhara tour will explain about its historical story on field briefing.

    Lumbini, Birthplace of Buddha

    Everest Nepal Luxury tour includes lumbini UNESCO world heritage site. Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha, where we will visit monasteries and see the exact birth place of Gautam Buddha.

    Lumbini has a lot of stories. The vibe of the spot is peaceful in itself. Everest, Lumbini, Pokhara, Chitwan are famous places of Nepal.

    Your luxury trip in Nepal is designed to cover the major places to visit in Nepal keeping your luxury. If you do not have a longer vacation, Nepal is a possible option for short holiday travelers. Go through our itinerary for tour in Nepal, and write any questions you may have.

    Our itinerary is just an idea, we will happily customize your trip plan.

    Itinerary for Everest Basecamp Nepal Luxury tour

    • Day 1 – Arrival at Kathmandu
    • Day 2 – Fly to Everest Base Camp by Chopper and Evening arati at Pashupatinath
    • Day 3 – Fly to Lumbini and Lumbini Day tour
    • Day 4 – Drive to Chitwan
    • Day 5 – Fly to Pokhara & Pokhara City Tour
    • Day 6 – Sarangkot sunrise and Fly to Kathmandu & Kathmandu City Tour
    • Day 7 – Departure form Kathmandu

    Download Detail Itinerary of Everest Nepal Luxury Tourpaf itinerary for trevelers to Nepal 300x300 Copy

    Itinerary for Everest Basecamp Nepal Luxury tour

    • Altitude – 1380 meters
    • Time – 30 minutes hotel transfer time
    • Activity – Relax at hotel

    On arrival to Nepal we will transfer to your hotel. There will be our representative with company vehicle at the airport to assist your to go to Hotel. Hotel: Hotel Hyatt or similar

    • Altitude – 5550 meters
    • Special - View of Everest along with surrounding mountains and evening arati at Pashupatinath Temple
    • Time – 2 hours fight
    • Activity – Flying in Helicopter and exploring night life at Pashupatinath

    In the morning our vehicle will drop you to the Kathmandu airport. From Kathmandu Domestic airport to base camp we will take a helicopter. Helicopter will land at the base camp. At the base camp you will have time to take pictures. Our team at the base camp will serve tea or any drinks for your celebration.
    After getting back from the base camp, we will visit a holiest Hindu temple at Kathmandu. We will attend evening aarati ceremony at the temple. Pashupatinath is famous as Cremation place as well. We will fly back to Kathmandu by Helicopter on the same day.
    Hotel: Aloft at thamel or similar.

    • Altitude – 150 meters
    • Special – Scenic view from plane and Lumbini day tour
    • Time – 30 minutes flight and Full day tour
    • Activity – Flying in plane and Sightseeing Lumbini

    After breakfast, we will take you to the airport for the flight from Kathmandu to Lumbini. On arrival at Lumbini, guide will take you to the hotel and take you around the UNESCO heritage site of Lumbini. Lumbini is birthplace of Buddha.
    Mayadevi temple, sacred Garden, numerous monasteries representing Buddhism from around the world, and world peace flame are major attraction of this place. If you want to know more about this place here is more information. Click here for more information about Lumbini.
    Hotel: Hotel White Lotus or Similar

    • Altitude – 415 meters
    • Special –Scenic view during drive and Jungle safari at chitwan
    • Time – 3 hours drive and Full day tour
    • Activity – Travelling in bus and exploring Chiwan ational park

    It takes 3 hours to drive from Lumbini t Chitwan. We will drive to Chitwan after breakfast at the hotel in Lumbini.
    Right after checking in at the hotel in Chitwan we will go for the Jungle safari with a nature guide. Nature guide will be able to explain you about every element of the Chitwan National park.
    Hotel: Green Park Chitwan or similar

    • Altitude – 1400 meters
    • Special – Pokhar city tour
    • Time – 20 minutes flight and Full Day tour
    • Activity – Sightseeing of Pokhara major spots

    After breakfast at the hotel in Chitwan we will fly to Pokhara in the morning. On arrival at Pokhara, our guide will take you to the hotel.
    After checking in we will start our Pokhara city tour from lunch at the lake side Pokhara. The tour will be in a full AC car and this tour will include all the major destination of Pokhara. Entrance fees are included. We will have dinner at the lakeside where the night life at Pokhara can be seen.
    Hotel: Hotel Barahi or similar

    • Altitude – 1600/1380 meters
    • Special – Sunrise view along with mountains, scenic view from plane and Kathmandu city Tour
    • Time – 2 hours drive, 30 minutes flight and full day tour
    • Activity – Travelling in jeep, flying in plane and sightseeing UNESCO world heritage sites at Katmandu

    In the morning we will drive to Sarangkot for sunrise. We will get back to hotel at 7-8 AM for our breakfast at the hotel. Sarangkot is the best view point for sunrise in Pokhara Nepal. After breakfast at Pokhara
    We will take flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu. On arrival at Kathmandu airport, we will visit Major touristic points of Kathmandu. All of the destinations are UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a full day sightseeing.
    Itinerary is open with any sighting points for entire day. You will have option to choose 3 locations out of Living goddess temple & Durbar, Pashupatinath, Boudhnath, Asan Market, Newroad Market, Swyambhunath or Chhawoni National Museum.
    Hotel: Aloft Hotel at Thamel or similar

    • Time – 30 minutes airport transfer time
    • Activity – Flying back to origin

    Our team farewells you and wish all the best for your journey to Home. AC vehicle drops you at the international airport at Kathmandu.
    Book your luxury trip to Nepal with experts. We will make your experience a once in a lifetime memory.


    A tour that covers most of Nepali tourist attraction from the base camp of Everest to the birthplace of Buddha, in 7 days trip – you will cover most of the insights of Nepal; both scenically and geographically – either Mountains to the Terai or landscape to the culture.

    Are you looking for a luxury holiday trip in Nepal? If money is not what bothers but the time is – Nepalgram has this 7 days Everest Nepal Luxury tour in your finest expectation which is avail in Nepal.

    Everest Nepal Tour Highlights:

    • Everest, EBC, Khumbu glacier, Khumbu Icefall, Hillary step & entire Mahalangur Himalaya range
    • Special drink at the Everest Base camp
    • Flight from Kathmandu to Everest base camp
    • Flying above Khumbu glacier on the flight back from Everest Base camp to Kathmandu
    • Holiest Hindu temple of Pashupati & Hindu cremation at the same spot
    • Birthplace of Buddha
    • Wildlife safari at Chitwan national park by Jeep
    • Sarangkot sunrise and view of wide range of mountains
    • Phewa lake and wide range of Mountain reflection on the lake

    Everest Nepal Luxury Tour cost Details - General Inclusions

    • All Hotel accommodation and Transportation by Helicopter, Plane and Car as indicated in the itinerary
    • Government licensed guide with his insurance, food and accommodation throughout the trip
    • Breakfast and Lunch or Dinner
    • Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary
    • Card fee for the online payable amount (during online payment)

    Everest Nepal Luxury Tour cost Details - General Exclusions

    • Alcoholic Beverage
    • Trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurance
    • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport - Kathmandu). You need 30$ dollar visa fee for 15 days, cash money will be easier.
    • Gratuities or tips (except lead guide)

    Everest Nepal Luxury tour - things better to know.

    What exactly is a luxury helicopter tour of Everest Nepal?

    A helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is a luxury vacation package. It is called an Everest Nepal Luxury Tour because the tour includes luxurious lodging.

    In this tour in Nepal – you will be travelling to all the famous & major destination of Nepal. Lumbini, Chitwan, pokhara and everest base camp is visited in this trip.

    The trip includes individualized attention.

    How long does a normal Everest Nepal Helicopter Luxury Tour last?

    The tour’s length can be customized, but this package with Nepalgram Adventure is 7 days or longer. Depending on your interest on this visit to Nepal we can modify itinerary and include other activities that interests you.

    What are the main highlights of a luxury helicopter tour in Everest Nepal?

    The main attractions consist of a helicopter journey over the magnificent Himalayas, a landing at kalapatthar and glare at Mt everest, ebc and fly over Everest Base Camp along khumbu glacier.

    Breakfast at Everest view hotel is not a bad experience. For other destination in 7 days – you will visit Chitwan national park, Pokhara lake city with mountain reflection on its lake water, Lumbini the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

    Is the helicopter flight secure?

    Yes. It is true that skilled pilots only fly helicopters in Nepal, and they conform to strict safety regulations. So far the helicopter is concerned – there are many foreign pilots flying the helicopter in Nepali Himalayas – thus do not worry about flying in helicopters in Nepal.

    After recent accidents are recorded – aviation rules in Nepal has been strict than any time before.

    For the Everest Nepal Luxury Tour, do I require any particular permits?

    No – you do not need permit to fly to Everest base camp. But for visit to Chitwan and some attractions of Pokhara and to enter inside main temple of Lumbini – you need to buy entry permit. But in the tour cost – Nepalgram covers all those permit costs.

    What kind of accommodations can I expect while on the luxury tour?

    Luxury tours include 5 star or boutique lodging options like luxury/boutique hotels, lodges, or lavish resorts that offer a pleasant, luxurious stay with excellent amenities and humble services.

    For the Everest Nepal Luxury Tour, what should I pack?

    Packing as normal as you would travel to the other part of the world will work for Everest luxury tours. You might need one jacket to keep you warm while eating breakfast at Everest view hotel or a good pair of shoes to walk while in Pokhara. Apart from that normal travel gears will be enough to keep you good. However, if you need anything along the tour in Nepal – you can buy either in Pokhara or in Kathmandu,.

    Is being physically fit necessary for the luxury tour?

    No. physical fitness does not matter for this luxury tour.

    Can I take pictures of the helicopter ride?

    Yes, taking pictures during the helicopter flight is permitted, do not be surprised if your caption of helicopter started explaining about the mountains. Helicopter caption can take extra mile to see better view of the mountains upon your request – like when you are flying close to Everest base camp – you can ask hem to take close to mt Everest and he might do that upon request. But all of these is weather dependent.

    During the tour, am I able to communicate with the local Sherpa people?

    Yes. When you have breakfast at Everest view hotel – we can arrange for such meeting if you are really looking forward to. but if you are really looking for exploring Sherpa – i would recommend you to do everest view trek or Namche trek and make good conversation with locals. Everest luxury tour will not give enough time to get all the talks you want to have with them.

    However, if you are okay to talk with them in Nepal – you talk with one of our Sherpa trekking or climbing guide and learn about their culture, traditions, and way of life.

    You can send your enquiry via the form below.

    Everest Nepal Luxury Tour

    Everest Nepal Luxury Tour Info

    • Helicopter-Car
    • 5 Star
    • Kathmandu
    • Kathmandu
    • Jan to may & Aug to Feb
    • In Person
    • Luxury Tour
    • English+Any upon request

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