Is Langtang Valley Trek Difficult?

face of joe in the picture shows Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty, the picture is from the top of kyanjing ri, however.

How is Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty?

Not much, Langtang valley trekking is famous as a short and easy trekking destination in Nepal. Langtang valley trekking trail following along the Langtang river valley is the best trekking destination in Nepal in contrast to difficulty. Simple trekking trail, not too much of uphill and downhill and a natural jungle walk inside Langtang national park which borders with China will be an easy trekking for the beginners. This marks lower grade of langtang valley trek difficulty, already.Although the trekking trail of Langtang valley is by the river, few (we cross the same river langtang twice in lower altitude and once before getting to the final destination – aka – Kyanjing Gompa village) crisscrossing of the river will create some uphill and downhill. As famous as Nepali flat, this trekking is not completely flat walk. Langtang valley trek difficulty can be felt at 1st day when we start the the trekking at Syaprubensi at 700 meters above the sea level, ans we need to go all the way to 2000 meters at lama Hotel. This day is not hard but comparatively harder than other days of langtagn valley trek.

The last village of the trail is Kyanjing Gompa situated at an altitude of 3900 meters above the sea level.

In the 3rd day of Langtang valley trek, trekkers will get to 3900 meter above the sea level. Saying that the Langtang valley trek difficulty is negligible with very few uphills and downhills, but none of them are tough.

All the uphill or downhill beats are level checkers for your trekking stamina; that is it – i admit. That is why; this trekking is recommended for first time trekkers in Nepal.

CHARTS for Elevation in Trek route of Nepal

We recommend this trek for everyone, this shows that you do not need to worry about the Langtang Valley trekking difficulty. Because Langtang valley trekking falls under moderate trek and doesn’t demand the previous trekking experience.

Beginners can also complete the langtang valley trek without facing much difficulty but the trekkers should keep in mind that, the difficulty depends upon the choice of your season & what kind of guiding service you are getting. Our guides at Nepalgram are well aware of customer satisfaction and they will handle the situation, accordingly.

It will be tough for you to trek to Langtang in winter and in rainy season with comparison to autumn and spring.

Gosainkunda trekking can be best connection with Langtang valley trek – in case you have more than 8 days for trek in Langtang

Because in spring and autumn season you can find the moderate temperature and the trail texture is easier smoother, whereas in the rainy and winter season; the rainfall and snowfall make the trail slippery which may be difficult for you, as a beginner trekker. During winter, you may also, not adjust with the temperature. So, planning of the langtang valley trek in favourable season is most important.

Pic – Excursion hike from Kyanjing Village to Tsergu Ri

The trekking trail of Langtang Valley is gradual uphill on ascend and mostly downhill on descend. In some parts of the trail, there are landslide zones or rock fall hazards, which you can find a little bit difficult. But trekking alongside the smoothly flowing river, by the side of mesmerizing waterfalls and the beautiful nature will surely motivate you to walk in a good motivation, good mood.

Don’t wonder with the difficulty, wonder the beauty of the Langtang national park & be calm, you will surely complete Langtang valley successfully. Believe it or not – this is going to happen when you sign up for langtang valley trek for a week trekking adventure holiday in Nepal.

5 days of proper walking in the nature, through the jungle of Langtang national park is not hard at all. Positive mind set and very basic level of fitness is good enough for trekking to Langtang valley.

Nevertheless, training yourself for at least a week prior to your trekking to Nepal, will certainly help you for easy completion of the Langtang valley trek.

As a part of trekking preparation, you can either follow you-tube videos for indoor exercise for about 20 minute a day or go jogging. Running, cycling or gym is more than enough preparation for 8 days Langtang valley trek.

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