In this changed situation after COVID pandemic, Nepali trekking and tour companies are looking forwards to bounce back. As a local trekking agency in Nepal, Nepalgram is really looking forward for the reopening of tourism activities in the country.

Operating trekking, climbing and tour activities in Nepal; we reconsider our own safety & client’s health.

Our staff, guides, leaders, climbers, porters and entire crew are back bone for the company. Safety of you and our team is a big challenge, for sure. So we have special operating protocols to be followed during your Nepal Travels. This SOP is to minimize the hazard of COVID while traveling to Nepal.

Following the safe operating protocols from World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) and World health organization (WHO); we have creates this – special operating protocols (SOP).

As a local trekking agency in Nepal – we are updated about the trekking trails and all tour destinations. But still – we recommend you to check travel advisory of your country – so as to mitigate the issues related with your insurance policy and your local authoritarian rules and regulations.

When it come to our hand – we will make safest possible; till then consider following yourself:-

  1. Use of mask prevents transmission, thus wear masks even if you see no one are wearing at all.
  2. Like your mobile phone – keep hand sanitizer always around you
  3. Check in and out are most crowded places – please keep yourself safe with any measures you can

Immediate FAQ to address your COVID19 Nepal Travels

How will Nepalgram confirms safety during any kind of Nepal travel activities?

As a local trekking tour operator, we have been closely looking at the changing scenario of each and every destination. So while we take your bookings we will inform you about the situation. If travel is not recommended to visit any specific destination prior to your travel dates; we will convey that message for your safety.

Our crew members are obliged to the SOP we have prepared for COVID19 period of Nepal travels. Our safety protocols are as accordance to WHO standards and local rules of Nepal government. Guides will be updating information on field in coordination with Nepalgram office at Thamel; for do and not’s.

What if I get COVID19 infection just before Nepal travel; do I get money back?

If you get infected by COVID19 before departing to Nepal; we recommend you to stay safe at your place. But if you get infected on arrival at Nepal we will help you to manage the situation with your own expenses.

For refund of the trip cost – as practical difficulty, we will not be able to send you money back to your country. But if you are already in Nepal we will refund your 100% money in cash.

You always can postpone your trip for next possible date without extra charges or transfer the deposit for fellow travelers to Nepal – please refer to our refund policy.

Do you require COVID19 test report to accept booking?

No we do not need any test results. But to test you before traveling in poor country like Nepal is recommended.

Can I do COVID19 test in Nepal?

Yes, hospitals in Kathmandu do COVID19 test for USD25 to USD50 for one test. The result of the test comes in 24 hours in most of the cases.

Do I have to stay in quarantine while traveling to Nepal?

Till 2020 September 1st, Nepal government has decided to check travelers COVID19 test certificate and if negative – you don’t have to stay in quarantine. But the updated information decided from Nepal cabinet prior to this rule will be shared to you via email, during communication.

Will my insurance covers COVID19 infection while traveling to Nepal?

Some of the insurance companies are giving separate policy for COVID19 travel insurance. But there is not any 100% guarantee that Nepalgram can take in this case.

But our guides, porters and office staff are insured against COVID19 – if tested positive during or after the trip with you.

What are your main focuses on safety precautions?

Looking at present situation of respective destination our guide will inform you precaution methods on field. But for all destinations we focus your safety in hand hygiene, respiratory distance, sanitation, use of masks and sanitizer, contactless conversation & information exchange with Physical distance maintained.

Our SOP in traveler friendly format – so as to make you understand easily:-

COVID19 test of Traveler

It is recommended to test you before traveling to Nepal. But we do not require your COVID19 test report.

But the policy of Nepal government is being changed time and again – so we do not guarantee about government asking for your report – in order to come to Nepal. If the government asks your COVID19 test report, they will ask on arrival at the airport.

In regard to this changed situation; we will inform you about the updated rules of Nepal government by email.

Safety of our Guides and porter

All our guides and porters will be tested COVID19 negative and no symptoms of corona – prior to taking travelers in trekking, tour or climbing expeditions in Nepal.

In worst – if our crew member gets infection; they are insured for Corona by Company.

Our safety protocols during trekking & Climbing/Expedition activities

Trekking group to any part of Nepal will be small and light enough to change the plan prior to safety. We will skip the crowd and busy restaurants and tea houses in order to keep distance from majority of people.

In order to keep you safe and our crew members healthy; we have certain rules to follow at the tea house, along the trekking trail, in the restaurants and in special conditions. In all of these places – physical distancing and safety measures with use of mask, goggles and gloves will be suggested by our guides.

Trekking Guide of Nepalgram will be handed with SOP to follow in field.

Our safety protocols during City tour activities

Tour in Nepal is in the crowded area; so use of public safety wears is recommended. Our tour guide will not be in physical contact with you; team will avoid the contact and keep distance as far as possible.

Vehicles in human dwelling area will be disinfected by drivers in every in and out from the tour.

We suggest keeping you a distance from public – as responsible travelers in Nepal.

Sanitizer, Masks and sun glasses

We recommend you to use all these safety gears while traveling Nepal in COVID era. These safety tools are helpful for you and save life of Nepali folks who might not be able to afford just to test it to know either infected or not infected with COVID.

However, to use them is not mandatory.

But our tour guide, trekking leaders or climbing guide will let you know – when to use and where not. The information will be guided by SOP we acknowledge to our crew members’.

Unless you choose your hotel yourself – accommodation we choose in all inclusive packages will have sanitizers in the property while staying in city accommodations. But for trekking and climbing accommodation you have to have your own sanitizers, masks and sunglass.

In order to keep things in control – our trekking guides and tour leaders will be provided with supplement on safety gears for COVID19 but Nepalgram will not provide in daily basis.

Sharing Room in Nepal travel where Nepalgram arranges your accommodation

In this present condition of COVID19 we will provide you single supplement room service with no extra charge. But if you are from same family or have been together from, before Nepal arrival; there is no barrier to share rooms as before. In this case you will have to share room as normal time travel pattern.

You will not share room with anyone who is already in contact with you. Those who are already in contact with you will not be far from your group member at the most.

PS – Single supplement for accommodation will not cost you a penny, we care our customers.

Guides & Porters Accommodation

Our guides and porters will be accommodated in physical distance maintained spaces.

But remarkably, guides and any of our crew members will be taught to avoid physical touch with clients.

Restaurants and dining halls while traveling in Nepal

We recommend you to use masks and sanitizers while you are in the common area for many travelers. Our respective tour/trek/climbing guide will remind about the recommendation prior to those places.

Booking trip via any of the platforms like viator

Nepalgram will not be responsible for any kind of refund policy, 3rd party deposit transfer facility and upcoming changes in itinerary.

You must keep in touch with platform where you have booked your trip in any changed situations in future.

Few reasons to book with us in this changed situation

Easy payment

Unlike to many local tour or trekking agencies in Nepal, Nepalgram is has multiple payment options. You can pay us straightly from Nepali Bank online payment method, also can pay by PayPal. Both of these payments involve utmost safety of your payout information.

Flexible refund

We have revised our refund policy in this changed scenario of Nepal travels. We refund 100% of your security deposit if you are in Nepal. But because government policy we will not be able to send money back to you in your county in needed to do so.

But you can postpone the travel dates in any unavoidable circumstances or transfer your deposit to your friend or family.

Least deposit for Nepal trip

Because of the COVID19; Nepalgram has changed trip deposit policy. In this changed situation you can deposit just 10% of the total trip cost to book any holiday trip to Nepal.

Unlike to pre pandemic situation this changed deposit policy will avoid hassle and reduce the financial risk in most cases of uncertainties.

Postponed of trip with no charge

Any of the trip you have booked with Nepalgram will be flexible to postpone any time, to suit your next probable travel dates.

No extra fee will be applicable for postponing the trip.

Transferable booking deposit to third party

If you get infected with COVID19 in prior to your Nepal travels or fall sick with other reasons; now you can give your deposits for some of your near ones to use the credit.

Next person traveling with Nepalgram with your deposit is free to choose their own preferred Nepal holiday trip.

Free information for pre or post Nepal travel

Information never costs money with Nepalgram. We help any travelers coming to Nepal with information they need for Nepal holiday. In this changed situation of Travel industry; updated information for your Nepal holiday will be our prime responsibility.

For updated information on Nepal travels please check the recent update section of this page. The recent updates section is at the bottom of this page, itself.

Wide inclusions vs. little exclusion

As a local agency we have clear information on cost of your Nepal trip. Thus all our Nepal travel packages are cost effective and have more inclusions than exclusions.

We respect your money and give you the best price for competent service.


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