Yala Peak Climbing - 11 Days

Trip Facts

  • Tourist Bus/Jeep - Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 5526 meter / 18125 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge-Tent
  • Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Trekking Peak Climbing
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
Yala peak is in the middle of the Langtang Himalaya range, bordered by the Tibetan mountains. During the Yala Peak Climbing, you will feel you are in a different world, everything is so beautiful. The easy Yala peak is a basic climbing training site for climbing guides and just trekking experience is enough for climbing the peak.

From the summit of Yala you can screen many mountains like Langtang Lirung, Lakpa Dorje, Yubra Peak, Sisa Pangma, Ganja La peak and its pass, and many other named and unnamed peaks. Langtang region is considered to be one of the easiest and most beautiful trekking trails in Nepal Himalaya. In Langtang lies also the famous trekking peak, Yala (5500 m), which is suitable for the first Himalaya peak climbing experience.

Yala peak summit opens a scenic 360 degree view over the Langtang region of Himalaya and the bordering Tibetan mountains.

To reach Yala peak, we trek through many beautiful villages of the Langtang valley. This is also a chance to explore more than the mountains of Himalaya; meeting the local people, and getting to know their culture and tradition will expand your knowledge and understanding of Nepal. People in the villages are of different tribes and speak different languages, yet live as neighbors in harmony.

Your climbing guide will thoroughly explain the use of the climbing gear, and support and assist you during the climb. However, you still need to be mentally dedicated and physically fit, because the summit reaches 5500 m and the peak is icy, although due to the change in climate the thickness of ice is depleting day by day.

Your climbing guide will let you know the names of the mountains and passes. You will be able to enjoy the scenery most, if you have well prepared for the trek.

Best time for Yala peak Climb

October is the best time for Yala peak climbing. As the famous climbing season in Nepal, is during the month of March to May (in the spring season), climbing yala peak in these months is also considered as the best time.

As a trekking peak below 6000 meters, yala peak is not a challenge at all but the scenery and the summit view of the peak is outstanding. Spring and the autumn season of climbing are considered as the best season for climbing Yala peak; because – these month has mild temperature and the visibility is also good.

The blue sky and clear weather will help yala peak climbers to get the best view from the top of Yala peak. As a trekking peak with best view – I recommend you to climb this peak in the time when the weather is perfect and there will be not even a dot of cloud.

However, this peak is easily climbed in the winter and monsoon season as well. In other month than recommended above – climbing to yala might not be with good weather and the view might not be awesome. As the mountain weather is never predictable; so recommended months for yala peak climbing might not favor your summit day with the best weather – but still it is better to reduce the risk by choosing the best season.

If the sky is full of cloud, on arrival at the summit of yala peak, will you be glad? No. so as far as practicable, climb in the autumn and spring season or allocate spare days, when you can see the weather forecast from kyanjing village and that is how you can attempt yala peak summit in the most favorable day.

Yala peak Climb vs. Mera Peak (comparison in between famous trekking peaks of Nepal)

Among few trekking peaks in Nepal, Yala and Mera are considered as the best trekking peak climbing in Nepal. In contrast to their similarity in the technical level and difficulty on climb – yala peak and Mera peak has huge difference in altitude and location.

The summit of Mera stands at 6474 meters above the sea level, whereas Yala peak stands at 5500 meters above the sea level. Almost like 1000 meter altitude difference in between these two famous peaks of Nepal attracts different kinds of climber, with similar intention.

1 – Physical Requirements/ Yala peak Climb Difficulty

Yala peak is not a technical peak. But because of the weather condition and weather development; this trekking peak might be difficult than you really think. If the amount of snow is heavy on the route to yala peak, it will create difficulty in climbing the summit. If your body does not acclimatize properly, this might be an issue on climbing. But do not worry about its technical side. Yala peak is a trekking peak below 6000 meters.

Even one meter is a huge factor in the high altitude. So yala peak climbing below 6000 meters is an easy peak. Prior to your Yala peak climbing trip, train yourself for trekking in Nepal. This training might include your regular gym, running, cycling or walk up & down the stairs. Any of the regular physical fitness activity, including yoga will surely help you to climb this Yala peak.

Unlike to trekking, you need to walk on the ice with long boots and harness on – this might make your climbing different than trekking but it Yala peak is purely a trekking peak.

Imagine like trekking over thorongla pass with full of snow. You can also compare this peak as trekking over the larkey  pass of manaslu, chola pass before getting to Gokyo from EBC trek, renjo las pass after gokyo valley, Kongmala pass or Everest 3 high pass on heavy snow.

Unlike to Mera peak – yala peak is not a long distance walking, as well. And also the summit height of Yala peak below 6000 meters & will ease your climbing with altitude related difficulties, while climbing Yala peak.

2 – Scenery

Top view of Yala peak is extra ordinary. Location of Yala peak is in the middle of Langtang mountain range, which is why yala peak summit has 360 degree panoramic view of snow-capped mountains from Langtang & Tibet. All White Mountains from Nepal and Tibet will surely give a life time climbing experience in a trekking peak in Nepal.

Apart from the summit view of Yala peak, the trekking trail towards the base camp of this easy peak has beautiful trail, through the jungle of Langtang national park. Langtang national park is famous for sighting the snow leopard and red panda. Both of these animals are endangered and Langtang national park conserves them.

In comparison to Mera peak of Makalu barun national park region, yala peak do not have view of the tallest mountain of the world, Mount Everest. From the summit of Mera peak you can see 6 tallest peak of the world – above eight thousand meter from the sea level.

You will not get such view from the summit of yala peak, but the number of mountains, infinite range of Tibetan and Nepali snowline View from the center of Langtang range is outstanding.


Langtang trekking has lots of option for trekking, as well for peak climbing. That is why solo yala peak climbing might have lots of flexibility. In contrast to group join yala peak climbing, solo yala peak climb has options to reschedule your yala peak summit assault or wait and watch the best weather.

But if you are in a group join trip to yala peak, you might need to follow the scheduled itinerary which compels you to climb the peak in a bad weather. However, our experienced team will do their best to avoid this kind of situation.

Also from the personal safety prospective, solo yala peak climbing trip will assure your high care from a private climbing guide or trekking guide, for the entire Yala peak climbing.

Signing up solo trip to Yala peak climbing is for sure an expensive choice, as the cost of climbing guide, group climbing gears, transportation cost and accommodation cost will not be shared. But, looking at the pro side of flexible itinerary and customize-able trekking route, it will surely appeal anyone for solo Yala peak climb.


Yala peak summit stands at an altitude of 5500 meters above the sea level, 18040 in feet. Yala peak is famous as a trekking peak, that is why the altitude of Yala peak is not a challenge but it is the beautiful ascend. In comparison to what we can see from the top of Yala peak, this altitude of yala peak summit is a minor consideration.

Trekking towards the base camp of Yala peak is a gentle walk and does not involve any of the tough trekking activity. The base camp of Yala peak is on the dead end of a narrow valley towards the mountain, from the last village of Kyanjing Gompa. So, the altitude of the Yala peak base camp is 4100 meters above the sea level.

Kyanjing village at 3900 meters, as the last village towards the climbing route of yala peak climbing gives best acclimatization stop, before the climb. Not more than 500 meters altitude changes per day, before the peak climbing.

Also the last village Kyanjing Gompa has 2 different options for acclimatization hike. Either Kyanjing ri at 4700 meters above the sea level or 5000 meter high altitude hike to Tsergu ri will certainly help trekkers to acclimatize, before attempting Yala peak summit.

Climb in December

As an easy peak of Langtang region, Yala peak is highly recommended in the winter as well. But in case of heavy snowfall, which densely covers the Kyajning village itself, might terminate the schedule for Yala peak climbing. Because, the heavy snow fall will make trekking towards the base camp of Yala peak, nearly impossible with the thick chunk of ice in the narrow valley from kyanjing village towards the peak.

In December the amount of snowfall is higher than normal and the trail of Langtang valley trek looks nicer than other season. Thus, 360 degree White Mountain view of Langtang valley turns into outstanding view for your lifetime experience.

Also, the yala peak climb will be an adventure. Peak climbing in Langtang region has versatility in the peak selection, but by selecting Yala peak over Nayakang or Yubra or Ganja la peak; will surely provide an amazing opportunity for December peak climbing in Nepal.

Price of Yala peak Climbing

Yala peak climbing cost starts from 1500 USD. However, the price varies according to the inclusion and exclusion details in the price quoted by the company. But one thing is for sure that, the yala peak climbing price of local trekking company in Nepal is way cheaper than the international companies.

The cost of food, accommodation, climbing equipment, tent, camping, kitchen staff and equipment, trekking expenses, travel expenses and permit – are major details of cost includes in the quoted price of Yala peak climbing cost, in general.

Travel in luxury vehicle, luxury accommodation during the trek or in the climb and any standard modification in the pre-made yala peak climbing package will fluctuate the price of Yala peak climbing. It is better to avoid the cheap price but if you want to make your travel expenses lower as possible, joining a group for yala peak climb will surely decrease the price for yala peak climbing.

Yala peak itinerary

Yala peak climbing is also known by yala peak trek, as this is a famous trekking peak in Langtang. The peak comes after the last village of Langtang valley trek – “kyanjing Village at 3900 meter above the sea level”.

With that being said, yala peak climbing itinerary for the entire trekking trail is same of Langtang valley trek. After traveling to Syapru bensi, we follow the trekking trail toward – lama hotel, Langtang village, Mundhum and Kyanjing village at the end.

After rest and acclimatization hike at kyanjing village, we stay overnight at the base camp of Yala peak base camp, in the tent. Camping at the base of Yala peak in the narrow valley in between kyanjing ri and Tsergu ri will be a life time experience. Yala peak climbing begins after leaving the kyanjing village with our climbing gear and necessary outfit.

Yala peak climbing route is below the chunk of frozen glacier coming down to the narrow valley from the cross section of Yubra peak and Yala peak itself. Towards the summit of Yala peak, we climb along the ridge, with outstanding view of mountains all around our head.

Yala peak In april

April is a peak month of spring season in Nepal. In April Nepal welcomes thousands of climbers to the tallest mountain of the world, Mount Everest. So, April is also a good season for trekking in Nepal and is a best season for this trekking peak ‘climbing’, to yala peak in Langtang.

Spring season is right after the winter and the fresh snow on the top of Yala peak makes the climbing route easier and the surround beauty of the mountain looks brighter than ever.

Yala peak climbing is a best peak to climb in Langtang national park. Along with April; autumn is another perfect season for climbing yala peak. Spring season observes the stunning beauty of the rhododendron along the forest of Langtang valley trekking trail, which is also a reason to recommend April as a best season for Yala peak climbing.

Colorful flowers, green forest on route to the yala peak base and the mild weather on this month surely entertain climbers and attract them to Yala peak climbing. Weather in April is also favorable for the trekking as well as peak climbing in Langtang.


Famous as a trekking peak in Langtang national park, Yala peak is a best destination for the first time climber in the region or in Nepal. Yala peak is below 6000 meters, but still the view is overwhelming. Main highlight of this yala peak climbing is the magnificent view from its top.

Top of yala peak has complete 360 degree White Mountain in sight. Although the peak is not that high, Yala peak is in the perfect location, right in the middle of the entire Langtang mountain range. Also the peaks in Langtang are not very high, as the tallest mountain in the region is Mt Langtang itself, standing at 7205 meters above the sea level.

So, yala peak is the best suitable peak for anyone looking forward to climb in Nepal, for the very first time. Infinite mountain range, glacier of Langtang, valley of Langshisha kharka, blue skyline and the jungle trekking trail is the natural prospect of yala peak climbing.

Looking Forward

As yala peak climbing lies in the middle of Langtang national park, which is red panda conservation area and used to be the 1st snow leopard conservation area in Nepal has abundant natural aspects to see.

Last but not the least, Langtang national park is famous for bird watching. Local people speaking in Tibetan dialects, their culture, tradition, different festivals, local monasteries and small house along the trail of yala peak trekking route is anthropological aspect of this peak climbing package. Also the travel experience from Kathmandu to the trekking start point at SyapruBnesi is interesting ride with vivid exploration of Nepali life and Nepali people.

Towards the end of the hill ride, the travel experience is mixed up with culture, people, nature and the mountain of Langtang region, indeed. Are you ready for your Yala peak adventure? Please contact us for further details!


Yala peak is the easiest peak in Nepal. Located in Langtang national park – yala peak is a famous trekking peak with best view of Langtang Himalaya range from Nepal and infinite range of Tibetan Himalaya.

Are you looking to climb peaks in Nepal for the first time? Yala peak can be an ideal choice.

Major things of Yala peak Climb

  • Outstanding view from the summit of Yala peak with far and wide range of Mountains from Nepal and Tibet.
  • Travel from Kathmandu to SyapruBenis through many villages and beautiful river valley and the huge mountain views, on route.
  • Jungle trekking inside the Langtang national park
  • Sighting of wild animals, beautiful flowers and wild fruits like sea-buck throne
  • No tree line zone and Yak grazing field, Yak sheds and bay yaks in spring
  • Rhododendron forest with verities of colorful flower en route, if you travel in April
  • Spiral river valley, looking back from the top of Langtang village is outstandingly close loop of nature
  • Towering mountains and close view of Langtang Lirung Glacier
  • Walk to Kyanjing ri or Tsergu ri for acclimatization & visit to local cheese factory and local monastery at Kyanjing village

Yala peak Climb Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, transfer to your hotel.

Day 2
Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (4 to 8 Hours) (1350 to 1450m)

Day 3
Trek from Syabrubesi to Lama hotel - 1450m to 2500m - 8 hours

Day 4
Lama hotel 2500m to Thangshyap village – (3200m) - 6 hours

Day 5
Trek from Thangshyap to Kyanjing village - 3200 to 3800m - 5 hours

Day 6
From Kyanjing village to Yala peak base camp

Day 7
From Base camp to Summit (5732m) and back to Kyangjing Gompa (3900m)

Day 8
Kyangjing Gompa - Lama hotel (2480m)

Day 9
Lama Hotel - Syabrubesi (1450m)

Day 10
Drive from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu by jeep. Overnight at your hotel in Kathmandu

Day 11
Our office representative will drop you off to the International airport for your further flight.

Price Details for Yala peak Climb - General Inclusions

  • Airport pickup and drop off by private car or microbus depending on your group size.
  • Two nights in a standard Hotel at Kathmandu.
  • English speaking trekking guide and porter with all their food, accommodation, salary and insurance.
  • Climbing guide and kitchen staff and their insurance while you are climbing
  • Breakfast with tea, Lunch and Dinner and accommodation during the trek and while climbing, fresh fruit will be served after dinner.
  • All necessary paperwork and permits, and national park entrance fees.
  • Group Climbing gears, camping equipment a necessary group safety outfits.
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek
  • (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away
  • (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide
  • (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Card fee for the online payable amount (during online payment)

Price Details for Yala peak Climb - General Exclusions

  • • Your personal warm clothes for trekking/climbing.
  • • International air fare and Nepal visa fee.
  • • Medical insurance.
  • • Helicopter evacuation if needed under any emergency case; covered by your travel insurance.
  • • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the trip, Except tea with breakfast
  • • Meals while you are in Kathmandu.
  • • Tips for trip staff (tipping is expected).

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Yala Peak Climbing
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Yala peak Climbing Trip Info

  • Tourist Bus/Jeep - Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 5526 meter / 18125 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge-Tent
  • Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Trekking Peak Climbing
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner



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