Everest Basecamp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek - 15 Days

Trip Facts

  • Plane-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 5545 meter/18188 feet
  • Lodge
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • High pass Trek
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English-Chinese-Hindi
  • 15
  • 70
Everest basecamp Gokyo trek is a perfect hidden lake trek in Nepal.Name of Everest is Sagarmatha (in Nepali language) or Chhomolungma (in Tibetan Language) or Everest (for sure in English). Everest is one of the most visited trekking destinations in Nepal and Everest basecamp Gokyo trekking is the famous and adventurous trekking in the Everest region for your adventure trip to Nepal.

Visiting the Everest basecamp & Gokyo makes Everest base camp Gokyo trekking a perfect destination to know the culture and tradition in Sherpa hubs like Namche, Thame, Khumjung, Phortse and Dhole.

All of these sherpa villages are on the way to Everest basecamp Gokyo trekking trail, which will bring a smile and amazement on your face from the simplicity of their happy life.

Really close and stunning views of mountains like mt Everest, mt Lhotse, mt Nuptse, mt Ama Dablam, mt Thamserku and far away mt Makalu defines Everest basecamp Gokyo trekking a perfect way of spending your adventure holidays. Video Gallery

Best time for Everest BaseCamp Gokyo Trek

Best time for Gokyo lakes and Everest base camp trek is autumn. Months from September to November are autumn season in Nepal. View at the base camp, Gokyo ri, lakes, kalaptthar is nicer with cloud less blue sky. Everest basecamp chola pas Gokyo ri trek is done through our the year, however.

Winter trekking to EBC chola pass Gokyo is not recommended. Chola pass at 5420 meter might get closed during the month of December or late January. If you con not make over the pass of Chola, major highlight of Gokyo lakes will not be achieved in your Everest base camp with Gokyo lakes trek.

Apart from autumn another big season for chola pass trek is spring. Month from early march to late May is regarded as the spring season for trekking in EBC Gokyo via chola pass.

Trekking in the peak season might be annoying with the huge crowd of people trekking in the Everest base camp part. So if you want to skip the crowd of the trekker, it is recommended to sign up trek in the winter or monsoon. Smart idea might be, to trek towards the end of autumn or spring trekking season in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek vs. Everest Base Camp

Both trekking package takes trekkers to the famous Everest base camp. The first 8 days of trekking follows the same itinerary and route of trekking, unless nothing customized in the existing trekking package.

Comparing these 2 trekking, Everest base camp trek – and Everest back trek with cho la pass Gokyo valley trek; the second trekking package beats EBC trek alone. As Gokyo lakes are one of the famous places to see in Everest region. In spite of Cho la pass being harder to trek over, Gokyo trekking is preferred by many trekkers over Everest base camp kalapatthar trekking.

  1. Physical Requirements / Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek Difficulty

Everest base camp Gokyo ri trek has extra challenge on top of Everest base camp kalaptthar trekking. To trek over the one of the 3 high pass trek of Everest, is involved in EBC chola pass Gokyo lake treks.

Trekking over 5420 meter high pass is not long walk but the straight downhill trek from the top of chola pass towads Gokyo side. Thus ebc Gokyo lake trek is physically demanding trek. Trekking in Everest Nepal is famous because both Everest base camp and the Gokyo lakes. Thus, both of EBC trek and EBC chola pass Gokyo lakes trek are overwhelmingly beautiful trekking destinations for mountain lovers.

EBC trek with Gokyo Lake over chola pass is trekked from the both side. When attempted from the Gokyo lake side, this trekking is not just hard but might be dangerous with rock fall.

In other hand trekking EBC first and do chola pass, to get to the Gokyo lakes is famous and strongly recommended. Doing this will do two major things; firstly doing Everest base camp and climbing the summit of kalaptthar will complete you 50 percent goal, in the worst case. Secondly spending 2 nights above the height of 5000 meters above the sea level will help you to acclimatize properly,  to trek over the chola pass, stress-less, in general.

  1. Scenery

EBC and gokyo lakes trek is one of the best trekking experience in Nepal. Everest base camp is one of the amazing tourist attractions around the world, whereas Gokyo lakes are admired by people who have been to Everest base camp or kalapatthar.

Everest base camp & Gokyo are distinctly 2 gems of Everest.

The view of Mount everest from gokyo ri is, one of the best view of Everest. Which Everest view point comes after Kalaptthar? It is Gokyo ri, nearly at the height of Everest base camp itself.

The view of Everest from Gokyo  ri is said as the best view because, from the top of Gokyo peak, you will be able to see almost half of the Mount Everest.

Apart from the view of Everest gokyo ri & lake from its summit is unbeatable. Everest base camp trekking with Gokyo pass is one of the best adventure activities you can sign up in Everest region of Nepal. These 2 ideal destinations of Everest are compatible and admiring destination for mountain lovers.

Everest view, Gokyo lakes and the valley of Gokyo with access to Cho yu base camp has made Everest basecamp Gokyo trek as the best trek in the region.

Solo Trek

Solo ebc gokyo ri trek has both pro and cons. If you love your private time, trekking solo might be a best idea, whereas if you love making strange friends while travelling; you better go with our group join trips to Everest base camp chola pass Gokyo trek.

As a solo trekker,there will be feasibility of easy customization of day to day itinerary. You can skip some boring destination and stay longer in in some awesome spots, as per you and your trekking guide’s knowledge. Also, solo trekkers will have private guide to take care the entire trip scheduling and delivering information, en route.

Single supplement of guide, porter, accommodation is going to cost you more. As one person will be paying for private trip, no splitting of cost in between.

Despite of costly trip, solo trekking trip will be a best choice for a lifelong experience in Everest base camp chola pass Gokyo valley trek.

Everest Base Camp Gokyo Trek altitude

Maximum altitude of Everest basecamp gokyo trek is the top of Kalapatthar at 5545 meters above the sea level. This black stone hill top is not just a highest point on EBC Gokyo trek, but also a perfect view point to see Everest base camp, Khumbu glacier, Khumbu ice fall, Mount Everest, Hillary step, Gorakshpe village, Chmbu glacier, Mt pumori (very close in entire EBC trek), South col of Everest and infinite mountain range of Khumbu & Makalu & Numbur Himlaya range.

HINT – Ebc chola pass gokyo trek starts at 2800 meters altitude of Lukla and it descends to 2600 meter before it starts rising all the way to 5545 meters atop of, stunning kalaptthar view point. Climbing kalapatthar is getting above the altitude of Chola pass, thus, crossing chola pass is considered easy from Everest base camp side.

After getting at 5364 meters at Everest base camp, the altitude of Everest base camp chola pass Gokyo lakes treks will descend all the way to 4700 meters before climbing Chola pass. This altitude profile of chola pass trek will makes your body properly acclimatized to the high altitude of Everest trek.

The altitude profile of Everest base camp trekking from Gokyo side is not properly acclimatized as of from Kalaptthar side of trekking trail.

Trek in December

Everest base camp with gokyo ri trek via Chola pass is not preferred in December. But Chola pass can be done even in December, in favorable weather conditions. If the pass to get to other side is closed with chunck of fresh ice, there will be option to trek down to Phortse and trek up – avoiding chola pass. But for this option you must have spare days for trekking.

Our competent guide will find a way out for your dream to come true.

NOTE – Everest base camp via Gokyo lakes trek is not recommended as climbing the top of chola pass from Gokyo side is nearly impossible if there is chunk of snow and loose rocks.

Most importantly, the lakes of Gokyo will be frozen during the month of December that is why EBC chola pass Gokyo lake trek will be tricky in December. But our team will get you through in full safety, we love adventure and will succeed your trip.

Trek cost

EBC chola pass Gokyo trek cost includes cost of guide, food, accommodation and the transportation and permit, in general. But there are some national and international companies who provide the service package. In service package you pay your food and beverage yourself. This is a win-win deal in between the trekking agencies and client.

Number of days for Ebc chola pass Gokyo valley trek, facility during the trek, private or group join trip are few parameters to determine the cost of the trekking package.

“Everest base camp trek with chola pass and Gokyo valley is not an easy adventure; it needs attention and average fitness and good guidance. Saying that, it is recommended to look at the quality of service rather than budget travel.”

To avoid the cost of guide & porter you can research in the internet, there is tons of information in the internet, these days. But as you will be supporting local economy while travelling and at intense reason you will collect a life time experience with a local person from the region, while trekking with Nepalgram Adventure team.

Everest Base Camp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek itinerary

Itinerary of Nepalgram is superior than other trekking companies as the route of trekking package cares your interest, has back up plan, follow the easiest route. Spending 2 nights above 5000 meters at Lobuche and Gorakshep will acclimatize you properly and also our itinerary avoids straight uphill section of Chola pass.

“In Everest base camp trek via Gokyo Lake; straight uphill while climbing the top of chola pass from Gokyo side is not just hard but also dangerous because of rock fall. Also, trekking on top of fresh glacier of Chola pass in downhill route is not just tricky but very dangerous. Cho la pass is not a ski spot; you miss a step means a big danger.”

For all those reasons, Chola pass trek route for everest base camp via gokyo lakes is not recommended.

EBC via Gokyo splits its route from the village of Kyangjuma on the left river valley, along the river of Gokyo. In comparision between the normal EBC gokyo lakes via Chola pass itinerary and everest base camp trek itinerary, the route will follow exactly similar trekking timeline and route as Everest base camp kalapatthar trekking. And once EBC kalapatthar trek starts its descend, on the very first day, trekker going over Chola pass will split near Thukla pas, and trek all around the base of Lobuche peak.

From the ascend of 5545 meter at Kalaptthar, trekkers will come down at Dzongla village at 4700 meters above the sea level, before climbing chola pass to get the Gokyo valley of Everest region.

Trek In april

April is the best month of spring season trek in Nepal.  Trekking Everest basecamp Gokyo trek in April will be a perfect choice. The the clear weather for trekking, mild temperature and the dry season is preferred month for trekking in Everest. However, October month of autumn season is the best month for Gokyo chola pass Everest base camp trek.

“Unlike to other months through out the year, in April you will be able to see the line of climber towards the top of Everest. Thus taking binocular with your is recommended for trekking to ebc Gokyo, in April.”

Either during the sunrise/sunset hike to kalapatthar or Gokyo ri, trekkers will have chance to see the movement of climber on the Everest. If you hike for sunrise up to kalapatthar top, every stop you take to hold your breath, take a look towards the Khumbu ice fall. You must see moving lights, they are climber to the summit of Everest.

Apart from all the best things in EBC Gokyo chola pass trek in April, the crowd of people might annoy. A private trip might dodge this crowd, however.


Highlight of the Everest base camp cho la pass trekking is crossing over the Cho La Pass (5420 m) and head up to Kalapattar (at 5545 m). Generally gokyo lakes and everest base camp over chola Pass trek is adventurous in character because we pass some hurdles at the Chola-pass and other minor passes like Thukla pass before lobuche village. The ascend of Kalpattar is not easy, but the mind blowing view from the top of kalapatthar will create a memory, lasting for a lifetime.

Hidden joy of trekking!!

Reaching the Everest base camp, Gokyo Ri and Kalapatthar will be a joyous experience after all the excitement and challenges along the Everest basecamp Gokyo trek.

And the entire World’s highest mountain will be just in front of you with thousands of snow-capped top really close teasing you, Everest is 5 kilometer in distance from the base camp.

Gokyo ri

Among all, Gokyo Ri (5364 m) is one of the most awaited destinations after completing EBC and Chola-pass. View of the wide mountain range and the Gokyo lakes from the top of the Gokyo Ri is definitely one of the major highlights of the trek.

You might have seen the picture in the front page of lonely planet book; it will look the same. The Gokyo lakes are in cascade pattern, which makes trekking in this area even more beautiful and interesting for trekkers. You will spend a night in the Gokyo village, right next to the 3rd lake and it’s bright blue water. During winter the water might be frozen but still looks cool.

IMPORTANT – Pack list with needed gears for Gokyo EBC trek can be found hereCLICK

Our entire packages are customizable and we are more than happy to help you to design the trip in a proper way which matches your interest and element of the trip.


This is a complete Everest trekking as it takes us to Everest base camp, chola pass, Kalapatthar, Gokyo lakes and Gokyo ri. A best view of Everest can be captured in this trek.

EBC Gokyo trek is a best trek and admired by many. However, it has an adventure of crossing the Chola pass, before getting to Gokyo lakes.

What to expect from Everest Basecamp Gokyo Trekking tour?

  • Scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla in a small plane
  • Semi circular Namche bazzar and view of Mt Everest herself from Sagarmatha national park museum and Everest view hotel (a star hotel in Everest)
  • Tengboche monastery and attending regular prayer at the monastery
  • Thukla Pass and the Everest memorials on the top of Thukla pass - memorials of Scott Fisher, Rob hall and many other who died in Everest
  • Sunrise and sunset on the top of mt Nuptse from Lobuche village
  • Everest Base camp on foot
  • Kalapatthar sunrise hike and the wide vies of khumbu ice fall, khumbu glacier and entire khumbu range
  • Chola pass adventure and view on the way
  • Walking on the glacier, easy walk but different than regular
  • Closer view of Khumbu ice fall
  • Gokyo lakes and village beside 6 different lakes of Gokyo lake
  • View from the top of Gokyo ri climb including Everest and the long glacier

Detailed Itinerary of Everest Basecamp Gokyo Trek

Day 1
Fly to Lukla & Trek to Phakding (2652 m); 3 hours

• Altitude – 2652 meters
• Special – Scenic view
• Time – 3 hours
• Activity – Flying in plane and trekking

Scenic flight of about 20 minutes among the towering mountains will make a memorable start to the trip. Chilly mountain air at Lukla will welcome you and put you in a mood for adventure for the Everest Base Camp Gokyo Trekking.
After breakfast at local restaurant we will start our trekking to the hidden lakes of Gokyo. We stop at Phakding on the first day. It is 3 hours of mostly downhill walk to Phakding village, a small village on the side of the Dudh koshi river.

Day 2
Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440 m); 8 hours

• Altitude – 3440 meters
• Special – View of mountain ranges
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Trekking through river valley and pine jungle

Today is a long & beautiful day of trekking. Walking on the river side through the river valley and pine jungle makes trekking interesting. We will see two major Snowcapped mountains, Mt. Thamsherku from Monjo and Mt. Khogde from Namche village.
Hike is gradual until the highest bridge at Larche Dovan and after that the path to Namche village gets steeper. It takes approx. 9 hours to get to Namche from Phakding.

Day 3
Rest day at Namche Bazaar for acclimatization and stroll uphill to Everest View Hotel (3880m).

• Altitude – 3880 meters
• Special – Everest view hotel
• Time – 4/7 hours
• Activity –hike

Meaning of acclimatization is to hike higher up and sleep in the lower altitude. We trek up to Everest view hotel and sleep down at Namche. After breakfast the day trip begins with short visit to national park museum, followed by a hike up to Everest view hotel.
After the hike there are multiple options to continue trekking to Khumjung and Khunde village. Khumjung monastery has Yeti Scalp up for display, which attracts curious visitors. Today’s hike to Everest view hotel will be about 4 hours and if you include Khumjung and Khunde village it might elongate to 7 hours.
Feel free to discuss the various options with your guide and decide how much you wish to walk today.

Day 4
Namche to Tengboche (3780m); 6 hours

• Altitude – 3780 meters
• Special – Tengboche and mountains
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Today we follow the Everest trekking trail and meet other people doing either the EBC trek, EBC three passes trek, or any of the peak climbing in the region. The walk from Namche bazaar to Tengboche is easy and flat for the first 3 hours and after varying downhill and uphill.
Before lunch the EBC-Chola pass trekking trail descends to the lunch spot and after lunch at the riverside, trekking trail climbs up to Tenboche.
Tengboche has a monastery which is famous among people who trek in the Everest region, and who do the Everest expedition. Climbers worship at this monastery before they head up to the base camp of mt Everest.

Day 5
Trek from Tengboche to Dingboche (4350m); 6 hours

• Altitude – 4350 meters
• Special – View of tall mountain ranges
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Today’s trekking is in the high altitude, as Tengboche is at altitude of 3780 meters and once we reach the last village Pangboche,the altitude rises above 4000 meters. Trekking in Nepal and the EBC will be ticked off from your bucket list along with the mysterious view of mt Amadablam, that is watching over you during almost the whole trek.
We will cross the tree line today. After lunch, Everest will be hiding behind mt. Lhotse for the rest of the day’s trek.

Day 6
Acclimatization Day at Dingboche village

• Altitude – 5080 meters
• Special – Nangkarsyang peak
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity – small hike

For Gokyo Chola pass trekking acclimatization, trekkers hike to the nearest peak at altitude of 5080 meters, about 4 hours. This peak is called Nangkarsyang peak, right at side of Dingboche village and trek down to Dingboche village for the lunch.
In comparison to Chola pass climb or Gokyo ri trek; this climb is nothing but it will make sure you will climb the Gokyo ri with healthy body and fresh mind. Chola pass is an adventure trekking holidays in Nepal, so the acclimatization hike of today is important.
Apart from the acclimatization, Dingboche hiking has a great view of mt amadablam and this is one of the highlight of Everest base camp trekking. If you cannot make all the way to the top, do not worry for us (Everest chola pass trekking) this is not all, we have a lot see from base camp of Everest, Chola pass top and from the top of Gokyo Ri. Overnight we will sleep at the same tea house of Dingboche.

Day 7
Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche

• Altitude – 4940 meters
• Special – Lobuche village
• Time – 4/5 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Lobuche is 4 to 5 hours away from Dingboche village. This village located in the pristine and spiritual location of Everest is one of the major attractions of Everest base camp trekking or cho la pass trekking. Thukla is the village in between Lobuche and dingboche, apart from Thukla there is nothing to eat and sleep. Trekking in Everest is excited in these villages rather than fancy Namche, if you are wanderer.
Watching sunset and sunrise at mt Nuptse, the golden color of the mountain is awesome part of Lobuche village. Before getting to Lobuche we will get to a memorial place, all the memorials belong to those who died in Everest.
View of Pheriche valley is overwhelming from the top of Thuk la pass. Amadablam looks amazing from here. Have your natural toilet break behind the rock at this stunning view point of Everest trail.
As you are doing adventure trip, do walk to the glacier view point while you are at lobuche. On 10 minutes’ walk from the local guest house you are sleeping, you can see the ridge towards Everest, which is the glacier view point.
Keep a note that we do not see Everest from Lobuche, it was disappearing from the day we reached dingboche from Tengboche monastery. But wait till tomorrow; we will see Everest from the half way to Gorakhsep village.

Day 8
Trek to Goraksep check in hotel and trek to Everest Base Camp. Overnight at Ghoraksep

• Altitude – 5550 meters
• Special – View of various mountain ranges
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Most of our goal in visit Nepal is mt Everest Base camp, this goal is going to get ticked off today. We start from lobuche village after early breakfast. Get ready with all the necessary gear, morning here will be colder and sunny day are too bright; do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses during the trekking.
After half way to Goraksep village we will see mt Everest and once we get close to the village we we can see EBC (Everest Base Camp). Everest base camp trip is in the bucket list of millions of people around the world, thus huge number of people is not a thing to amaze on. Everest hiking is your goal so is others, if you want to skip this crowd, do visit in the low season when it is cold or partly cloudy.
Everest base camp Gokyo trekking splits from tomorrow and you will split with Everest base camp hike and you will skip the crowd from day 09.

Day 9
Sunrise hike to Kalapatthar and Trek to Dzongla.

• Altitude – 4830 meters
• Special – view of ebc, khumbu ice fall, khumbu glacier and gorakshep village
• Time – 8/9 hours
• Activity – Trekking

In very early morning we will hike up to Kalapatthar, Kalapatthar is one of the major attractions of Everest trek.
It takes 2.5 hours to get to the top of Kalapathar for the magnificent view of Everest base camp, Khumbu ice fall, Khumbu Glacier, Mahalangur himalaya Range and Gorakshep Village. As we trek higher the view of the mountains (mt pumori) gets closer. If you talk with any of the people who has done Everest trekking in their Nepal trip, you might have heard of admiring words of Kalapatthar top.
We encourage you to trek to the top of Kalapatthar.
It takes 1 hour to trek down to Gorakshep for breakfast. After breakfast at Goraksep we will start our trekking to cho la pas and Gokyo valley. Trekking to Dzongla is 5 hours hike after breakfast. Chola Lake and the beautiful valley of Khumbu looks awesome. Do not forget to use buff and wind stoppers as it is going to be cold windy during the trekking.

Day 10
Treking over the Cho La pass and sleep at Thangnak village (also called Dragnag village)

• Altitude – 5420/4700 meters
• Special – Chola pass
• Time – 6/10 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Zongla village to Tangnak takes 6-10 hours depending upon how long it takes over the Chola pass. Trekking trail is uphill before the chola pass and then downhill. Your adventure trip in Gokyo trek begins here.
In Gokyo adventure holiday do not compromise with your health, so eat plenty, drink more and wear warm. Everest base camp Gokyo trekking might feel like too much but once you get to the other side of Chola pass; you will witness how great the view is and how cool you did.
Trail before the pass has nice view of the White Mountain valley all the way to Pheriche and dingboche village. After the pass the view is beautiful with silence and spiritual peace. From the top of Cho la pass you will see mt makalu. Please descend slowly on the other end of Chola pass, it might be tricky.

Day 11
Trek to Gokyo 4700 meters

• Altitude -4700 meters
• Special – Gokyo village
• Time – 2/3 hours
• Activity – Trekking

After breakfast at Thangnak we will trek to Gokyo, it takes 2-3 hours to get to Gokyo village. While trekking to Gokyo we will pass by the glacier. This glacial walk is not hard and technical but lots of rock and sand will make the trek an adventure travel in your Nepal visit.
Gokyo is famous destination for Gokyo lakes. It has 6 different lakes in Gokyo valley. One of the famous place of Nepal is Gokyo lakes, here 6 lakes of Gokyo are in cascade patterns where one feeds another. People doing adventure holidays trek here where some fly to Gokyo by helicopter and enjoy the view of mountain reflecting on the lake. Gokyo valley trek is famous for being accessible by skipping any of the high passes and Everest base camp. Most of the trekking company in Nepal offers both Gokyo valley trek and Everest base camp trip with Cho la pass.
Once we get to Gokyo, the village on the side of the 3rd lake. This 3rd lake is the biggest lake among 6 lakes of Gokyo lakes. If you want to rest it is up-to you but, trekking guide can take you for the sunset hike to Gokyo ri or side trip to fifth lake, fourth lake or walk around the Gokyo village and third lake itself.

Day 12
Hike up to Gokyo ri and Trekking down to Dole (4050 meters) ; 4 hours

• Altitude – 4050 meters
• Special – Gokyo ri
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity – Trekking through rhododendron forest and seeing icy waterfall

Early in the morning we hike to the top of Gokyo ri for sunrise. The sun rising from in the middle of many mountains looks unreal magnificent from Gokyo ri. It takes 2.5 hours to get to the top and 1.5 hours to get down.
We hike passing Machhermo village. Machermo at the height of 4000meters above the sea level has nice view of mountains like Mt. Choyu, Thamsherku, Kusum Kamngeru and many other. Machermo village is in the valley, protected from the cold winds of the mountains, so view of listed mountains are observed from one of the ridges (deurali). It will be 5 hours walk from Dole to Machermo and the walk is gradual uphill.
After breakfast at Gokyo we start descending to Dole village. Dole is a small village on the side of Gokyo River; it takes about 4 hours to get to Dole village from Gokyo. Dole has guest houses for accommodation and every guest house has their own restaurant. Walking through the forest of Rhododendron and seeing icy waterfall are attractions of the day.

Day 13
Trek from Dole to Namche bazzar 3440 meters; 7 hours

• Altitude – 3440 meters
• Special – Namche bazzar
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – trekking

Gokyo valley trek meets Everest base camp hiking trail at Kyanjuma. From this meeting point of ebc and Gokyo trek we follow the same trail that we took to trek up toward mt Everest base camp. MT Everest base camp trekking and Gokyo cho la pass trekking has lot of things in common.
But if you are looking for adventure tours, the right option for trekking holidays would be cho la pass trek. Relax at Namche tonight; a cup of Everest Beer at world’s highest Irish pub would be a great way to treat yourself, if you do not have sore throat.

Day 14
Trek back to Lukla; 9 hours

• Altitude – 2860 meters
• Special – View of landscapes and mountains
• Time – 9 hours
• Activity – Trekking

We start early hike today. Namche to lukla is a 9 hours trekking and it is the last day of your trekking. We are happy to be a part of your trekking in Nepal, today is the end of Everest base camp Gokyo trekking.

Day 15
Fly back from Lukla to Kathmandu

• Altitude – 1380 meters
• Special – Scenic view from plane
• Time – 30 minutes flight
• Activity – Flying in plane

After breakfast at Lukla we will check in to the lukla airport. Flight by a small plane out of Lukla has scenic view but schedule is never as planned, because of the weather in the mountain.
On arrival at the domestic terminal of Kathmandu, we will drive you to your hotel.

Cost Details of Everest Basecamp Gokyo Trek - General Includes

  • Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla to Kathmandu and airport Shuttle.
  • Breakfast with tea or coffee, Lunch and Dinner during the trek and fresh fruit every night after dinner.
  • Accommodation during the trek.
  • All necessary paper works, entry permits & Sagarmatha national park entrance fee.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government licensed guide, including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking.
  • A helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people)
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit), your oxygen saturation will be checked everyday for safety and precaution during Everest base camp gokyo trek.
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Credit card fee for Online payable amount
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek
  • (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away
  • (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide
  • (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination

Cost Details of Everest Basecamp Gokyo Trek - General Excludes

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport - Kathmandu).
  • Your travel and medical insurance for emergency, we assist you for the arrangement.
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks, except tea/coffee with breakfast.
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (tipping is expected).

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Everest Basecamp Chola Pass Gokyo Trek
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per Person for Service Trip
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per Person for All Inclusive Trip
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per Person for All Comfortable Trip (Free Cancellation and Transferable)

Trip Info of Everest Basecamp Gokyo Trek

  • Plane-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 5545 meter/18188 feet
  • Lodge
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • High pass Trek
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English-Chinese-Hindi
  • 15
  • 70



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