Tips for successful Everest Base camp Trekking!!

Gorakshep village seen during everest base camp trek
Gorakshep is the last village of Everest base camp trek


Picture at NamcheA team of trekker opted for Everest base camp trek. In this blog about tips for Everest base camp trek, I am trying to give you as much of information/tips, for successful Everest base camp trekking. If you want to know about the trail, training requirement, altitude, accommodation and beauty of the Everest base camp trekking trail; this article on tips for Everest base camp trek will be helpful. We are happy to make you a successful trip to Everest basecamp with the best possible tips.

Picture: View of  Khumbu glacier from the top of Kalapatthar @5545meters

Mount Everest base camp is located in the North eastern Himalayan range of Nepal and it is bordering with China in the north.

With an altitude of 5364 meters (19340 ft) above the sea level Mt. Everest is the tallest snow-capped mountain of the world. Mt Everest is in the middle of two other famous mountains Mt Lotshe and Mt Lhola (also called the shoulder of Everest).

In Fact, Planning and preparation for climbing to the Everest base camp are mandatory. And out tips for Everest base camp trek will help, on that matter.

For successful climb to Everest Base camp with a great state of mind and body, you need to have the following general ideas.

Saying success means, not just about getting to the base camp of Everest, but getting there with a sound health condition and no suffering; that is how you can feel the peace and enjoy your accomplishment. The planning is what determines, about your trekking success, your joyful trekking or struggle during the trekking to Everest Base camp.

view at the everest base camp
Everest base camp is full with yellow tents during spring but in other season – there are no expeditions and hence you do not see the tents around this location

Tips for Everest Base camp trek Planning

The following are the major decision you need to make before signing up for Everest Base Camp trekking.

Tips on the Best time for Trekking to Everest Base camp

Picture while trekking from Namche to tengbocheMt Kongde in background

Trekking to Everest base camp is possible all around the year. But best time to trek to EBC is recommended in spring (March, april, may) and Fall (September, October, November). If you trek Everest in june / july, it is rainy season for Nepal, and the sky will be full of clouds, you will barely see the mountains.

Talking about trekking in the month of December to February, it is freaking cold and but the weather are clear like in the good season, for Everest base camp trek. November to end of February is considered as winter in Nepal.

Trekking route to Everest Base camp – major tips

Picture at Dusa ValleyTrekkers on the way to Everest Base Camp

If you are doing Everest Base camp trek, there are multiple options. The shortest trekking option to Everest base camp is 9 days heli trek to Everest base camp. The longest trek to Everest base camp is 28 days Jiri to EBC trekking. Famous itinerary for Everest Base camp trekking is 12 days Trek itinerary to EBC.The entire trekking itinerary to Everest base camp is local guest house based trekking, which is also famous as tea house trekking. If you want to go to a camping trek, you can always customize the trek route and itinerary.

Acclimatization and rest at every 500 meters altitude is recommended, while hiking Everest base camp.

Tips on choosing Trekking company for Everest Base camp Trek

This is our basic tips on choosing a suitable operator of your trek to Everest base camp.

There are 100s of international trekking companies operating EBC trek, saying that. On top of these there are more than 1000s’ of local trekking companies in Nepal, located in Kathmandu and most of them are at thamel. All of these trekking companies has similar product of trekking to Everest Base Camp.

But if you want to trek to Everest base camp on your style custom itinerary could be a better option.

Choose a trekking company who is registered with Nepal government. Trek to Everest Base Camp with local guide. Local guides and itinerary prepared by local people will certainly help you for successful trek to Everest, with a lifetime experience. And while doing trekking you will be helping local people and supporting the local economy.

Yellow tents of Everest base camp during spring season
Famous Everest base camp during expeditions season

Quality of trekking operator varies by a lot, from some companies with poor guides to those companies, who are just about carrying you to the top of Everest base camp.

Picture of Local Porters carrying Coffee towards Dingboche Village.

Everything you need to look while climbing EBC is responsible trekking company and their good trekking staff, updated trekking guide and local porter. All you need for successful trek to Everest is support of your porter and good guidance and care from competent trekking guide.Do not hunt for cheap price, for once in a lifetime experience to Everest Base Camp trekking. Quality of trekking facility degrades with the cost it offers.

We Nepalgram Adventure assure the best value price. Best service with unbeatable price for Everest Base camp trekking.

How to prepare Everest Base Camp Adventure?

Consider following preparation steps for your trek to EBC:

  1. Book your Flight to Nepal
  2. Get you visa for Nepal
  3. The medication and safety vaccination for TDs
  4. Get ready with trekking gears and equipment
  5. Start fitness workout

Preparation steps in depth –   

1 – Book your Flight to Nepal

Picture of Lukla airport and plane just arriving from Kathmandu.

After choosing your date, you can start hunting the price for, flight to Nepal. Generally the price of tickets goes higher in the month of September to November. In this time many Nepali living abroad, for work or study, fly back to Nepal, to celebrate the festival of Dashain and Tihar. In the meantime, this is the high season of trekking in Nepal.

Book your flight at least 3 month prior to your travel date to Nepal.

Till this date, there is only one international airport in Nepal. But Nepal government is looking forward to open another International airport at Pokhara. But still, the closest airport to Everest is Tribhuwan international airport at Kathmandu.

If you are looking for extension of EBC trip extension, Kathmandu has connection flight to all the major cities of Nepal.

If you do not have time for all this hunt and wait, please feel free to ask Nepalgram team to organize your Home to Home trip plan for Everest Base Camp. We will look after your international tickets, our staff are meant to hunt the good rates for you.

While buying the flight, do not forget to buy an insurance that covers your international flight as well as trekking in high altitude.

2 – Visa for Nepal

You can get visa on arrival at the airport, at Kathmandu. You need $50 USD and two passport size photo with a valid passport for your 30 days Visa to Nepal.

If you have Nepalese Embassy in your country, call them or visit their website. You also can get updated information on  Nepal Immigration.

3 – Medication and vaccination

There are not any epidemics for compulsory vaccination; however it is always smart idea to take vaccination for Malaria or any recommended by your doctors. Some of them need to be started months in advance, so chat to your doctor soon.

Suggestion for vaccination while traveling to Nepal.

Trekking guides keeps, a first aid medical kit with them, but you are suggested to buy medicines you need.

Using of Diamox will help in the altitude. Buying Diamox in Nepal is not hard but consulting your own doctor is highly recommended.

4 – Trekking Gear for EBC trek

If you are a regular multi=day trekker then normal trekking gears you use will work for EBC trek as well. But to keep your body warm, hand warmers packs are recommended on top of the trekking gear suggested in this link: click here

Check your price inclusion and exclusion, some companies offers sleeping bag, duffel bag and walking poles. We Nepalgram Adventure also provide these stuff for free as our rate is competent and we always help you to hire, more than these gears – like tent for camping, supplement oxygen or any.

There are many trekking shops around Thamel, where you can rent anything you wanting for trekking, however. Equipment you can rent are like; down sleeping bags, insulation pads, walking poles and down jackets.

trekkers walking on the trail to ebc
Picture shows outfit of trekkers doing Everest base camp trekking – picture tips for Everest base camp trek

5 – Fitness workout

Everest base camp trekking does not need any climbing experience. Hiking experience or regular active sports are enough fitness for Everest base camp trek.

It is an easy multi day walk in the high altitude.

Trekking to the high altitude is not easy as walking in seal level. But certainly not as hard as you would imagine, if you can follow the following steps for a month in advance to trekking to Everest Base camp, you will have easy time trekking to EBC;

  • Run/jog/use indoor cycling/outdoor cycling – at least for half an hour, daily – at least 15 days prior to your flight to Nepal
  • Use mask while doing these activities, so adjusts low oxygen workout
  • Walk up and down in the stair for knee and Thigh
  • Gym/sports person/outdoor worker will be fine without above mentioned workouts
  • Consider the diet to the best, as always – stay healthy
excited trekkers after success of ebc trek with best tips for Everest base camp trek
Posing after achievement

Everest Base camp Success rate is 90 Percent. So, do not worry but take acclimatization stops in every 500 meters altitude change, while trekking up to the base camp of Everest.

Nepalgram has 99% success rate to Everest Base Camp. Our acclimatization hike and best guides are our strength for the success.

Getting the Everest base camp is not about your age, not about your luck or nothing about your present fitness in comparison to others; keep your sound health, peaceful mind and aim the EBC; you will get there.

We have experience of guiding 80 years old guy to the base camp, you can do it. Consider our tips for Everest base camp trekking – it helps.

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