Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek - 13 Days

Trip Facts

  • Bus/Jeep-car
  • 4880 meter/16006 feet
  • Hotel-Homestay-Tent
  • Somewhat Active
  • 1 to 8
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Camping Adventure
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 12
  • 78

Numbur cheese circuit trek is a new trek in Nepal. Numbur cheese circuit trek is completely non-spoiled trekking trail of Nepal, camping near by the village and walking through local villages of Sherpa and other community is beautiful experience.

This trekking trail leads through Panch-pokhari and Jattapokhari, which is more than just beautiful. Jattapokhari & Panchpokhai is of religious belief among Hindu and Buddhist, and once in a year fest takes place in this holy lake.

Apart from 2 major lakes famous as pilgrimage site; Numbur cheese circuit trek will give opportunity to explore other lakes in route. This off the beaten circuit trail is also famous for its 5 lakes. However trekking trail with 5 lakes is named as Jattapokhari circuit trek.

5 lakes of the trail are Bhale Pokhari, Jor Pokhari, Baulaha Pokhari, Jattapokhari and Panch pokhari. Indeed, there are other small lakes which can be seen along the route of Jattapokhari circuit route.

Major attraction of this new circuit trekking route is closeness to Mt Numbur chuli. Whereas Mt Sishapangma can be seen in distance. Sisa Pangma is one of the 8k mountain located in Tibet.

Local villages, Yaks herd along the trekking route, peaceful location, pilgrimage site and view of the mountains seen as close as you might be able to touch – are major attraction for trekking in Numbur chhese circuit.

How is the accomodation in Numbur cheese circuit trek?

Relying on the fact that, NCC is a off the beaten trekking route – there are no proper tea house all along the trekking route. Trekking in Numbur cheese circuit is camping plus tea house trekking. In the beginning of the trekking and towards the end of the trek there are tea houses where you can spend nights in the local lodge or homestays.

As a camping trek – luxury trek in this route will cost you extra and this extra cost depends on how comfortably you want to trek. But nothing is impossible. Enough trekking staff and good trekking gears with perfect management – wilderness of NCC trekking route can be accommodated as per your need and budget frame.

In contrast with camping plus tea house trek accomodation – remoteness of the trekking route is overwhelming.

Nature and Herbs

Apart from lake and people this trekking path is extensively rich in herbs and shrubs. One of super virgin and off the beaten trail of Nepal Himalaya Numbur cheese circuit trek is best destination to see lush green forest with varieties of herbs and plants.

Red and white Rhododendron is another eye catching property of jungle on the trail to this cheese circuit. Mt. Numbur and Pathivara are the named Himalaya on the trail but you can see more other unnamed Himalaya during the trekking to this virgin trekking circuit.

Where is NCC Trail?

Numbur cheese circuit is located in the Ramechhap district of Nepal which splits its trail from Shivalaya a historic trail of Tenjing – Hillary Everest trekking trail.  The people on the way are really charming; The races of Chhetri, Sherpa, Tamang are residing in this trail. Some of the places like Jatta Pokhari and Panch Pokhari are really pretty and stunning valley on the trail.

Holy Lake Jattapokhari

These places are also valued as religious place. The combined pray of Hindu and Buddhist is given to these two lakes once a year. On the occasion of Janai Purnima in those ponds a huge fest of one week takes place. Which is mind striking and really beautiful, but to be honest none of the westerns are here in this huge occasion.

Fact of Nepalgram and Numbur cheese circuit Trek

Owner of Travel Nepal Himalaya is from this trail; he was born and grown up in village called Chake near Shivalaya, on the way to Pani pakha. So we are specialized in trekking to Everest and trekking to Numbur Circuit.

Below is the suggested itinerary but it can be customized as per your need. Feel free to contact us.


New trekking route with couple of home stay nights and all camping adventure comes in a bundle of nature and mountains scenery in Numbur cheese circuit trek. Lies in lower Everest region, the trail is still untouched inside Gaurishanker conservation area. This is a newly formed conservation area and it used to be a just a bunch of community forest by then.

If you are looking forward to camping treks in short duration but wide exploration – this is it. Numbur cheese circuit will give untouched part of lower Everest region. Lakes and mountains view of the trek is overwhelming.

Major things to see in NCC trek

  • Homestay & camping experience
  • Jattapokhari and Panchpokhari; the hidden lakes
  • Thotung Monastery visit
  • Jungle walking
  • Village and villagers life
  • View from Tamdanda and Panchpokhari Pass
  • Local food

Numbur cheese circuit trek Itinerary

Day 1
Kathmandu to Shivalaya (1790m). 8 hours travel by bus

• Altitude – 1790 meters
• Special – view of Himalayan Range
• Time – 8 hours
• Activity – Travelling in bus

The journey to witness the virgin nature and the astounding lakes in Numbur Cheese Circuit starts with the drive on the winding road Kathmandu to the shivalaya. The vehicle approximately takes 9 hours to take you to Shivalaya; gateway to Numbur circuit trek. The well paved Road takes you through many small settlements near highway and the rest through the jungles. During the drive you will be pass many hills and cross many rivers. On the way from Ahal Danda, you can observe the beautiful Himalaya range along with the cluster of the 100 small hills known as Sailung danda. You can explore the sailing danda during Indigenous people trekking. One of the stopovers of the Everest base camp trekking; the shivalaya is located alongside breezy and sparkling Khimti River. There you’ll find numbers of guest houses and basic shops. This is the last town on the route where you can buy foods, clothes and other basic goods so don’t forget to check your bag pack before heading to Khahare which is the next destination. Overnight at the local Lodge

Day 2
Initiate trekking from Shivalaya to Khahare (2175m)

• Altitude – 2175 meters
• Special – Sherpaa settlement
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity – Hiking

Cold breeze and warm sunrise of shivalaya will wake you up. After having breakfast, you will be heading towards Khahare; the small Sherpa settlement through the river valley “Garjang”. Though you have option to take a vehicle from shivalaya to khahare, it is recommended to walk on you own foot as the easy hike in the plain land will warms up you.
It will take approximately 4 hours of easy hike to reach Khahare, a village comprising not more than 10 houses. The village is resided only on winter and they move up with their cattle on summer for grazing yaks in the pasture land. Accommodation will be in local lodge.

Day 3
Khahare to Panipakha (3105m). 6-7 hours of trekking

• Altitude – 3105 meters
• Special – view of sunset, vegetation and rivers
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – Walking through forest

Today the steep trail takes you up by approx. 1000 meter height from the plain land of khahare. The stony trail leads you towards the Panipakha; first campsite on the trail route up-through the jungle and crossing the suspension ridge. Panipakha has few small meadows with the yak sheds and the sloped grassy land with the towering alpine vegetation. The Camp site on the panipakha where the Small wooden house has been constructed for the camping purpose faces the mesmerizing river valley “garjang”. The Campsite also offers the amazing view of roaring Khimti River. The Sunset seen view from middle of the jungle is bonus from the Number Cheese circuit trek. We will rest tonight in tented accommodation.

Day 4
Panipakha to Manedanda (3940m). 4-5 hours trekking

• Altitude – 3940 meters
• Special – Rhododendron forest and sherpa settlemet
• Time – 4/5 hours
• Activity – Walking side by rivers and rhododendron forest

The trail gradually inclines till the stony trail climbing Manedanda and takes you over the edge to reach the campsite. Throughout the trail you will be passing some small pasture lands in between the dense forest, so for your safety do not go out of the trail leaving the group. The way to manedanda takes you through the eye-catching rhododendron forests and to the fields over the ridge of Maanedanda. If you are lucky to trek in spring season the color of the rhododendron flower will add color to the green jungle and on the summertime the pasture land over the ridge will surely magnetize you.
On our way to Manedanda we will pass a tiny Sherpa settlement called Phokte. After walking for around 5 hours we reached Manedanda. Similar to name” Manedanda”, ie. Mane means Chorten and Danda means hilltop, the second stopover of Number cheese circuit is Hilltop. As we reach Manedanda the hardships in climbing the steep trail will have no comparison with the splendid view of landscapes of surrounding area and mountains on a clear day. There are few Yak sheds on the hilltop and the cheese production center approximately 15 minute down the hill. Recently in year 2019, the Local government has constructed the wooden house for camping purpose where we will be staying tonight. Overnight in the tent

Day 5
Manedanda to Panchpokhari (4515m). 4-6 hours of trekking

• Altitude – 4515 meters
• Special – jattapokhari, waterfalls, vegetation and panchpokhari
• Time – 4/6 hours
• Activity – Hiking

Today will be one of the exciting day of the Number cheese circuit trek as we will be reach the beautiful cluster of 5 lakes called Panchpokhari 4515 meter above the sea level crossing another big holy lake Jatapokhari . Leaving the manedanda the easy trail leads you to Jata Pokhari along the riverside. With the increasing altitude the trail takes you through alpine towering vegetation to small evergreen shrub scientifically known as Rhododendron Anthopogan below the snow line, a rare mountain herb. During the walk between the bushes of the Rhododendron Anthopogan locally known as Sunapati (Golden leaf), the distinct sweet scent enters not only into the nose but also flows over the mind. If you are travelling in late spring and summer you will witness the yellow color flower of the Sunapati coloring the high lands.
Right before you reach Jata Pokhari, you will come across a beautiful waterfall. The beauty of the lake and the origination of Pristine river from the lake is unexplainable in words. The Jatapokhari is also has religious importance for Hindus. This lake (Jata Pokhari) is a popular pilgrimage site of Ramechhap where thousands of pilgrims gather to celebrate holy festival of Janaipurnima during the month of July. Leaving the outstanding lake, the trail climbs up to reach Panchpokhari. There were five small lakes nearing each other. If we face to south keeping the lake in front, the lake seems as if it is in the horizon. Further climb on small hill on the side of the lake will present you the majestic view of the snowcapped Himalayan range and Annapurna South dominating the Western horizon of Panchpokhari. We will stay overnight in a tent.

Day 6
Panchpokhari to Tare (4140m). 6 – 7 Hours trekking

• Altitude – 4140 meters
• Special – local cheese factory and mountain ranges
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – Hiking

The sixth day of our trek, we ascended over the pass at the height of 4600m. From there we will trek downhill to reach tare. On our way to tare village, we trek through khola kharka and keep trekking downward passing Nupche river. We reached tare after walking for almost 7 hours. The attraction of today’s trekking is to visit local cheese factory. After trying some freshly made yak cheese and observe the unique process of making cheese in this hidden part if the world we continue to Tare village.
Trekking over the Panchpokhari pass changes the scenery of the entire trekking. Till 7th day of trekking till Panchpokhari we were walking in one side of the jungle whereas, after the pass we will be walking in the natural trail on other side of Hidden lake trail. The difference at this point is the element of attraction as lake earlier and mountains now. Even from the top of Panchpokhari pass we can see Numbur chuli and many other towering snowcapped mountains of Everest and Rolwaling mountain range. As the trail named by yak cheese as Numbur CHEESE circuit; trying local product on the trekking trail will make a lifetime memory. Overnight at tented camp

Day 7
Tare to Ngeju (2665m). 5-7 hours of trekking

• Altitude – 2665 meters
• Special – landscapes, lake, mountains and hills
• Time – 5/7 hours
• Activity – Hiking

After breakfast at Tare village, we trek to Linkhu khola valley (hidden river valley). The hike might be challenging but it’s extremely rewarding with the natural scenery and virgin landscape. You’ll have the view of majestic mountains, hills and dwindling rivers. The Mountain View expand from north into Tibet as we moved through the Gyajo La, also known as Thulo Lapcha situated at the altitude of 4880m. This is a path normally used by native Sherpas to get yaks through the peaks to Rakhidanda and Ngeju. But for us this is another pass to trek over and the pass has magnificent view. We continued our trek to Likhu glacier, which led us to Ngeju. Ngeju is nested at the foot of icefall dipping from the peak of Numbur. There we will find antique Buddhist Shrine enclosed by a big arc of tall rock above tree line of the valley at Kau Gumba. There lies also a lake called Dudhkunda. Dudhkuda is famous for its milky color resting in the heart of glacial basin. The lake is surrounded by tumbling glaciers and large moraines. We spent the night at tented camp.

Day 8
Ngeju to Lhachhewar (2665m). 4-6 hours of trekking

• Altitude – 2665 meters
• Special – local villages
• Time – 4/6 hours
• Activity – Trekking downward

The 8 day of our trek, we headed to Lhachhewar. This village is also known as sewar. Sewar is the most beautiful Sherpa villages in the upper Ramechhap region. Sewar has instinct of the antique feeling of the Sherpa settlement in the Everest region. After this village the trekking trail descended downwards and after walking for approximately 5 hours; we reached Lhachhewar village. The village welcomes us with amazing landscapes, culture and hospitality. Sherpa from Sewar village has still maintained their traditional lifestyle. Their simple life will be rewarding consideration for trekkers. Roaming around the villages gives plenty of opportunity to chat with people, clicked some photos, and explores real Nepal in 16 days trip to Nepal. This village has homestay; this is the accommodation of today. We spend night with the local family. Overnight at the homestay at Sewar village

Day 9
Lhachhewar to Kyama (2380m). 4-5 hours of trekking

• Altitude – 2380 meters
• Special – local homestay
• Time – 4/5 hours
• Activity – Trek descending through deep forest

Trekking is from Lhachhewar to kyama is initial descending through deep forest. Forest of Kyama has eye catching window view of mt Pathibhara and mt Numberchuli. Kyama is famous for potato production. In the local homestay of Kyama village while doing Numbur cheese circuit, you will get potatoes with local yak Cheese. Cheeses you find in the entire trekking destination of Nepal are Yak cheese. On arrival, we can walk around the village kyama and spent the night in a homestay.

Day 10
Kyama to Serding (3360m). 6 - 7 hours

• Altitude – 3360 meters
• Special – Buddhist stupa and sherpa settlement
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – Trekking

After 10 days of trekking in virgin trail number cheese circuit we get out of the wild nature. After breakfast at Kyama we start trekking toward Gumdel. Leaving Kyama village, will goodbye to the shiny mountain the mt Numburchuli. Leaving the mountains behind us and the trail will head to Gumdel. Gumdel is another Sherpa settlement of Numbuchr circuit. Trekking trail slopes downhill across the dense jungles.
Trekking to a tiny hamlet all around a large Buddhist stupa at Gumdel village has stunning view of the valley in the mountain. Mountain valley seen from Gumdel is overwhelming. You’ll be able to be a part of unique Sherpa culture in the midst of mountainous valleys of Gumdel. After Gumdel village of Sherpa trekking continues crossing the thick and beautiful forest to arrive at Serding. It takes around 4 hour to trek from Gumdel to Serding. Beautiful scenery of sub-alpine and temperate forest with the view of mt Gauri Shanker and mt Numburchuli is admiring. You can have some yak cheese and observe the process of making it. Home Stays in Serding offer a traditional Sherpa hospitality.

Day 11
Serding to Lapchane (3150m) via Thotung. 6-7 hours

• Altitude – 3150 meters
• Special – old monastery, Gauri Shankar Mountain and many other peaks
• Time – 6/7 hours
• Activity – Trekking

After breakfast at Serding we started trekking from Serding to Lapchane via route of Thotung. During today’s trekking we will visit Thodung Monastery. To visit this monastery we need to follow the route via Thotung. After visiting centuries old monastery of lower Everest region We descended further to Deurali. Thotung monastery is believed to be a oldest monastery of the region. Breathtaking view of the Gauri Shankar Mountain during our trek from Serding to Lapchane is a great farewell of the trekking, towards the end. It takes us around 6 hour to reach Lapchane. It is a beautiful Newari village in the mountain. We rest for a moment and trek to Tamdanda; which is 30 minutes away from Lapchane. Tamdanda is famous as the tallest hill of Ramechhap. From Tamdanda of Numbur cheese circuit trekking trail, we will be able to see most of the central and eastern Himalayan peaks like; mt Dhalguiri, mt Annapurna, mt Gauri Shanker, mt Numbur, mt Makalu, mt Kanchenjunga and many other. This hilltop offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. This tourist spot of Nepal might make us feel heaven in nature. Wide variety of flora and fauna, with 65 species of birds are found here. For the night we can stay at Newari home stay, you can be a part of the renowned Newari culture in the village of Lapchane.

Day 12
Lapchane to Jiri (1935m); 4-6 hours of trekking.

• Altitude – 1935 meters
• Special – Village settlement with different ethnic groups
• Time – 4/6 hours
• Activity – Hiking

The last day of Numbur cheese circuit trek in Nepal starts after breakfast at Lapchane village. This village is settlement of mixed cast of people and different ethnic groups. Todays, we trek back to Jiri which will take around 4 hours. Jiri is a gateway to Everest Base camp from the history. When Tenjing Norgey and Eudmund Hillary succeeded the summit of Everest, they started the trekking from this rural town of Nepal. Very few people start trekking from this suburb. But, in fact if you do trekking to Everest Base camp starting from Jiri then you will acclimatize properly and get to know most of Nepal in one trekking holiday in Nepal. If you have time and EBC trek is your bucket list then Jiri to Everest Base Camp can be your best suit.

Day 13
Drive from Jiri to Kathmandu in tourist Bus. 8-9 hours drive

• Altitude – 1380 meters
• Special – Scenery of mountains and hils
• Time – 8/9 hours
• Activity – Travelling in bus

The road condition of jiri to Kathmandu highway is much improved coming to present. The scenery of hills and magnificent view of Mt Gaurishankar Himalaya range is stunning. This hill highway of Nepal is nice with greenery and fresh air. Jiri is compared to Zurich city of Switzerland, landscape wise. Locals of the region believe it is like Zurich, Switzerland. Note: All package of Nepalgram are customizable. Given itinerary for Numbur Cheese Circuit is a general idea for the new trekking routes in Nepal. If you are looking for Charity trekking in Nepal, this route is a perfect one after customization in the existing itinerary.

Cost of Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek - General Inclusions

  • Airport pickup and drop by private car or micro bus (depending on group Size).
  • Standard Hotel in Kathmandu (according to the itinerary), B/B (bed and breakfast)
  • All your meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during the trekking.
  • Accommodations during the trek. Both Camping and home stay.
  • Necessary paper works (GCAP) entry permit& Trekker`s information management system (Tims).
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder guide including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking.
  • A Strong, helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people), if u need.
  • General Medical supplies (first aid kit).
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide, with regular check up of oxygen saturation (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination

Cost of Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek - General Exclusions

  • Food while you are in Kathmandu.
  • Your Travel and medical insurance.
  • All the alcoholic and non alcoholic hot and cold drinks, except tea in the morning.
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (Tipping is expected).

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek
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per Person for Service Trip
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per Person for All Inclusive Trip
From $ 1,160.00
per Person for All Comfortable Trip (Free Cancellation and Transferable)

Numbur Cheese Circuit Trekking Trip Info

  • Bus/Jeep-car
  • 4880 meter/16006 feet
  • Hotel-Homestay-Tent
  • Somewhat Active
  • 1 to 8
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Camping Adventure
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 12
  • 78



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