Gosaikunda Trek - 7 Days

Trip Facts

  • 4364m/14230ft
  • Jeep-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • Tea House
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Freshwater Lake Trek
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 5
  • 78
Gosaikunda Trekking is one of the famous trekking areas of Langtang Region of Nepal. The Gosaikunda Lake is holy place of Hinduism and Buddhism devotees, that it is sacred holy lake of Nepal.

Gosaikunda Lake is famous as a religious place; as once every year, this lake observes a mass gathering for the festival of Janaipurnima. This is the birth day of Gautam Buddha. Apart from the religious belief and diversified people along the trekking trail of Gosaikunda trekking trail, landscape of this short trek is outstanding.

Landscape of Gosaikunda trekking is not just wide range of mountains, but also never ending zenith line and deep river valley. As Gosaikunda trek is a straight uphill trek, often you will get above the clouds and no tre zone in 2nd day trek, itself.

Gosaikunda trekking will offer you the adventure you want, you will be trekking through an straight uphill trail where the trail will be under jungle and of course views of snow-capped mountain ranges.

Gosaikunda is an easy trekking from where you can collect lots of experience in Nepal and doesn’t need more effort. Gosaikunda trekking is also known for short-days trekking in Nepal from where you can save your time a lot. Don’t miss a chance to explore the sacred holy lake of Nepal. NEPALGRAM ADVENTURE is ready for you to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

They also believe that once you take a bath from the water of Gosaikunda Lake your pain and sorrows from your life will be apart. Gosaikunda Lake is also renowned as the name of frozen lake.

We will provide you the Gosaikunda Trekking package in a reasonable price. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in Gosaikunda Trekking.

Best time for Gosaikunda Trekking

Gosaikunda lake trekking is a short trek but its highest altitude is above 4364 meters or 14314 feet above the sea level. Because of the altitude trekkers need to stick with the best time to trek in the region.

Spring and autumn are considered as the best trekking month, for Gosaikunda trek. But people trek in the winter and monsoon as well.

October and April are the best trek for Gosaikunda lake trek, indeed.

If you are behind frozen Lake of Gosaikunda, you need to trek to Gosaikunda in the winter. In the month of January for February, Gosaikunda Lake will be completely frozen. Unlike to Gokyo there is no any ice hockey played on the top of frozen Lake of Gosaikunda but still the top of lake is walk able. For your information, the months of winter are freezing cold.

Gosaikunda lake Trekking vs. Mini Gosaikunda lake trek

There are 2 lakes named Gosaikunda in the Rasuwa district of Nepal. Both of these destinations to holy lake in Langtang region commence their trekking from the town of Dhunche Bazzar. Dhunche is also the capital of Rasuwa District.

However, mini Gosaikunda is not as famous as Gosaikunda Lake, religiously and scenically.

  1. Physical Requirements/ Gosaikunda lake Trek Difficulty

Mini Gosaikunda Lake is a day trip from Dhunche Bazar whereas Gosaikunda Lake is 2 day hike from Dhunche. With that being said, Mini Gosaikunda is an easy walk. From the town of Dhunche people take local jeep to trekking start Point of Mini Gosaikunda Lake and after 4 hours walk you will get to this small Gosaikunda Lake. From the lake, you can see the mountains and the valley of Herung river valley.

In regard to Gosaikunda Lake, it is a straight uphill walk for 2 days to get to the top of the Gosaikunda Lake. After starting trek from Dhunche to Gosaikunda Lake, trail is straight uphill through the dense forest. The trail to Gosaikunda Lake is straight uphill till we get to Chandanbari. Chandanbari is also called Sing Gompa.

After getting to Singh Gompa, the Gosaikunda trail is flat till Cholanpati and then again a straight uphill all the way to Buddha Mandir. Soon after leaving 2 small tea houses of Cholangpati, the trekking trail will get in no tree line zone. This section of Gosaikunda lake trek is mesmerizing. One side of the trail has view of wide Himalaya range including; Mt Langtang, mt Manaslu, mt Ganesh and many other. Whereas the other side view is a deep river valley. Sunset seen on this valley side of Gosaikunda is awful.

  1. Scenery

In case of Mini Gosaikunda trek, short trekking trail has small jungle walk exploration. You will be able to see the scenery of Langtang Himalaya range and Deep River Valley of Kerung River, which comes all the way from the Chinese boarder.

Whereas, in the trek of Gosaikunda lake trek, jungle trek, wider range of mountains and deep river valley are outstanding. In Gosaikunda trek, you will be able to see the stunning sunset on Mt Manaslu. Mount Manaslu is a eight thousand meter high mountain which is in distance but distinguished. During the trekking you will also get an opportunity to explore Buddha Temple, the local community and diverse landscapes.

Solo trekking

Gosaikunda trekking as a solo trekker will surely entertain your Nepal visit. Chirping of the birds and sighting of wild animals will surely worth trekking solo to Gosaikunda. Solo trekkers’ means, peaceful trekking along the route of Gosaikunda, assuming your own trekking trail privately, which is why you will be able to enjoy the nature.

Unlike to group trekking and more noise as a consequence, solo trekker can enjoy the nature to extreme level. As a solo trekker, you will have enough time to take break or wait and watch anything you may like. Like Langtang valley trek Gosaikunda trail is also famous for Bird watching as well.

Despite of more expenses, Solo trekker will have full opportunity to discover more, customize the trip as per self-interest, customize trip in route and free to enjoy the time. As a solo trekker, you will not share the cost for Gosaikunda trek on neither of the price head, so it is obviously expensive. With high cost for Gosaikunda trek, you will have good attention from you private guide and porter. As a solo trekker, success is 99.99%.

Gosaikunda lake trek altitude

Gosaikunda Lake is situated at an elevation of 4380m above the sea level. The latitude of Gosaikunda Lake is thousand meter less than the altitude of Everest base camp. The holy lake of Gosaikunda has different route for trekking. However, altitude profile of our trekking itinerary is suitable for trekkers to have enough time to acclimatize while trekking to the lake.

IN the beginning trekkers will start from around 2000 meters above the sea level and they stop at 3000 meters. Climbing 1000 meters is not an issue for altitude below 3000 meters. After 3 thousand meters we will spend night at Laurebinayak and that is how trekking to Gosaikunda is managed according to acclimatization altitude profile.

However, Gosaikunda Lake Trek has straight uphill trek all the way to the top og Gosaikunda lake and descend is straight downhill.

As famous as frozen lake trek in Nepal, people love to trek Gosaikunda in the winter. Take it as a suggestion that; in winter trekking bring spikes with your or buy one at Thamel. Hiking downhill from the frozen lake will be easier with mini spikes.

Trekking in December

Gosaikunda trek in December is not the best time to see blue water on the lake of Gosaikunda holy lake. All other lakes of the area will be frozen with ice and Gosaikunda lake surface will be trek able in winter.

Winter is considered as cold season in Nepal where December is the coldest month of winter. So trekking in winter must be well prepared with trekking gears. For the information about trekking gears you can follow our link to Nepal trekking equipment list.

In spite of cold and frozen Lake of Gosaikunda, trekking in December will be fun if you love snow. Trekking Trail of Gosaikunda Lake does not go along the glacier or any rock fall zone, saying that December is still recommended to trek to Gosaikunda lake. But trekking with local guide ensures safety.

Trekking cost

Trekking guide, transportation, accommodation, food and porters are major element of Gosaikunda trekking cost. And in general all of these elements are included in all inclusive packages of most of the trekking agencies in Nepal. However there are some companies who offer bed and breakfast trek to Gosaikunda.

Regarding the cost of Gosaikunda lake trek, one thing is sure that; local trekking companies in Kathmandu or Nepal will be cheaper and efficient than international companies.

Regarding solo trekking to Gosaikunda Lake the trip cost will be higher than group join. That is why we encourage our clients to join our groups. But still, solo trekking is extreme freedom, indeed. There is not any fixed rate for Gosaikunda lake trek but less than 500USD can be all inclusive package whereas service package depends on what is included and the standard of trekking service.

Gosaikunda Trekking itinerary

In the first day you will be arrive at the Capital city of Nepal (i.e. Kathmandu)be transferred to the hotel and you will stay overnight at hotel. In the second day, you will be taking a drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche. When you will arrive at Dhunche, the nature will offer you the majestic view of wide mountain ranges like Mount Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Yala Peak and many other mountains.

On the 3rd day of your trek you will hike to Gosaikunda view point where you can see the sunrise with an eye-appealing view of mountain ranges over there. After the majestic views, you will trek back to Dhunche following the same trail.

Trekking In April

Like October, April is regarded as the best trekking season for Gosaikunda lake trek. But in this month you cannot see frozen form of lake. So for frozen Gosaikunda Lake April is not the recommended month.

In April the forest of Gosaikunda lake trekking trail will be full with rhododendron and the beauty of nature will be overwhelmed with colorful forest. Alongside the river valley will look colorful. The weather of Gosaikunda Lake in April is the best.

In April the temperature is mild. Generally temperature will be 10 to 20 degree Celsius in April. But at Gosaikunda the temperature can go around 0 degrees Celsius at Gosaikunda village.


Gosaikunda Lake is a part of Langtang trekking in the past. But there are many trekkers who do, just to the lake and back to Dhunche. This itinerary for Gosaikunda Lake trek worth by huge.

Also called frozen lake trek, we can see wide Himalaya range, the holy lake and the sky line up in the deep green valley. Sunrise and sunset are overwhelming in this short trekking in Langtang national park, Nepal.

Things you will see in Gosaikunda Lake Trek

  • Approaching view of Dhunche, deep river valley & Mt Langtang Lirung at Once
  • Jungle walk and beautiful sunset from every stop
  • Suspension bridges and fresh water river
  • Yak Cheese factory & cheese
  • Wide mountain range including Mt Langtang, Mt Manaslu, Mt Ganesh Himal and Many other peaks
  • Gosainkunda lake, Surya Kunda lake, swaraswoti kunda Lake
  • Sunrise on the mountains, Sunset far in Zenith & beautiful (golden, yellow, red) color change on the snow capped mountain on sight

Gosainkunda Trek Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival at Kathmandu and Nepali way of welcome on you visit to Nepal

• Altitude – 1350 meters
• Special – Happening Thamel street
• Time – 30 minutes hotel transfer time
• Activity – Relax at the hotel

Day 2
Drive to Dhunche with scenic view of Mt Langtang Lirung on approaching Dhunche

• Altitude – 1940meters
• Special – Mt Langtang lirung an approaching view
• Time – 7 hours by land
• Activity – Travel overland and watch the people and scene

Day 3
Trek to Chandanbari – an uphill challenge with jungle walk and beautiful mountain view

• Altitude – 3340 meters
• Special – Singgompa an old Buddhist monastery
• Time – 7 hours hike
• Activity – Trekking in the jungle

Day 4
Trek to Gosainkunda – beautiful trek with scenery of the mountains all the way to Buddha temple

• Altitude – 4364m/14230ft
• Special – View of the mountains till Buddha temple, Many lakes
• Time – 6 hours trek
• Activity – Sunset view from the tea house of by the lake

Day 5
Sunrise hike to Gosainkunda view point and trek down to Dhunche – same trail but different prospective

• Altitude – 5100meters
• Special – wide view of the snow capped mountains + Lakes
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity – Sunrise hike to the summit of Gosainkunda view point

Day 6
Drive to Kathmandu

• Altitude – 1350 meter
• Special – View of the mountains, local people & Landscape from the bus
• Time – 8 Hours
• Activity – Drive back to Kathmandu with beautiful memories

Day 7
Good morning tour and Departure in the evening

• Special – Half day tour in the morning will give straight introduction of local life in Kathmandu from shopping to religious activity they do in different temples at Kathmandu durbar square premises, asan, indrachwok, sankata temple and many other temples.
• Time – 2 hours guided tour
• Activity – Walking tour in local way with local guide.

Gosainkunda Trek Cost Details-General Inclusions

  • Breakfast with Tea, Lunch and Dinner with fresh fruits
  • All accommodations during the trek.
  • Airport pickup and drop by private car or micro bus (depending on group Size).
  • Standard Hotel in Kathmandu (according to the itinerary), B/B (bed and breakfast)
  • Transportation to and from trekking start and end point (Dhunche)
  • All necessary paper works, entry permit & national park entrance fee.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder guide including all his salary, food, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking and tour
  • A helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people).
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit) with regular oxygen saturation check up
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Credit card processing fee for online payable amount
  • Guided city tour of Kathmandu; includes 4 destination and transportation
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination

Gosainkunda Trek Cost Details-General Exclusions

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport – Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $50 dollar.
  • Your Travel and medical insurance for emergency, we assist you for the arrangement
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks. Except tea with your breakfast.
  • Gratitude/Tips

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Gosaikunda Trek
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Trip Info of Gosaikunda Lake Trek

  • 4364m/14230ft
  • Jeep-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • Tea House
  • Somewhat Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Freshwater Lake Trek
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 5
  • 78



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