Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike – Self Guided Trekking Trip - 5 Days

Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike is all about exploring the Hindu, Buddhist, and related religions, rituals and livelihoods of Manaslu region. We can explore both cultures as well as the natural beauty of Manaslu region. Manaslu cultural circuit hike offers homestay experience where you will be indulging each day different ethnic cultural programs.

In Manaslu cultural circuit hike, you can find many historical importance which are preserved by the locals. Mainly Magar, Gurung and Chhetri are the dominant populations in this village. Manaslu cultural circuit hike offers a homestay facility and serves good food where the local people use locally grown organic products.

Manaslu cultural circuit hike has wide variety of beauty and a rich mixed religious culture that offers the real adventure for natural beauty explorers.

Manaslu cultural circuit hike indeed offers a cultural and religious lifestyle of people and their different festivals in the different months. The local residents over there celebrate festivals together. There are various festivals that is celebrate by the local people such as Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Losar etc. Usually, Chhetri, Brahmin, Gurung and Magar have similar cultures. Lower Manaslu is rich in culture, Panchhe Baja, Sorati, Rodhi, Dodori, and Ghatu are famous tradition over there.

Furthermore, the view from Manaslu cultural circuit hike provides us with opportunities to view the lofty snow-capped mountains as well as to experience culturally rich local villages. Manaslu region is magnificent with the view of different eye – appealing mountains such as Manaslu Range, Langtang range, Annapurna range, Ganesh Himal, Singri Himal, and Buddha Himal.

Similarly, the occupation or income generation ways of local people are producing local handcraft, keeping the animal, working in Army and farming and providing accommodation to the hikers.

This hike promotes the lower Manaslu ecological opinion and equally participates in promoting tourism in the local areas. While you visit this area, you will indulge local base Cultural programs directly participating with the local people and gain an authentic experience.

Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike Route

Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike
Pic: Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike Trail and view of village during the hike

Start of the trek, you will take a drive from Kathmandu to Baluwa. It takes 7 hours by Private Jeep and 8 to 9 hours from the local bus to reach to Baluwa from Kathmandu. The first day of your Manaslu cultural circuit hike itinerary is based on an adventure ride in off road.

The walking activity starts from the next day of your drive. Day by day you will reach to Baluwa to Barpak, Laprak, Singla Village, Khorlabensi and SotiKhola. During your hike, there are lots of things that will attract you such as view of snow – capped mountain ranges, culturally and historically rich villages, Budigandaki River and so on.

End of the hike, you will be taking a drive around 5 hours from SotiKhola to Kathmandu. Your hikes ends after you reach to Kathmandu

Permits for Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike

Manaslu cultural circuit hike is not considered as restricted region hike but exploring the near restricted trail is special. You will not need a special restricted area permit. You will only need ACAP and MCAP permit for this hike; we will give you information about the issuance of permit.

Accommodation and Food for the Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike

Manaslu cultural circuit hike is a tea house hike. You will be sleeping in the tea house every night. Don’t expect standard accommodation, it will very basic with two single beds. Toilets are mostly shared and can be outside of teahouses. Central communal area in the dining will provide warm atmosphere. Generally rooms will be cold where you will be offered blankets and pillows.

Foods during the hike are available in teahouses. Food found in Manaslu cultural circuit hike are mixture of Nepali and western food. You can find menu over there from where you can choose the food as per your preference. You will stop in teahouses for lunch during the trek as well as breakfast and dinner are also available in tea house.

Telephone and Wi-Fi in the Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike

In this hike, you may find Wi-Fi in every teahouse. If you want to communicate, there is a satellite phone available in tea houses which takes a little bit of extra money to make a phone call. If you want to take satellite phone from Kathmandu, we will help you to get it. Local telephone hardly works on this hike. Choose Nepal Telecom over Ncell because Nepal Telecom Network is wider than Ncell in Manaslu region.


Day 1
Drive from Kathmandu to Baluwa; 780 meters, 7 hours

Day 2
Hike from Baluwa to Barpak; 1950 meters, 6 hours

Day 3
Hike from Barpak to Singla village via Laprak; 2600 meters, 7 hours

Day 4
Hike from Singla to Khorlabensi; 970 meters, 6 hours

Day 5
Hike from Khorlabensi to Soti Khola; 700 meters, 5 hours

Day 6
Drive from Soti Khola to Kathmandu; 5 hours

Cost Details of Self Guided Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike

Cost of Self Guided Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike - General Inclusions

  • Briefing on phone every morning before the start of the trek.
  • Guide on call duty at any time during the trek
  • Arrangement of accommodation in the tea houses in the places where tea house owner is reachable.
  • Phone guidance for the bus/jeep/car ticketing.

Cost of Self Guided Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike - General Exclusions

  • All Food & accommodations during the hike
  • All necessary paper works, entry permit& Trekker`s information management system (Tims).
  • Credit card processing fees for online payment.
  • Satellite Phone - if you want to rent we can help you.
  • Tips for your phone guide and driver (Tipping is never been compulsory though expected).


Manaslu cultural circuit hike is regarded as one of the ideal option for the hikers who want to hike Manaslu region in short period of time. Being a short hike, there are lots of attraction that will be offered to you during the hike. From Culture to History as well as natural beauties, you can find everything in Manaslu cultural circuit hike.

Major Highlights of Self Guided Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike

  • Exploring the lifestyle and people of the local community
  • View of magnificent Mt, Manaslu, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Bauddha, Mt, Ganesh and many other unnamed Himalaya.
  • Exploring the historical Gurkhas villages on the trail
  • Indulging the trail rich with herbs and shurbs
  • Exploring the Remote wilderness
  • Exploring the local culture and tradition

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Manaslu Cultural Circuit Hike – Self Guided Trekking Trip



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