Tips for Everest base camp trekking

Trekking through a nepal everest base camp trekking is not as hard as you can imagine. Everest base camp being at an altitude of 5,360 m above the sea level, you might feel like it is hard to climb. But it is not. If you are planning for Everest base camp trekking, follow our tips for your success in this trip.

nepal everest base camp
Nepal everest base camp trek is one of the most demanded trek all over the world.

Regular physical exercise for Nepal Everest base camp trekking

This will help you to keep your body in safe, our body instead is more likely to complete nepal everest base camp trekking with much easier pattern. Even though your body is not in a good shape, you might still be able to complete this Everest base camp trekking. Just the difference will be, the people with good body shape will have good experience whereas people who does not have good body shape might complete this trek with some hardship. At the end of the day, both type can complete the trekking to Everest base camp, no matter what.

There are many people trekking to Everest base camp, to burn their fat or to get back to shape. There are plenty of examples, if you ask around your friends who have been to Everest space camp, you will be able to know this, that they have lost 5 to 10 pounds from this single trip of Everest base camp trekking. That is why choice is yours, either you want to burn the fat while trekking or getting to the shape from the regular exercise. Train yourself to be just good for for the trekking and burn more fat while trekking to Everest base camp while enjoying the beauty of hiking in the Himalayas.

nepal everest base camp
During the trek people are taking rest for moving forward.

For keeping yourself in shape, you can do various physical activities on a day-to-day basis at your home. You can either do yoga, cycling, running, regular walks, regular gym, playing outdoor sports like football, soccer, beach volleyball, long tennis, squash, swimming or any shorts of other activity sports. By using indoor exercise equipment’s like exercise cycle, treadmill etc. might also be ideal to keep yourself fit for Everest base camp trekking.


When you are doing any of above mentioned activities for preparation for your nepal everest base camp trekking, I strongly suggest you to exercise under low level of oxygen. How to get low level of oxygen when you are in a normal altitude? Well, you’ll be able to do this by using mask while running or doing any sorts of exercise. For example if you are walking up and down the stairs in your multistory apartment building, you can create low oxygen level using mask.

nepal everest base camp
Everest base camp being at an altitude of 5,360 m above the sea level,

What this helps is, it will help you and your body to adjust with the frequent short of breath that you have to encounter most of the time, while doing Everest base camp trekking. With no doubt, there are many up hills, down hills and rough terrain during your Everest base camp trekking. Because of this, it is highly advised to practices any sorts of leg activities in low oxygen condition.


To prepare yourself for a best experience during Everest base camp trekking, you also need to be careful choosing the right time to go there. And also, you need to have right type of hiking gears and equipment. All of these requirements can always be checked with your local trekking agency in Nepal. Or, you can easily get those information from internet, the information that you get on internet might not always be right. Thus, it is recommended to ask with your travel agent in Nepal.


    For the gears, if you are trekking to Everest base camp in the winter months, you must have to have warmer clothes and proper boot. Whereas if you are trekking in the spring, the trekking gear might look a little bit different. In the spring, the temperature of Everest base camp trekking trail might be warm enough that, you will be able to walk with your T-shirt and shorts. Looking at the weather condition and the time of the you are trekking to Everest base camp, gears are different. Also the level of difficulty will vary accordingly.


    General recommendation for what to wear on day to day basis while trekking to Everest Base camp, even though you feel like you can walk with shorts and t-shirts during the day, it is recommended to use full sleeve clothes. It is because, the cold temperature of mountains and your leg activities in the uphill and downhill terrain will give high level of stress on your joints.

    The cold temperature will hit on the joints. Because of that people using open clothes might not have good experience once they get higher up above 5,000 m. For example if you are at 4000 m with everything feeling fine, let’s say you don’t care below 4000 m and the result to your negligence will start showing results on the higher altitude, normally above 5000 m. That is at Lobuche and Gorskshep, before you get to Everest base camp. And the beauty of the Everest is very nice when you get about 5000 m.

    On the night at la Lobuche village, you will start the journey to Everest base camp at over the altitude of 5000 m. From here you will start feeling the high altitude; even if you it were completely fine below this point. The walk from this village(Lobuche) to Everest base camp is a long walk, both in the cold temperature and he altitude above 5,000 m. So it is recommended to conserve your energy on the early days of the trek, for this later part of Everest base camp trekking.

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    In general, people feel all right below 4000 m and start spoiling themselves. They don’t take care about food water and sleeping habits as they feel fine. And once they get over 5,000 m they got hit back harsh. So it is always recommended to follow a consistent hiking method for Everest base camp trekking. Even if you are feeling really good below 4000 m, walk slow and conserve energy for your hike above 5,000 m.

    nepal everest base camp
    During trek we can see different types of colorful flowers.


    Most of you will hire porter to carry your backpack. Thinking, you can carry more and will be able to burn more fat on the lower altitude, people start carrying more weight on their own bag pack to deplete their energy when they can. Done people want to be nice to their potter and do so. But as mentioned above, it is always recommended to conserve the energy for trekking above 5000 m.

    If you maintain the weight of your day pack, from the day one and also maintain your walking pace, starting from lukla, it is very likely that you will happily finish Everest base camp trekking. Do not worry about potters or don’t feel sorry for them, they are used to this and you are not. They have done it multiple times and in different scenarios. Also, they are local, born and raised in the mountains, right?


    If you are hiking with a trekking guide, it is always better to ask even a simple day to today personal questions, to your guide. It is because these guys have been working in the region and they are used to various kinds of scenarios or they have heard about those scenarios or they know who to talk with, if you have any kind of problem.

    nepal everest base camp
    pic- Everest basecamp

    Their long relation with this trekking industry will be able to help you to find a very simple and easy solution. Do not afraid to ask anything with your guide, they are locals of nepal, they will know how to solve your problem one way or another. They might not be able to help you 100% of the time but they will have someone to ask, where as you might not.

    While you are in the hotel, you are suggested to eat in the same hotel you sleep. Your guide will be staying at the same hotel as well, saying that, if you mention all of your issues with your guide, he will address your concerns one day or another, doing Everest base camp trekking or any of the trip to Nepal.

    So it is recommended to talk about your problems and solve it on the go. To be honest, do not underestimate the knowledge of these simple guys. No matter what, they are expert of this trail and the environment of their country. Some of the guides might as well go beyond and far to help you and give insight of everything you might want to explore while you are doing Everest camp trekking.

    Speaking about guides, a good guide will help you to accomplish most of the Everest basecamp trekking. Choice of a guide and trekking company is equally important as physical exercise for the preparation of a Everest base camp trekking.

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