Phuri has climbed Mount Everest and have been to the summit of many peaks. Interesting thing about Phuri is that; he has taken thousands of climbers to the summit of Mera peak in his 3 year Khare stay. Khare is the last village before climbing Mera peak in Makalu Barun Conservation area. Phuri is a bright person who is always interested in what someone has to say, he loves adventure and does not hesitate in going forward. As a part of the Nepalgram Climbing Guide Team, he is always looking for ways to go the extra mile and will always be at your side!

What does Phuri love doing when he is not working?

Outside of climbing guide, Phuri is a extroverted man. He enjoys watching fantasy movies, meeting with friends, visiting his family, helping relative and solving their problems as well. Another interesting hobby that he has is working in political or social matter of public interest.

What does Phuri say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“When I first started at Nepalgram I was immediately impressed by the fusion of team work and knowledge sharing. The training and refreshment events organized were helpful to make more friends of same interest.”


Welcome to family!

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