Naryan rai

Narayan is the eldest trekking guide of the company with more than 20 years of experience in mountaineering and trekking. He can tell you many stories of his fellow guides and porters making their way through the tourism industry to found successful businesses. Narayan’s many years in the mountains has seen stories of success, failure, death and survival. He has a long history of being a trekking guide for some of the most well-known local trekking companies, as well as a few international trekking companies, such as Exodus and Intrepid. We are proud to have someone with his wisdom and knowledge serving our clients.

Narayan has many life stories to share with his clients and loves to talk about his retirement plans, which is sure to be an interesting topic on any trekking trip. He speaks English, Hindi and little bit of Russian. He is also a very well-traveled Nepalese, having been to  Russia, Uruguay, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China and France.