As a tour guide, Binaya is always looking forward to show art and architecture of Nepal as an tourism ambassador.  He will always look forward to hear from his clients travel.  As such, working in our team is a great way for him to not only learn new things, but also help others with the knowledge and experience he has acquired.

What does Binaya love doing when he is not working?

In his spare time, Binaya likes to be among the mountains, breathing fresh air and enjoying the views with his closest people. He often hikes and goes in longer trekking. Also, he is a passionate sports man, he follows international football. Other things she enjoys are family and friends get-together. He is an artist to carve beautiful architecture you see during Kathmandu Temple tour with him.

What does Binaya say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“I’ve always been interested in travelling remote part of Nepal. However, I didn’t have much experience with mountain trekking, which I always loved. Since I started at Nepalgram, I’ve got opportunities to take people in city tour and join their trekking trips.”


Welcome to family!

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