Volunteering is an activity where an individual or group support people, organization, community for no financial gain. Volunteering helps travels for skill development and is often intended to promote goodness or to experience the way of different quality of life. Volunteering has positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community. Volunteering in Nepal has become an infinite pattern of exploration to specific subjects. For example if you love kids or students – teaching in a Scholl will help you know more and get close to what you love. Many volunteering package of Nepalgram are tailor made as per your preference. Basically all of the regular travel package on our website can be tailored in volunteering.

We believe, volunteering is the best way to help community and travelers for mutual benefit. With very small amount of cost – volunteers are spending their time and experiencing different prospect of life in the cities and the remote part of Nepal. Volunteering in the village right beneath the mountains is a relaxing moment for many volunteers. Also after volunteer become friends with local people, both are able to share their experience and teach and learn in between each other. Nepalgram believes this bring a positive attitude and peace in entire world.

Volunteering was first started in the calamities, where travelers used to come for a trekking activity and help people in their sufferings, in order to make the life easy. In the past volunteering used to be working for others for free and paying big money for travel agents or any trekking companies who help you to connect with affected family or community.

But this has been changed by now. You can trek with Nepalgram ot assign for the tour and as per your interest we can include volunteering. We love helping locals and as a part of our humanitarian duty we are obliged to do so, we cooperate with volunteers and those who need help. We love to see loving world and harmony in between different class of people.

Either after your trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal or before visiting any tourist destinations we can arrange volunteering. Volunteering in a clear definition that either Nepalgram makes money except your tour package or you ask for any support from anyone. You might get free food and accommodation for helping the needy people or might not get.

Awakening the greedy world to make everyone’s life better – that is what Nepalgram believes as volunteering in remote part of Nepal. Your mother tongue might make a lot of difference if learnt by our Nepali folks living in the lap of the beautiful mountains in the nooks and corners of remote Nepal. People will become aware of the many things you do every day and realize the importance of your lifestyle. It will help them to learn from volunteers, we believe. Younger people helping the needy in their communities [citation will always brainstorm major scientific change in their very normal life needed.


Welcome to family!

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