Traveling has become complicated until antidote of COVID is found. In this situation it is recommended to travel in a solo trip. Apart from the safety in relation with pandemic – there are many other benefits of traveling solo. Either traveling in the Nepalese mountains or for any kind of tourism activities inside the country; solo travel has always been loved by majority of people.
Solo traveling has wider freedom in choice, preference, and place to stay and things to see. Obviously solo trip will give more to travelers and satisfies their need with private service from travel agencies of Nepal. Many trekking companies has group join trekking packages but still there are abundant number of folks who love to travel solo in a private trip.
Traveling Nepali mountains is preferred in a solo trip or say in private trip is because the flexibility in the mountain situation is best adaptable in solo travel. Significantly in the higher than just trekking – peak climbing is even better with solo trip.
There is much confusion on solo traveling for female solo travelers in different parts of the world; in case of Nepal traveling solo is not the problem at all. You can travel solo either as a female traveler or old age traveler; however, traveling in an organized trip from travel companies in Nepal is the best way to be safe 100%. Nepal is considered safe destination of solo female travelers. There are tourist police unit who helps solo travelers, this is effective in the cities than in the mountain adventure trekking and mountaineering.
Our entire trekking, climbing, expedition or tour packages are solo traveler friendly and can be customized as accordance. As we care your safety while traveling in Nepal (especially in the mountains), solo travel with Nepalgram is always considered safety as first thing to consider.


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