Amadablam Expedition

29 Days

Trip Facts

  • Plane-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 6812 meter / 22343 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge-Camping
  • Very Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Technical Climbing
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
Mt Amadablam Expedition is not as hard as you would imagine, although stated as expedition rather than climbing, but never underestimate the power of mountain and do not ignore the vertical climb it has.

Amadablam is a hardest mountain to climb in Khumbu region – hardest among all the commercial peaks of Everest like; lobuche peak, island peak, pokalde peak or any other.

The Trail

For expedition to Amadablam, we need to follow the trail of Everest base camp trekking. This trekking trail gives us chance to visit Tengboche monastery, Namche bazar, Khumjung village, Pangboche monastery, Amadablam village and many other small villages.

Saying that; mt Amadablam expedition tour is not just about getting to the top of a mountain but also getting to the summit & meeting local people, knowing culture and tradition of the region.

Namche Bazar is one of the extra ordinary mountain marts.

Tengboche monastery is a special monastery of the entire khumbu region. Pangboche monastery and Khumjung monastery has scalp of Yeti and Yeti hand/head.

Mount Ama Dablam is one of the most appreciation beauties of nature. This mountain expedition collaborate significant trek with snow and ice climbing.

Mt Amadablam climbing vs. Everest Expeditions

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain of earth whereas Mount Amadablam is not even an eight thousand – er mountain. And in this scenario, I am comparing these 2 mountain expedition, it might sound weird, but Amadablam and Everest are comparable.

Both Everest and Amadablam are in Everest region inside sagarmatha national park, also known as Khumbu Himalaya region in Nepal. Amadablam standing at 6812 meters or 22343 feet above the sea level is not the major mountain of Everest. However this is an iconic and the most dazzling mountain of Everest base camp trekking trail. Mount Everest is 8848 meter or 29021 feet above the sea level. But Everest is believed to be less technical than Mt Amadablam climbing.

Because of this technical challenge always compared in between Mt Amadablam and Mt Everest, I dared to compare as well. Interestingly, most of the Everest summiteer has climbed this peak Amadablam, if you do not believe, ask to Nirmal Purja – this guy did something amazing in expedition history, famous as “Project Possible” and at the end he climbed Mt Amadablam to show he is a hero.

1.         Physical Requirements/ Mt Amadablam climbing Difficulty

Mt Amadablam is a technically harder than Everest Expedition. Climbers spend more than 2 months for Everest Expedition but for Mt Amadablam expedition, less than a month is recommended, so the acclimatization and height is not an issue while climbing Mt Amadablam.

But the real issue is vertical climb and narrow route of Mt Amadablam. There are nearly no place for proper camping while climbing up Mt Amadablam. Amadablam expedition route is not fixed like the climbing route of Everest expedition. That is why; Mt Amadablam expedition is a challenge for climbers.

Climbing Amadablam is accepting a mountaineering challenge, rather than climbing for generalized fun. Unlike to trekking peaks, Mt Amadablam Expedition demands technical skill and sweating hard work to climb up the vertical rope.

Technical knowledge and knowledge of using climbing gear is necessary for Amadablam expedition. Your experience in the mountain or rock climbing adventure resume will welcome by the summit of Mt Amadablam. All in all, Amadablam is a difficult mountain, a challenge to the summit and something “proud of climbing”. Admit it or not, climbing Amadablam is an extreme mountaineering.

2.         Scenery

The prime location of Amadablam peak has proven itself as the best climb in Everest region from the Everest base camp trekking trail. The first mountain to be pointed by trekking guides, climbing guides or any first timer trekkers in Everest base camp is non-other than, Mt Amadablam. From the ground Amadablam looks perfectly carved statue of entire mountain beauty.

Similar to the astonishing shape of Amadablam from the ground, summit view of Mt Amadablam is mesmerizing. Located approximately in the middle of Khumbu Himalaya range, Mt Amadablam is a perfect view point for thousands of Mountains. From the summit of Mount Amadablam, bird eye view of Khumbu Himalaya range, Numbur range, Makau mountain range and mountain range from Tibet can be witness at its best.

Despite of Mount Everest behind the beauty of Mt Lothse, infinite range of Mountain and the deep river valley of Pheriche and Dingboche will be unreal view from the top of Mount Amadablam.

Last but not the least, you will make a best Nepali friend, your climbing guides and porters. Our best climbing team will surround you to assistant you for Mt Amadablam peak climbing, at the office of Nepalgram Adventure.

Daily itinerary for Amadablam peak climbing

  • Day 1 – Welcome on arrival and transfer to the hotel at 1350meters
  • Day 2 – Expedition preparation and introduction in between guides and clients
  • Day 3 – Fly in Lukla airport at 2600 meters and trek to Phakding village 2600 meters
  • Day 4 – Phakding village to Namche Bazzar (3,440m) for unbelievable change in trekking scenery.
  • Day 5 – Acclimatization day with impressive hike uphill to Everest view hotel 3880 meters and sleep overnight at Namche
  • Day 6 – Trekking from Namche bazzar to regions famous – Tyangboche Monastry (3,860m)
  • Day 7 – Trek to Amadablam Base Camp
  • Day 8 – Rest day with acclimatization hike at Basecamp with necessary Preparation
  • Day 9 – Amadablam peak Climbing Period [Base Camp – camp 1 at 5700m – yellow tower
  • Day 10- Day 26: Trek from Amadablam Base Camp to Namche Bazzar (3440m) with loaded adventure stories
  • Day 27 – Trek back to Lukla – Tenjing Hillary airport
  • Day 28 – Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu & transfer to the Hotel
  • Day 29 – Departure with Nepalgram Adventure farewell

Download Detail Itinerary of Amadablam Expeditionpaf itinerary for trevelers to Nepal 300x300 Copy


Climbing Amadablam is climbing the most beautiful mountain of Everest base camp trekking route. The shape is beautiful but the climbing is challenging. If your intention is an ultimate adventure – this is it.

Looking for a peak for expedition which is right in the middle of Everest Himalaya range? You have found it. Amadablam expeditions will not disappointing your eager to thrill and beauty from the summit.

Solo Mt Amadablam Expedition

In general, people climb Mt Amadablam in group. Though, big group for Amadablam expedition is not recommended. Climbing Amadablam single might also a good idea, as the solo climber will have private climbing guide and he will perform his best towards a single client.

Private guide means utmost care, and the care will support you to get on the top of Mt Amadablam. But as a solo climber, your technical skill and previous climbing experience is important. Climbing guide fix the rope and guide you along the route, give you instruction for safety. Saying that, climbing guide will not carry you all the way to summit as described in the book “into the thin air”.

Solo climbing will give every single supplement and level of service will be outstanding. But the solo climbing will surely cost more. So, solo expedition to Mt Amadablam is not recommended. But if you think, money is not an issue; our best guides might carry you to the summit of Amadablam, like Rob Hall did to Mr Doug.

Best time for Mt Amadablam Expedition

Mt Amadablam is Technical Mountain in the Everest region of Nepal Himalaya. Being famous as a best challenging peak in the Himalaya, climbers must keep eye on the best time to assault the summit of Amadablam.

October of autumn is the best season for Mount Amadablam expedition. Spring months, which fall right after the snowfall season of winter, also helps to deposit thick snow and ice chunk on the route of Amadablam peak. As Amadablam has hard vertical climbs and hanging ice on its route, the route is always easy with fresh and good amount of snow.

Spring in Nepal is famous for Everest Expedition as well. Month from March to May is regarded as spring for Nepal Himalaya.

Apart from the famous spring season, Mt Amadablam also be climbed in other season.

People climb Mt Amadablam in the month of autumn. Autumn in Nepal is from September to November. Interestingly people climb Mt Amadablam in the monsoon and winter as well. I, personally do not recommend you to climb Mt Amadablam in the monsoon, as it involves lots of vertical climb and hanging ice on route to the summit of mount Amadablam.

Regarding the winter expedition of Mt Amadablam, everything is in favor to climbers, except the freezing cold. Yellow camp or at the summit of Amadablam has not enough space for tent. Saying that imagine the amount of cold wind a climber will get in winter expedition of Mt Amadablam. But still, it is doable in the safe hands, despite of freezing cold.

Altitude profile of Mt Amadablam Expedition

6812 meters / or 22343 feet above the sea level, summit of Mt Amadablam is the highest point on the altitude profile for expedition to Mount Amadablam. In general, people trek to Mount Everest base camp and come back to Pheriche village, before climbing Mt Amadablam. This helps in acclimatization, prior to expedition to Amadablam. In this case, the elevation profile of Amadablam expedition will rise all the way to Kalapatthar peak standing at 5545 meter or 18188 feet and fall back to 4200 meters or 13776 feet, before Mount Amadablam expedition.

Whereas, some climbers go straight to the base camp of Mt Amadablam and assault the summit. If you are a professional climber, you know it and it is okay. If you are not a pro, please consider my suggestion and follow the altitude profile which rise all the way to Everest base camp in the beginning and go for Amadablam expedition. This is a safe passage to the top of Amadablam.

Either way, our guide will take you for the properly acclimatized side trips before climbing to Mt Amadablam. That is how the altitude will not be an issue.

Mt Amadablam Expedition in December

December is winter in Nepal. So, expect to get freezing cold while climbing Mt Amadablam. In general people do not assign Amadablam expedition in December. Saying that, few people do admit it as a challenge and our climbing guides mildly cope with the cold and summit with you to the top of Mount Amadablam.

Proper follow up with weather change, prior to expedition is important for winter expedition of Amadablam. Similar to winter expedition of mt Everest, Amadablam expedition in December needs warm gear, proper camping equipment and higher level of safety. Your safety is our duty and our climbing guides are out pride.

Mt Amadablam Expedition Cost

Cost for Amadablam Expedition is changeable with time frame, season and number of climbers. Climbing Amadablam in group will lower per head cost and as a solo climber, price will be higher, obviously. Mt Amadablam expedition cost depends on the level of service you opt for and the inclusion and exclusion you agree with. In general the cost will cover, climbing guide, Amadablam climbing permit, Everest trekking permit, local entrance fees, accommodation and food, camping and kitchen staff, group climbing gear and staff insurance. However, this inclusion differs as per mutual agreement.

Amadablam expedition Permit fee fluctuates with season and the cost for package as well. Let us know about your plan and we will assure you the best price with a lifetime memorable trip to the top of Mt Amadablam.

Itinerary for Mt Amadablam Expedition

As Mt Amadablam is in the middle of Everest range, there are more than dozen of options in regard to Mt Amadablam expedition. Two major itineraries for Mt Amadablam climbing are famous so far. Indeed, we recommend trekking all the way up to Everest base camp and climbing Mount Amadablam for the best experience and properly acclimatized itinerary for this technical peak climbing.

Firstly, Everest base camp trek with Amadablam expedition is the famous and recommended trekking plus climbing itinerary for Mt Amadablam. In this itinerary your body will get enough time to acclimatize. In contrast it might make you feel tired as well.

Secondly, climbers skip Everest base camp trek and trek to the base camp of Mt Amadablam and start the climb to summit of peak. In this option total number of trekking days is obviously less; in contrast your body might not acclimatize properly, before the expedition. This option of Amadablam expedition itinerary is not recommended. However, for professional climbers and to those, altitude is not an issue can sign up for this itinerary.

Similar to, many options of Everest base camp trek, there are many options for itinerary of Mt Amadablam expedition. You can start trekking from Jiri shivalaya route, drive to salleri and start trekking from Phaplu to Amadablam. Doing fly in trekking to Amadablam expedition, you can opt for Everest 3 high passes trek or chola pass trek before climbing Amadablam. Any of the high passes trek in Everest base camp trekking trail or overland EBC trekking route can be mixed in the itinerary for Amadablam expedition.

Mt Amadablam Expedition In april

Among all the best season for Amadablam expedition, April is the best. April is peak month of spring season in Nepal, and this is the best time to climb Amadablam. Expedition to Everest is also famous in spring and many people ascend to the top of the world in the month of April.

This is not only the reason for recommending April as the best month for Amadablam expedition. But in April the snow stability is good, thickness of snow right after winter will facilitate for Amadablam expedition and the clear sky will give the best view in route to the summit and from the top of Amadablam.

If your holiday schedule does not fit April, any month of spring i.e. from march to May is recommended the best. Whereas, autumn is another best seasons, indeed.

Highlights of Mt Amadablam Expedition

The summit of Amadablam is a perfect rooftop for Mountain View in all Everest regions. Along with khumbu Himalaya range the beauty of 5th highest mountain Mt Makalu range, Mt choyu, Mt number range and many named and unnamed peaks are infinitely connected to each other?

From the summit of Amadablam nobody will forget the view of Everest and the surrounding mountains in the sky; where the grounded view of narrow river valley with villages of Pheriche, Dingboche, Tengboche, Pangboche and Lobuche will look astonishing. The view above the cloud will give insights of fairy tale.

Technical part of climbing is another highlight for thrill seekers. Vertical climb or narrow camps for tent and nearly no place to pee or poo will explore the extreme mountaineering while climbing Mt Amadablam.

Apart from mountaineering part, trekking to the base camp of Mount Amadablam is overwhelming. Few moments in trekking route before expedition are overwhelming, for example – visit of Tengboche monastery and blessing from lama, attending the puja ceremony at the oldest monastery of Pangboche or visiting Khumjung monastery to watch the scalp of yeti.

Highlights of Amadablam peak climbing Expedition

  • Climbing right in the middle of khumbu himalaya range for the perfect rooftop view of thousands of mountains all around your head
  • Challenging peak in Nepal, an adventure to thrill yourself
  • Check your vertical limit with your mountaineering capability - a matter of pride
  • Everest base camp trekking trail - a top view
  • Valley of Dingboche, Pheriche, Pangboche and Imja valley
  • Trekking off the beaten trail of Everest base camp, while trekking towards Amadablam base camp
  • Cultural aspects of trek like - Khumjung monastery, Pangboche monastery and attending regular puja ceremony at tyangboche monastery

Daily itinerary for Amadablam peak climbing

Hotel with BB Plan Pick up included

Hotel with BB Plan Around an hour meeting

Tea house with B,L,D 25 minutes flight and 3 hours trekking 4 kilometer trekking distance

Teahouse with B,L,D 9 hours of trekking 12 kilometer trekking distance

Teahouse with B,L,D 3-6 hours of trekking 2-4 kilometer trekking distance

Teahouse with B,L,D 6 hours of trekking 5 kilometer trekking distance

Trekking from monastery to Ama Dablam Basecamp (4,450m) with the best approaching view of Mt Amadablam Teahouse with B,L,D 5 hours of trekking 5 kilomtertrekking distance

Day 10 :
Day 11 :
Day 12 :
Day 13 :
Day 14 :
Day 15 :
Day 16 :
Day 17 :
Day 18 :
Day 19 :
Day 20 :
Day 21 :
Day 22 :
Day 23 :
Day 24 :
Day 25 :

Teahouse with B,L,D 7 hours of trekking 10 kilometer trekking distance

Teahouse with B,L,D 6 hours of trekking 16 kilometer trekking distance

Price details for Amadablam peak climbing Expedition - General Inclusions

  • Kathmandu to Lukla 2 way flight
  • Airport pick up and drop for domestic flight
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the trekking – any food from Menu
  • All your hot drinks; like – tea or water
  • All accommodation and food for entire team during Amadablam expedition
  • All accommodations during the trek – best available.
  • Climbing permit for the entire team & all necessary paper works, entry permit & Sagarmatha national park entrance fee.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder Trekking climbing guide including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking and tour.
  • Insurance of climbing and trekking staff
  • A helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people).
  • Insurance of all support team members – guides, porter and kitchen staff
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit) with regular oxygen saturation check up with oxymeter, we will keep the record.
  • kitchen staff team while you are climbing , with necessary gears & All kitchen equipment
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Gratitude
  • Card fee or Bank transfer charge for the online payable amount (for online payable amount)
  • Group climbing equipment and safety belongings, tents, bedding and high altitude gears

Price details for Amadablam peak climbing Expedition - General Inclusions

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport – Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $50 USD dollar.
  • International airfare.
  • Your personal necessary gears for trekking &climbing.
  • Your Medical/Travel insurance.
  • All the alcoholic, hot and cold drinks.
  • Anything not stated in Inclusion

Amadablam Expedition FAQs

How high is Mt. Amadablam?

Mt Amadablam 6812 meters above the sea level is one of the stunning mountain of Everest regions.
If you have done everest base camp trek or just Everst view trek; then a iconic mountain on the right hand side of Everest and Mt Lotse is Mt Amadablam. Meaning of Amadablam is mother’s necklace.
As the name, this mountain looks like necklace.

How hard is Mt amadablam climbing?

Expedition to Amadablam is considered as technical climbing. As this peak climbing involves lots of vertical climb and has narrow space at the very top; it is considered as a deadly peak climbing in Everest Nepal.
Mt Amadablam has two peaks, among them the 1st peak is yellow camp and the 2nd peak is the top of Amadablam. Mt Amadablam expedition is considered as harder peak peak climbing; even harder than Mt Everest expedition itself.

How is the view from top of Mt Amadablam?

The view from the top of Amadablam is outstanding.
As mt Amadablam summit will be approximately in the middle of khumbu region, the view of Amadablam summit is far and wide. From the top of Mt Amadablam, you can see great view of 4 major mountains above 8 thousand.
From the summit of Mt. Amadablam; you can see mt. Everest (first highest mountain of the world), Mt Lotse (fourth highest mountain), Mt Makalu (fifth highest mountain), Mt Cho yu (sixth highest mountain of the world). Apart from the view of 8-thousander thousands of mountain on Number chuli side, Makalu side and Gokyo side are visible from the top of Everest.
Nepalgram Adventure offers you the adventure on climbing Mount Ama Dablam with safety and an experienced climbing guide.
Mount Ama Dablam is renowned as the most beautiful mountain across the world, which is located in the eastern part of Nepal. Mount Ama Dablam is always an inspiring mountain to every trekker and climbers in the Everest region. Mount Ama Dablam expedition provides a splendid climbing experience in a beautiful setting with countless culture and beautiful directions. The mountain majestic beauty has influenced the climbers in number.

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Amadablam Expedition

Amadablam peak climbing Expedition Info

  • Plane-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 6812 meter / 22343 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge-Camping
  • Very Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • Technical Climbing
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

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