• 12 Days Everest basecamp trekking in Nepal
  • 12 Days Everest basecamp trekking in Nepal
  • 12 Days Everest basecamp trekking in Nepal
  • 12 Days Everest basecamp trekking in Nepal

Everest basecamp trek overview

Everest base camp trek is not as hard as you imagine. Nepalgram offers a proper acclimatized itinerary for Kathmandu Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal. Everest summit can not be climbed with this trek package but for sure we will look Everest from less than 10 kilometer distance.

What is in Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek?

Everest Base Camp is given its name because it’s the starting point for mountaineers who want to summit Mount Everest. So, specifically, Everest Base Camp is a glacier top surface where you will be able to see lots of tents of Everest climbers in the spring season from March to May, when weather conditions are favorable.

12 Days Everest basecamp trekking in Nepal
Pic – Flower in no tree line Zone above 4000m

Apart from the base camp of Everest, trekking trail to Kathmandu Everest base camp has more to see. Starting your trek after the short flight to Lukla, village walk, jungle trek and wilderness of downstream rivers will amaze your expectation. From the second day of trekking you will feel like you are too much close to the mountains; however one can see mountains after landing at the airport of Lukla itself.

Walk after Namche village has more to explore – flora, fauna, Ghoral, Himalayan goats, footprint of snow leopard and yaks along the trekking trail of Kathmandu Everest base camp is both interesting and annoying. In the peak season of October and April trekkers walking on the trail will be passes by herd of yak, yak are transporter of the Everest.

How close will the mountain or Everest look?

Very close, when you sleep at your hotel at Namche village, mt Kangtega will be right in front of you. When you start walking from Namche to Tengboche the view of the mountains will be closer and closer. Day from Tengboche to Dingboche will walk around Mout Amadablam. One you get to Lobuche your head will be too close to Mt Nuptse. When you are at the Everest base camp all the mountains will draw you in them. All in all, Kathmandu Everest Base camp trek will provide closer view of thousands of mountain.

Among them, Mt Thamsherku, Mt Amadablam, Mt Kangtega, Mt Cholatse, Mt Pumori are remarkable. These peaks are peaks of Everest below 8000 meters. Where trekkers to Everest base camp trail will be able to see 4 mountains above 8000 meters; Mt Everest, Mt Makalu, Mt Choyu, Mt Lotse are peaks above 8000 meters that EBC trek will offer to dear trekkers.

Who can do Everest Base Camp trek?

Normal fitness level is okay for trekking to Everest base camp. No rope, no ice climbing, no technical walks are necessary for Everest trek. But positive mind, happy with nature, okay to walk for 11 days is most important

12 Days Everest basecamp trekking in Nepal
Pic – Yak Caravan near Thukla Pass 4800m

thing you need to consider trekking to the base camp of Everest. A person in their early 80 years or kids of 5 years has done Everest base camp trekking with smiling face. So you can do it. For your information there are many people around the world who come to trek Everest base camp to burn the fat. If you love nature and the mountains, Kathmandu Everest base camp trek could be a great idea for good exercise and a best holiday in Nepal.

What is the best time for trekking to Everest base camp?

If you are looking for good time to trek to Everest; go Everest in between late September to November. If you want to avoid the crowd and get the good view, both at once; trek to Everest on these months: September, November, December, March, and early June. Everest is drier than Annapurna trekking trail. As Everest trek starts from lukla at 2880 meters chance of rain is very less however snow and clouds will not be strange in winter and monsoon respectively. Winter in Nepal starts from November and ends in February where monsoon is in the month of June & July.

Everest Base Camp trek difficulty

Everest base camp trek is not hard as you would imagine. The trekking itinerary is designed for normal fitness level people, so if you go in 12 days trek, in that case it should not be a problem at all. Walking hours are allocated, with plenty of breaks; breaks includes – picture break, tea break, pee break, on route briefing break, let other go break, catch your breath break, lunch break & more. As the hour of walking is arranged in this way; Everest base camp trek is not difficult.

For the pro trekkers, trail of Everest base camp is a highway to the mountain. The wide & properly managed trail, guide taking care of the unforeseen situation and taking care of you during the trek; all of these will make trekking easy. However, cold temperature in the morning and night, high altitude symptoms are always dark side. The best way to tackle with cold is putting on enough cloth, drinking enough, drinking hot tea and moving around when possible. Stay in the dinning, if they have turned on the heating chamber. To mitigate the altitude related disaster, follow your guide and take medicine like Diamox, if needed. Acclimatization is also the best option for deceiving the altitude related trouble.

Solo Everest Base Camp trek

As Everest base camp trek is, one of the famous places to visit in Nepal and a common bucket list of millions of people, all around the world. With that being said, trek cannot be done in complete privacy or in 100% peace; but if you choose to go in a solo trip to Everest base camp; you can avoid the crowd in the trail or at the tea house, to most extent. Solo trekking to Everest base camp helps you to modify the trekking activity, easily. For example, if you want to climb kalapatthar for sunset, instead of sunrise – you can go for it without more discussion. Saying that you have full feasibility for any of the change you want to make, of the scheduled itinerary to EBC. Solo trek to EBC will be a private trek to Everest base camp.

In return, the cost for the trek will be little bit expensive than group join trek to EBC. But all the cost you pay extra, worth it.

Everest Base Camp trek Altitude

Everest base camp itself lies at an altitude of 5364 meters or 17487 feet above the sea level. But the maximum height you can attain while doing Everest base camp trek is 5545 meter or 18077 feet above the sea level. In normal itinerary for Everest base camp trek, there are 2 acclimatization hike, one at 3500 meter and another at 4400 meter. Acclimatization hike also help trekkers to rest after multi day hiking, tired body and helps to revive the energy.

Everest base camp trek starts from an altitude of 2880 meters or 9389 feet above the sea level, at Lukla. On the first day trek goes downhill to phakding, descending 300 meters, this makes trekking easy at the beginning. Second day of EBC trek is considered hard, it is all because of longer hour of walking and around 1000 meter altitude change, in a day. But we take acclimatization break at Namche so it is not hard, the next day. When trek goes above 4000 meters, at crossing Pangboche village, then the trek goes different than normal. No tree line, less oxygen and being near to the mountain, all of them at once start affecting the trekker. But if you follow the instruction of guide, take it easy, walk slow and steady, drink enough, eat & sleep plenty; following these rules will help you to achieve the goal to ebc trek in an ease.

Everest Base Camp trek in December

Trek in December is regarded as winter trek to Everest base camp. Winter are cold in the mountain, there is no internal hating, except in the dinning, till the oven is turned on. Apart from being December’s morning and night’s cold, other part of December trekking is normally fine. However, if there is snow fall during the trek, which is most probable; it is going to be colder than normal and temperature goes below zero, immediately.

Many people do trekking in December, but you need to be sure that, you are used to with the subzero temperature and resist the snowy trail of Everest base camp. Most importantly, it is highly recommended, to take a trekking guide for winter trekking. Snowfall, cold nights and less people are both good and bad side of trekking in December. If you think you can tackle all of it, Everest base camp trek in December will give the clear sky and amount of snow on the mountain will look fantastic.


Everest base camp trekking cost starts from US$950, as a basic service plan. But this price can increase according to the service and facility you want to use during the trek. If you want standard accommodated trek, best service; which is called luxury Everest base camp trek in general, in that case the price will be more than double than stated.

But one thing is for sure, the cost of Local travel agents or local trekking company, based in kathamndu has way cheap price than international companies.

Everest Base Camp trek itinerary

Itinerary for Everest base camp trek can be designed as accordance to your choice and interest, but still common itinerary for Everest base camp trek is 12 days trek from Lukla to lukla. There are many options to change the itinerary, like; you can include the side trip to Thame valley (birth place of first Everest climber – Tenzing norgey Sherpa) or you can add more days in between Lukla to Everest base camp, so as to make sure you want to go slow. Everest base camp trek for Indians has always been hard to finish in 12 days. If you love your comfort and want to stop when you feel tired, best way is to go for 14 days trek, from Lukla to Lukla. 2 extra days as spare days of Everest base camp trek will help to stay where or when you feel tough.

In regard to solo trekking trip, change of itinerary is easy but for group join, trekking guide must look at the interest of group rather than a single person, so you must stick with the plan.

If you consider above information are helpful and you are ready for the Everest base camp, please write us. Our Itinerary are demo, we can customize as per you need and fitness level.

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Our trip to Eeverest base camp turned out to be a grand adventure in Nepal. The country is incredibly beautiful, which we knew about and expected. And the energy of the people and the environment is extraordinary, which can only be experienced and which surprised us quite a bit and pleased us to no end. We gave our best and got up every morning to a well planned day of fun and excitement that had us thoroughly engaged and looking forward to the next.
The trip planner arun at the tour company is a real gem. He is passionate about Everest; very energetic and positive to work with in planning a trip. He is very knowledgeable about all opportunities to live well and enjoy the country. The process of planning our trip was very collaborative - he worked with us to figure out our interests and needs and based on that made suggestions for an itinerary that was exactly what we wanted. During the self-driving journey we felt he and his wive were with us every step of the way. All the detailed arrangements for every day were perfect. Its a challenge of endurance for ourselves through a totally new and different place; but they made it easy, safe and fun! We feel like we picked the perfect tour company to work with.
I definitively recommend Nepalgram......