Annapurna Base Camp Trek guide

Annapurna Base Camp Trek guide
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Annapurna Base Camp Trek guide

Because of its moderate difficulty and with plenty of magnificent views, the Annapurna Base Camp trek is one of Nepal’s most renowned trek. The walk commences from the village of Nayapul, which is about 1070 meters above sea level. This article gives you a general summary of the trek, including what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Annapurna Base Camp is a comparatively easy walk that takes 7-9 days to accomplish. The trek begins in Nayapul and continues down the Marshyangdi River to Annapurna Base Camp.

Annapurna base camp route

Trekker on the route to ABC
Pic: Trekker on the route to ABC

The trek begins from Nayapul and proceeds upstream along the Marsyangdi River to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC).Another route to start ABC trek is from Besi Sahar and continues upstream along the Marsyangdi River to Nayapul and to ABC.

Because of its high altitude, steep ascents, and restricted pathways, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek can be difficult for beginners.

The trail begins at Besisahar, at an elevation of 760 meters, and concludes at Annapurna Base Camp, at a height of 4,130 meters.

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek can be broken down into three sections:

1) Besisahar to Nayapul (27 km)

2) Nayapul to Chame (22 km), and

3) Chame to Annapurna Base Camp (27 km) (18 km).

Annapurna base camp trek best time

Pre-monsoon months are the finest for trekking to Annapurna base camp: February, March, April, and May. If you want to go trekking after the monsoon then late September, October, November, and December are the best months to trek Annapurna base camp.

Early September is also an option, but we prefer the months stated above. Nepal’s trekking seasons reflect the country’s climate variations throughout the year.

The weather in Nepal can be separated into four distinct trekking seasons (though there are changes within each of these), and the weather in each of these seasons will influence where and when you go trekking.

The climate in Nepal varies according to altitude and landscape. The lowlands are subtropical (600-1200m), the midlands are warm temperate (1200-2100m) and cold temperate (2100-3300m), and the mountains are alpine (3300-5000m) and tundra (5000-8848m).

The excellent thing is that no matter what time of year you arrive in Nepal, trekking season will be ideal anywhere in the nation. Trekking in Nepal is greatest from the middle of September to the middle of December, and from March to May.

Annapurna base camp trekking cost

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is not the most costly trek in Nepal due to its typical time and difficulty. Prices range from 700 USD to 1000 USD (600 EUR to 900 EUR).

To trek inside the Annapurna Sanctuary Area, you must first register and pay an entrance fee. Indian trekkers pay NPR 1,000, whereas foreign trekkers pay NPR 4,000. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is unquestionably one of Nepal’s finest trek.

It is also, arguably, less expensive than the most popular Everest Base Camp Trek due to its usual trekking duration. The Annapurna Base Camp trip (ABC) can cost anywhere from US$ 700 and US$ 2500, depending on the route, food and accommodation, and trek organizer.

You can personalize the schedule, add a premium option like a helicopter ride from Base Camp to Pokhara, and the price will rise. As a result, the cost of the Annapurna Base Camp journey is dependent entirely on the trekkerr’s choices.

Annapurna base camp helicopter tour

Helicopter landing at ABC
Pic: Helicopter landing at ABC

A one-hour helicopter ride from Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp is included in the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour. The Annapurna helicopter trip from Kathmandu takes roughly three hours.

Mt. Annapurna (8091m) is the world’s tenth tallest peak. The highlight of this heli ride package is visiting Mount Annapurna’s and Dhaulagiri’s base camps. This Annapurna helicopter flight takes you across the mountain base camp’s highlands, settlements, jungles, river systems, and plains.

This Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter tour is the greatest alternative for individuals who are short on time but want to see the Himalayan splendor. A heli tour to Annapurna allows you to see the entire Annapurna region’s dramatic vistas, lush and rustic valleys, and breathtaking mountain peaks.

In reality, a helicopter trip is the quickest and best method to get up face to face with several mountains in the Annapurna region, as well as a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding countryside.

The helicopter trip departs from Pokhara airport and heads north, providing a spectacular view of Mount Annapurna, Mount Nilgiri, Mount Fish Tail, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Manaslu, and Mount Hiunchuli, as well as many other nearby high peaks.

This heli ride, like the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, is best for mountain views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Feel free to contact us, for any information about Annapurna Base Camp Trek which is not included in this guide. We are always ready to solve the queries of our clients.

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