Langtang Valley Trek - 12 Days

Trip Facts

  • Jeep-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 3900 meter/12792 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge
  • Less Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • National Park Trekking Tour
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 5
  • 78

To watch a complete view of mountains from the center of the valley is an amazing experience for everyone hiking in this river valley by the side of Langtang river. This trek will be once in a lifetime experiences; to view the mountain range very closely from the center of the Langtang valley – combined with the local people and their antique (and unique) traditions.

Short trek destination near the capital city – Kathmandu, to explore Nepal Himalaya and to involve in the local life, the Langtang valley trek could be a best trekking in Nepal, for you.

Trekking in Langtang valley trail leads to the historic valley of Langtang & Kyanjing Gompa, exploring a variety of flora and fauna, gradually changing atmosphere with the slow increasing altitude. Trekking is fairly easy and at the same time you get to picture many mountains such as Langtang Lirung (7246m), Ganesh Himal (7,600m), Dorje Lakpa and many other unnamed Himalayan peaks.

Langtang valley trek
Picture: view of langtang village and mountains


Langtang Valley trekking is famous for the reason, that it provides a complete 360 degree view of the mountain all around you, in the short trekking days. The moment when you watch Himalaya range all above & around you is fantastic and inspiring. Apart from the scenic view, Langtang trekkers also get a chance to see various animals and explore their paths on the way, because we trek in the Langtang National park and hence flora and fauna are really conserved here, in the lap of the Himalaya.

Langtang Valley is also called as the VALLEY OF GLACIER. Thus, to be in the valley of Langtang is a great chance to get up and close to a glacier, something that is not possible with every trekking package.

On one hand, rhododendron forest coloring the whole jungle as red or white is truly beautiful and on the other hand barren landscape in the higher altitudes is decorated with herds of cattle and yaks grazing. Likewise the nature, local people are also really generous and their warm greeting ” Namaste” makes trekkers smile and reply them with NAMASTE.

Those good people are either Hindu or Buddhist and the villages are really culturally diverse. Below is a suggested itinerary for trekking in Langtang valley, but it can be customizedas per your wishes.

Best time for Langtang Valley trek

Spring season (March to May) is regarded as the best season for trekking to Langtang valley. Blossom of Rhododendron in the forest of Langtang with other small flowering plant is the main attraction of spring trekking in Langtang valley. However, with the crystal clear sky, clear weather to see snowcapped mountains – autumn season (August to November) is also regarded as the best trekking season.

But practically Langtang valley trekking is done all over the year. Trekking in Monsoon with frequent rainfall and late winter with freaking cold are not recommended, in general. Whatsoever, if you trek with specific formula in this low season of winter and rainy weather in Nepal – you still can get the best view in fewer crowds of people.

If you are trekking in winter – avoid the cold and walk in the sun, for the nights at the non – heated tea houses rooms – keep warm clothes on or use warmer packs. If you are trekking to Langtang valley in Monsoon – start early in the morning and stop before it is noon, in general, afternoon on monsoon expects rainfall.

Langtang Valley Trek vs. Gosaikunda trek

Physical Requirements/ Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty

Langtang valley trekking trail is along the river, where trekking to Gosaikunda is trek towards the hill top. Thus these two short trekking in Nepal is different in character, from uphill to gradual trail.

Firstly, Langtang valley trek start from a local town of swyapru Bensi, which itself is by the side of the river and a natural hot spring. The trail is along the river and passes through the small jungle, eventually get back to the river and at the end of the trek trail gets to the source of Langtang river. The source of Langtang River is Langtang Lirung Glacier, which is accessible from the last village of Langtang – Kyaning Village.

Secondly, Gosaikunda trek starts from Dhunche Bazzar, right at the middle of ridge of Rasuwa district bordering Sindualchwok. Trail is into the jungle but once it start jungle trail of Gosainkunda – uphill only ends after getting to the top of the trail at Gosaikunda Lake.

Langtang valley trek is gentle uphill walk – whereas Gosaikunda is straight uphill hike.


Langtang valley trek by the name itself is a valley view trek. Spiral valley along the river of Langtang has green hill at the starting days and towards the last village of the Langtang valley trail, White Mountains appeared closer than expected. Once we get to the village of Kyanjing, Mt Langtang and its glacier, Mt Dorje lakpa, Mt Yubra, Mt Nayakyang, Mt Ganja la peak and many other names and unnamed mountains will be really close and the view is 360 degree.

After the last village of Langtang, 2 options to climb kyanjing ri or Tsergu ri for acclimatization or for the best view is even more interesting. From these 2 climb, you can see the mountains from the Tibet region and range of Langtang Mountain comes even closer.

The scenery of Gosaikunda trek is completely different from the view of Langtang Valley trek. In contrast to the view of Langtang, mountains seen from trekking trail of Langtang are far but wide. In Gosaikunda trek, you not only see Langtang mountain range but also see Mt Manaslu, Mt Ganesh and a wide range of Langtang.

Differently than the valley view, Gosaikunda trek has top view of the mountain. However, you do not see any proper glacier and you do not get as closer to the mountains, as you get in Langtang valley trek.

Solo trekking

Solo trekking to Langtang has freedom over trekking in the group. If you have short time for your Nepal visit and if you love your peace or precisely; solo trekking is preferred to those who are introvert and want to utilize Langtang valley trek as a holiday to plan something crucial.

Trekking in the group will also let you be alone of needed, but unlike to solo trekking there are few moments where you cannot keep things under your control. If you want to change the plan – you cannot just change in a way you want. Sometimes you might need to change your plan for other’s unavoidable situation. In solo trek – you can decide and ask your guide to plan the rest of the trip accordingly.

Langtang Valley trek altitude

Trekking to Langtang valley is along the river so the change in altitude is not drastic. Starting of the trek at Syapru Bensi is at 780 meters above the sea level. The last village you sleep is at 3900 meters / 12714 feet above the sea level. In between these start and final destination of Langtang valley trek, altitude of trekking destination do not rise more than 800 meters a day, except the first day.

Interestingly, Langtang Valley trek has its own special feature, feature of rise in altitude to 5000 meter above the sea level. If you are fit and if you want to climb 5000 meter / 16300 ft above the sea level, it is possible. Climbing to Kyanjing ri or Tsergu ri for the view of Langtang range is possible from this short trek of Langtang, Langtang valley trek.

Trek in December

December is winter for Nepal. With saying that, trekking to Langtang in December is going to be very cold. However, the clear sky and White Mountains with abundant snow can be observed in this season. Trekking trail might be full with snow, sometimes blocking the trekking trail itself.

Chunk of snow on the trekking trail is not easy to trek, sometimes trekkers need to reschedule the itinerary however snow fill all the hilltop of the Langtang and it looks overwhelmingly beautiful.  Trekkers who love to be in snow or those who want to walk while snowing; will certainly fulfill their wish, trekking in December.

Hiking from Kyanjing gompa to either of the hill top of the view of the mountain is nearly impossible without spikes. So taking spikes with you for trekking in winter is recommended highly. Spikes will also help you trek in the trekking trail from destinations to destinations, especially while descending.


Number of days, details of cost and activities you are doing matters the amount you need to pay for Langtang valley trek. There are options of vehicle that you can drive from Kathmandu to Langtang valley trekking start point. With saying that, cost for Langtang trekking is never same.

You can hire a luxury jeep to ride to get to trekking start point or can accommodate yourself in a shared jeep or can travel by local bus. The accommodation during the trek vary the cost, you can stay in the room with indoor toilets or outdoor toilet. Use of horse in the need and trekking inclusion of food and beverage during the trek, determines the Langtang valley trek price.

Cost for Langtang trekking depends with season, service level and details of price inclusion. If the price you paid for the trip includes everything for the trek, it might come in higher price range, whereas the trekking cost for a service trek will be cheaper. If you are want to find the detailed cost details from Langtang valley trek, click on this link.


In general, illustrated below is the itinerary for Langtang valley trek. But alike to any of the trekking in Nepal, Langtang valley trek itinerary can be customized as per the need and interest. There are few people who want to trek to Langtang for bird watching, someone wants to relax during the trek, some want to finish the trek in shorter number of days possible or some want to challenge themselves – all these factors are responsible for trekking to Langtang.

The itinerary for trekking can be customized during the trip planning phase for group trek, whereas solo trekking itineraries are always flexible.

Trekking itinerary is made looking the scenery, accommodation availability, quality of food, distance to the next destination, disaster vulnerability and more. Saying that, itinerary for Langtang valley trekking can be changed by your guide if any circumstances forced him/her so.

General day to day itinerary for Langtang Valley trek

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to SyabruBensi (1450m); 4-6 hours
Day 02: Start of Langtang valley trek from SyabruBensi to Lama Hotel (2480m)
Day 03: Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang (354om); 6 hours approx.
Day 04: From Langtang to KyanjinGompa (3900m); 4 hours
Day 05: Acclimatization
Day 06: Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2480m); 7 hours
Day 07: Lama Hotel to Syabrubensi; 5 hours
Day 08: Drive back from Syabrubensi to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.


One of the easiest access to the Himalaya glacier, close up to the towering mountains form Nepal and Tibet & excursion of jungle of national park and local villages along the trekking trail is possible in Langtang valley trek.

Easy trek with versatile feature of the route is identity of Langtang valley trekking trip. It has been liked by family trekkers as well as beginners for Nepal Himalaya.

Major thing to see in the Langtang Valley Trek:

  • Kathmandu City tour with local guide
  • UNESCO world heritage site, guided tour
  • Spiral river valley of Langtang trek
  • Langtang and Kerung river
  • Jungle walk along the river valley and explore wildlife, flora & fauna
  • Local yak milk and cheese factory
  • Local people and villages of Sherpa community
  • Close to the mountains and glacier of Langtang, Langsisa kharka
  • Mostly flat trekking, considered fairly easy trekking to get the view and closeness to mountain and glacier in short trekking
  • Wildlife, flora and fauna inside Langtang National park. NP conserves red panda, snow leopard and few other endangered animals.
  • All inclusive packages from your arrival to Nepal to departure, a hassle free trip to Nepal, everything organized by Nepalgram

Detailed Itinerary for Langtang Valley Trek

Day 1

• Altitude – 1350 meters
• Time – 30 minutes hotel transfer time
• Activity – Relax at hotel

On arrival at Tribhuwan international airport (1350m), our company representative will assist you to check in to your hotel. In brief, s/he will let you know the time and location for the pre-trip meeting about the sightseeing tour, and the Langtang Valley trekking.

Day 2
UNESCO world Heritage sightseeing with Guide in A/C car

• Altitude – 1350 meters
• Special – Kathmandu City Tour
• Time – Full day
• Activity – Sightseeing of UNESCO world heritage sites

Authorized local tour guide will take you around the city of Kathmandu. We will follow the major landmarks of the valley (Pashupatinath, Buddhanath, Monkey temple and Kathmandu durbar square). As a local guide, s/he will take you off the tourist path and make you feel the adventure even in the city tour. Afternoon will be for the last preparations for Langtang Valley trekking.

Day 3
Drive from Kathmandu to SyabruBensi (1450m); 4-6 hours

• Altitude – 1450 meters
• Special – Scenic view during drive
• Time – 4/6 hours
• Activity – Travelling in bus

All day today will be in the bus or jeep; the journey will take about 8 hours. Narrow hill road and bumpy ride will offer scenic views of the river valley as well as snowcapped mountains while you get nearer to the National park check point of Nepal Army.

Day 4
Start of Langtang valley trek from SyabruBensi to Lama Hotel (2480m); 6 hours approx

• Altitude – 2480 meters
• Special – Diverse landscapes and Greenery
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Walking by the side of river

From today till the last day of trekking you will explore villages, and we will stay at the local owned tea house. There will be a menu at every tea house from which you will get to choose your lunch, dinner and breakfast (all included if you buy our normal package). You will be following our trekking guide, who helps you in all things from choosing food to sleeping warm. You are free to decide on your own but listening to your guide is always wise.
Your porter will be carrying your luggage, you only need to carry a small day-pack with drinking water, camera, sun screen and other things you will need during the day’s trek. You do not need to worry about anything while traveling with Nepalgram Adventure, but always remember to eat and drink enough to keep your energy up.

Day 5
Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang (3540m); 6 hours approx

• Altitude – 3540 meters
• Special – View of mountain
• Time – 6 hours
• Activity – Trekking

Today we will start trekking from middle of jungle to no tree zone. Interesting factor of today’s trekking is the Langtang village. If you ask your guide about the earthquake of 2015, you can only imagine how Langtang village was, before earthquake. It is completely different now and the evidence of the avalanche devastation is still visible. Apart from this, we will get a nice view of mountains towards North and a spiral river valley in the South.

Day 6
From Langtang to KyanjinGompa (3900m); 4 hours

• Altitude – 3900 meters
• Special – Kyanjin village
• Time – 4 hours
• Activity – Trekking mostly on flat road

Today is an easy day on the Langtang Valley trek. Langtang valley trekking is said to be an easy trek in Nepal because once trekkers get above 3000m, the trail gets flat and the view gets nicer. Enjoy the short hike and utilize your free time to stroll around Kyanjing Gompa.
Kyajing has a few bakeries serving Espresso, Latte, flavored tea and pastries. If you love making new friends while trekking in Nepal, a good way to do that is hang out in a bakery.

Day 7
Acclimatization/Explore/Side Trip of your choice

• Altitude – 4984 meters
• Special – panoramic view of mountains
• Time – 45 minutes/1 hour hike
• Activity – short hiking

There are multiple option for today. Walk around the village, hike to the base camp of Langtang Lirung, climb KyanjingRi to 4800 meters, Climb lower Kynajing peak 4500meters, climb TsherguRi 5000 meters, walk towards Tilmang pass (Langshisa Kharka) or climb to the base camp of Nayakyang peak. Hike up to KyanjingRi for 360 degree view of Langtang Range is a popular choice among most of the trekkers.
To choose from all these options, you can talk about your wishes with your guide and estimate your stamina for today’s exercise. Our guides can give you honest recommendations based on their experience.

Day 8
Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2480m); 7 hours

• Altitude – 2480 meters
• Special – Scenic view during trek
• Time – 7 hours
• Activity – Trekking downhill

Walking downhill is always easier than climbing up. Walk in your pace and soak in the views of nature, and the way back will be interesting as well. We will take the same trail on our way back.

Day 9
Lama Hotel to Syabrubensi; 5 hours

• Altitude – 1450 meters
• Special – Exploration of village
• Time – 5 hours
• Activity – Trekking and relax at hotel

This last day’s hike is ups and down inside the jungle. Tonight in Syaprubensi enjoy your free time and relax, explore the village on your own, or if you are interested to jump in to hot spring, that is also possible in Syaprubensi.

Day 10
Drive back from Syabrubensi to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

• Altitude – 1350 meters
• Special – Scenic view during drive
• Time – 4/6 hours
• Activity – Travelling in bus

Driving back along the same road will remind you of a week ago, at this moment you must be feeling more or less accomplished. We hope you liked this itinerary, giving you an easy and general introduction to the Himalayas. We hope to serve you soon again for your next great adventure.
Or if you decided trekking is not your cup of tea after all, our adventure tours will surely entertain you.

Day 11
Rest, guided shopping and relax day in Thanmel, Kathmandu.

• Altitude – 1350 meters
• Special – Shopping
• Time – Full day/half day (as per your choice)
• Activity – Shopping and Relax at hotel

To add something extra on your Nepal holidays, we have upgraded our itinerary with a shopping tour in Kathmandu. Apart from trekking and culture, Nepal is also a good place to do shopping. This tour is a great opportunity to get the souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Our local guide will take you to some of the shopping centers available in Kathmandu. Tell your guide about your wishes and s/he will help you find the best selections and prices.
If you want to spend this day in the mountain, you can decide now for group joining trek and during the trek for solo trekking, indeed

Day 12
We will drop you to TIA airport for your final flight departure to home.

• Time – 30 minutes airport transfer time
• Activity – Flying back to origin

Time has come to farewell you. We will be looking forward to your return to Nepal and wish to see you again on your next adventure. Wish your safe travel.

Cost of Langtang Valley Trek-General Inclusions

  • Airport pickup and drop by private car or micro bus (depending on group size).
  • 4 nights Standard Hotel in Kathmandu (according to the itinerary), B/B (bed and breakfast)
  • Transportation to and from trekking start and end point
  • Breakfast with tea or coffee, Lunch and Dinner during the trekking and fresh fruits every night after dinner.
  • All accommodation during the trek.
  • All necessary paper works, Langtang national park entry permit & local entrance fees.
  • Fluent English speaking and trained, Government licensed guide including all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance during the trekking and tour.
  • A helpful porter with proper equipment (one porter for two people).
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit) with regular oxygen saturation check up
  • All government taxes and office expenses.
  • Card processing fee for online payable amount
  • Added Value - (1) Dawn sleeping bag, Dawn Jacket to be returned after the trek (2) Waterproof duffel Bag, Walking Poles, quick dry T-shirt, Cap - to take away (3) Oxymeter to check your oxygen saturation and Heart beat with medical kit box carried by Guide (4) Satellite Phone for extremely remote destination
  • Guided city tour of Kathmandu; includes 4 destination and transportation
  • Kathmandu sightseeing entrance fees

Cost of Langtang Valley Trek-General Exclusions

  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport – Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $50 US dollar.
  • Your travel and medical insurance for emergency, we assist you with the arrangement
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks, tea or coffee in the morning are included with breakfast.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Langtang Valley Trek
From $ 730.00
per Person for Service Trip
From $ 1,130.00
per Person for All Inclusive Trip
From $ 1,500.00
per Person for All Comfortable Trip (Free Cancellation and Transferable)

Langtang Valley Trek Info

  • Jeep-Car
  • 1 to 8
  • 3900 meter/12792 feet
  • Hotel-Lodge
  • Less Active
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Autumn (March to May) & Autumn (Aug to Nov)
  • In Person
  • National Park Trekking Tour
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • English/Chinese/Hindi
  • 5
  • 78



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