Nepal is famous for the mountains, the white peaks are seen close from the capital city Kathmandu itself; that is why natural walk doesn’t necessarily be in the countryside. Nature is in 1 hour drive from the busy city along which there are marked stations next to natural points, technological or cultural interest. These convey beauty of, flora and fauna, soil science, geology, mining, ecology or cultural history.

Interestingly these trips can be longer as well as shorter ones. The shorter ones might suit for educational tour of students from diverse subjects.

Whereas there are abundant destination for themed trails or paths which goes along the base camp of towering mountains, through the jungle, over the trekking or technical passes and to the top of the beautiful peaks. Nature in Nepal has been inseparable part of the daily life. The geography of country has made natural trail from towering mountains to high hills and lowlands of Terai region in Nepal.

Most of the identified natural trails are into the wild to take you in the middle of nowhere; but the people trekking or touring those destination has contributed for locals & hence they had migrated in those wilder location for service of travelers. The information available along the natural trail includes: information boards, photographs/pictures, maps or plans, tea houses, camp sites, sound or multimedia devices, facilities to enable experimentation, signal coloring, destination name post and so on. The routes are regularly maintained by locals or concerned authorities.

Educational routes, research trials, adventure trekking and climbing has been specified; as the natural activity in Nepal Himalayas started in 1970s’ in form of trekking expedition. However, mountaineering in Nepal to the natural sites was started from 18th century itself, for example the Everest (the tallest mountain of world) was successfully climbed in 1953 may 28, and several attempts were made decades before it.

12 national parks, numerous conservation areas, hunting reserve, wildlife reserve, wetland and bird conservation areas has made nature of Nepal pristine and wide in existence. The White Mountain has always been home to the glacial lakes, longest glacier of world, icefalls and source of water for enter plant.


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