• phoksundo lake dolpo region trek is interesting with every moment

Phoksundo lake Dolpov Trekking Info

For those who would like to go to Tibet but don’t have access to that, lower Dolpo in Nepal Himalaya is a perfect destination with resemblance of Tibetan culture and tradition. Local people doing their daily chores and herds of sheep coming back home from the pastures in the evenings creates a nice combination. Phoksundo lake Dolpo Trekking is a best combination of freshwater lake, antique culture & different landscape of Nepal Himalaya.

Renown land of the Bon-Po faith, Dolpo is one of the famous trekking trails in Nepal Himalaya. Similar to the western part of Tibet, this part of Nepal has a different Buddhist culture than you’ve seen before. Once you visit Dolpo, you will see the people worshiping God from the left side: when they rotate prayer wheels they do it left, when shrine of the Monastery is placed, it is on the left.

This is an extremely different Buddhist practice in the Birth country of Buddha. Dolpo people have their own lifestyle, culture and tradition, hence way of worshiping Buddha is also different and unique to the region. In addition to the culture and people, the panoramic landscape of Dolpo will give you lot to marvel about.

People & Nature

If you are trekking during May/June, the crowd of people walking uphill will amaze you. During this season the people in Dolpo and people from the other parts of Nepal will gather to this area to collect Yarsa Gumba. Yarsa Gumba is one of the famous herbs found in this region. The cost of Yarsa Gumba and the crowds collecting it will answer to your question of how important is this Yarsa Gumba? Numa-La and Baga-La are major passes of this region with Mt.Kannjiroba and Phoksundo Lake inside Phoksundo National Park.

We believe one important aspect of travelling is gathering experiences with people, so along with exploring the natural beauty of Dolpo, we help you to see and learn about the local culture. How they work and eat and sit? We have special guides with social relation, which means your trek will add more to your travelling experience here with us. A fun fact about Dolpo: this place is a hidden valley of Nepal where Oscar nominated film “CARAVAN” was filmed. It’s an awesome hidden treasure in Nepal, and now it’s your turn to explore it, leave your thoughts. More itinerary option for Phoksundo lake Dolpo Trekking are listed in Lower dolpo section of this article, check this.