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Helambu Trekking information

Helambu is a good taste for village trekking in Nepal which entertains trekkers with combo of nature and culture at once. Trekking below 3000 meters is normally easy and we hike from 800m to 3500m in Halambu trekking.

Villages like Chisapani, being not far from the city has mesmerizing moutanin scenery. Trekking route along the local villages of sermathang or Tarkeghyang is not just interesting but a good reason to feel the life. Trekking in Helambu has wider prospect of excursion, to satisfy your nature hunger.

Less likely physical demanding, Helambu is such a destination where trekkers are liable to explore many mountains with taste of jungle trekking and village trek at the same time, within the least altitude.Variation in flora and fauna, people, culture and tradition is the major achievement a trekker can explore in Halambu trekking part of Nepal.

 Culture & Nature to be explored in Helambu

Helambu trekkng route is dwelling place of Bhote (Sherpa or people from Bhot i.e. Tibet). Complete range of Langtang Mountain with warm hospitality of local people in Langtang region is main art of this trip to Nepal. In general Helambu is the residence of Sherpa and dominated with Tamang, though we can find many Chhetri and Bramins as well. The people in this locality are Buddhist dominantly. They are really generous and to be their guest is one of the fortunes for you.

If you want to go for short and easy trekking in Nepal, this is perfect Choice; exploring culture, tradition and lifestyle of the Nepali peoples. Since you are trekking in the land of Himalayas, mountains in front of you will very normal from the second day itself. Saying that, this trekking is combined destination for exploring snow capped Himalaya along with life of local.

Below is the suggested day to day itinerary and cost for Helambu trekking which can be happily customized to make some changes as per your circumstances.