Mani has worked for Nepalgram since the inception of the company as a porter. Recently, he began working as a porter guide. He has been to most of the trekking trails as a porter and is actively learning more every day. Mani has completed his high school degree and is currently working towards his trekking guide license.

Mani has prior experience of working for big travel companies in his teenage years but took a long break. He is now back to pursue a full-time trekking career, currently taking boost up class at our office, and will soon undertake his trekking guide training conducted by the Nepal Tourism Board to become a license guide.

He will lead your trek with a cheerful attitude. Speak gently and pronounce slow to communicate with Maniraj, as he is also actively working on his English. He has a good sense of humor and has great knowledge of national parks in Nepal.


Welcome to family!

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